Progress Update Aug 22, 2020

So here’s an early update because I can already see where this week is going and waiting until Tuesday to state the obvious stresses me out.

There will be no new chapters this week, real life decided to reach out and slap me and I don’t want to rush through anything just for the sake of having something to post because then it won’t be what I want it to be (I’ve done that before and it’s why I’m having to do some many re-write now) so I have been focusing on other things instead.

I have been working on some one-shots that I’ll have in the queue for when I finish a story. Other than None so Blind (I’m making a banner for that one still) Angel/Cordelia. I am working on ones for The Big Bang Theory (Untitled Series of One-shots; Sheldon/Penny (not the one from the previews list that is friendship episode fix based this one is all AU), Smallville (Giving In; Lex/Clark), and Oz (Counseling Sessions; Adebisi/OC).

I have also been working on chapters for stories I haven’t posted yet (and won’t start posting until all of my WIP’s that are able to be finished are (some like Cutting Room Floor are indefinite so don’t count against me). I have first chapters (or more in some cases) for Old World View (Marvel; Gen fic), Lost and Found (Harry Potter/BtVS Crossover; undecided pairings), Tabula Rasa (Harry Potter; Hermione/Alphard Black), and Prey for Me (Blade; Hannibal/Drake).

I have started the re-writes for Consequences of Reason (Once Upon a Time; Gen Fic) and Revenge is a Klaus Specialty (Vampire Diaries; background relationships) though I haven’t started posting the revised chapters yet and won’t until I have completed their new iterations.

I have started editing, though haven’t gotten very far yet for both Party Plans and What About Now again I won’t be posting until I’m done to keep from having to go back and fix things multiple times if I find something in a later chapter that doesn’t work.

I am making banners for a couple fics that will be posted to the Previews Page in the next few days (mostly in the Untamed fandom).

Last but not least I am still working on the Film Recs Pages, I have nearly completed the `80’s Page and it should be up in the next few days as well.

So while I might not be posting (to preserve my sanity) that doesn’t mean I’m not working. Wish me luck in the coming days that life lets up and my muse comes out of hiding. Right now she thinks if she comes out I’ll put her to work but I wouldn’t do that (I swear).

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