Chapter 1 – Set Me Free (Godric’s Rescue)

This scene is a different take on Godrics rescue, what if Daina had gone in alone to get him. I scrapped it because it was just a little too far from the tone I was going for. The rescue I ended up going with was (at least in my opinion) a good balance of comedy and action, this version was really just comedy.

Chapter 1


Daina looked down at the chained coffin and frowned. Getting into the Fellowship was easy, getting back out with this, not so much. She knew she should have put the kibosh on this thing when the daring daylight rescue was first suggested. This plan was so full of holes they should have code named it Swiss Cheese, or Bills Brain.


Sookie was upstairs distracting Newlin and his cohorts while she slipped down here, just so she could stand here and stare at a vampire in a box. He was like a really old action figure. It would be funny if… no, no if, it was funny.


Looking around the basement she saw no other way out, it was up the stairs or nothing. How in the hell did everyone expect her to get a coffin not only up a flight of concrete stairs, by herself, but to also then get said coffin out of the building and into the waiting van without being noticed. She was a telepath not a magician.


Well, there was really only one thing left to do. Walking over to the fire alarm on the wall she reached up and pulled it without a second thought. If she couldn’t get past them, then she would just have to get them out of her way. Grabbing one end of the coffin she began to drag it back towards the caged in area as she got to work on phase two of her hastily pulled together plan.


As she pulled the coffin up the last step and onto the roof she thought for the millionth time about just how completely fucked up this whole situation was. When this guy woke up she was so going to give him a piece of her mind over this whole getting kidnapped thing, and maybe a weight watchers pamphlet he weighed a fucking ton. Then again that might just be the giant metal coffin wrapped in chains that was weighing them both down.


Now that she was on the roof she just had to get them both down again. Since she pulled the fire alarm and everyone scurried outside like good little humans, she had decided the best place to drag this guy was up onto the roof where there wouldn’t be any fellowship gawkers to try to sneak past. Good idea in theory, but in practice it was a bit more of a brain teaser. How the hell was she supposed to get him down to the van from way the hell up here, without anyone noticing or trying to stop them?


She could just call the cops from up here and when they arrived and she claimed the coffin as her own what would the Newlins say? Nu-uh we stole that vampire fair and square! Not likely, but then again that would be assuming both that she could reasonably explain why she had a vampire in a box on the roof of the Fellowship and that any police that showed up would be on her side in this and not a devout follower of the ways of Steve Newlin. This was Texas after all, so there was really a fifty-fifty shot that calling the cops would work in her favor. Not to mention the fact that she really didn’t want Newlin and his Fellowship of whack-a-doodles to know that she or Sookie had anything to do with this daring mid-day caper.


So calling for help was out of the question and she couldn’t really just stay up here waiting for night fall and vampire intervention. Not only was there nowhere to hide up here, but the moment someone went down to check on the prisoner they would sound the alarm and the whole building would be searched. She and her precious cargo would be found in minutes. She really didn’t want to know what the penalty was for trying to steal a stolen vampire. Something told her that with the rampant delusions running through this congregation it would not be of the good.


She could just pull the coffin back into the stairwell, get the damn thing open somehow, and feed this guy her blood. He’d be able to assist in his own damn rescue then. Of course that lead to even more problems.


If she just gave him enough to get him going again, and he decided to attack the fellowship for attacking him in the first place that would end badly all around. The church had a lot of really high windows and it was the middle of the afternoon. All the Fellowship members would really have to do is rush to the giant meeting room and hide in the sunlight. Then they could call the cops and report a rampaging vampire trying to kill them. You could bet your ass that the cops would come out in full force then.


On the other hand if she gave him enough blood for him to be able to endure the sunlight that brought its own host of problems. In order for him to be able to walk in direct sunlight for long enough for that plan to work he would have to nearly drain her. Assuming he didn’t drain her completely and that was a big if right there, he would then have to get them both out of here and far enough away from this place that the crazy people couldn’t find them before night fall. All in the roughly ten minutes he would have before the effects of her blood wore off. Yeah, too many risks involved in that plan right there.


Not to mention that if anyone saw him that would just ignite the flame of hate against vampires all over again and would just make the Fellowship even more determined to wipe them all out before others became able to walk around during the day.


The best way would probably be to lower him down the side of the building, while Sookie kept everyone distracted, then they all hightail it out of there going in opposite directions. Only problem with that would be how to get such a heavy coffin down to the ground.


She supposed she could just tip him over the side, it wasn’t like the thing was gonna just pop open after all, it was all chained up. Besides vampires were durable it wasn’t like the fall would damage him all that much, he would be fine. The only problem with that she could see was how she would muffle the sound of a large metal coffin wrapped in chains hitting the ground from so high up. Then again if she dropped it down the back of the building while everyone was going back inside, but before they shut the alarm off that might do it.


Now she just had to let Sookie in on the plan and her part in it. If she got him down she would need to make sure no one saw her shoving him into her borrowed van. Enter Sookie as a distraction, all she would have to do is keep everyone’s focus off the front and back of the building and make sure no one went down to the basement until after they both left. Ten minutes tops, she could handle that. Hopefully.



Sitting in the driver’s seat of the borrowed, beat up “serial killer” van, she dropped her head against the steering wheel. She’d kept track of Sookie as she made her way out of the Fellowship church and was thankful that she managed to get out without incident.


Unfortunately the Fellowship members had set up a weird militia-esq roadblock in every direction, so she and her stolen undead cargo were hiding out under a bridge. Apparently the roadblock system was always in place, the chosen volunteers just stayed parked off to the side unless Newlin called and told them something was up. Then they just moved their cars over a few feet and voila instant roadblock.


Normally, if random people set up an illegal roadblock and tried to search her car it would be a toss-up if she would laugh or fight. Today however with her vulnerable, flammable, cargo she chose the better part of valor. She hid. Now she just had to wait until she sun set, when her passenger could get the hell out of here on his own, and she would be golden. Unfortunately that would take hours and she wasn’t a very patient person.


Gently smacking her head against the steering wheel again as she thought about everything that had happened today she couldn’t help but laugh.


On those days where she thought about some of the varied ways she would spend her days, this had never been one of the options. Well, the van, bridge, and grid search thing had been an option, but her cargo had been completely different in that scenario.


Hearing a noise behind her she turned to find the vampire sitting up in the coffin staring at her.


“Hello.” What else was there to say after a day like today? Nothing, nothing at all.


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