Chapter 5 – Be Our Guest (Godric at Fangtasia 2)

DS C5 Be Our Guest


Eric was sitting on his “throne” being marginally entertained by Bill and his pitiful attempts to keep his lovely companion to himself, a true impossibility now that he had seen her, when he felt Pams’ attention catch on something in their own personal den of iniquity before vanishing into the crowd. He wasn’t concerned his Childe could handle any trouble these bloodbags could possibly create, besides his full attention was already engaged elsewhere at the moment. It wasn’t until she returned that his mind turned sharply towards another avenue, the blonde beauty he’d been unabashedly coaxing to his bed forgotten in an instant upon her whispered report.

“Godric found himself a little fun.” Swiftly shutting out the world around him, trusting his Childe to have his back in such a public venue, he focused solely on his bond with his Maker.

Ever since Godric had shown up on his doorstep over a week ago he had felt little from him through their bond, what he did feel was apathetic or muffled by his many years on this earth. His age had caught up with him, as it did with many of their kind, and he knew if that lust for life they all lived with couldn’t be reignited soon he would lose the most important person in his un-life.

Now focusing on their connection he felt so many things it nearly moved him to tears. Lust, joy, curiosity, pleasure, he could almost feel the rumble of his laughter under his own skin. This! This was what he’d been searching for, this is what could save him. Glancing towards Pamela he raised his brows in a silent question which had her nodding towards the ladies room at the back of the club. Interesting.

Getting up he moved swiftly towards the room, leaving his companions to trail behind him if they wished. He had to see this person, male or female, and make a plan to keep them here. Most fang-bangers would be easy enough to persuade, but he knew that none of the usual crowd would have appealed to his Maker in this way. If they had he would have chosen one from the rabble long before this night.

He reached the area in front of the door just in time for it to open and for his Maker to step out followed closely by a small pixie of a girl. She was young, then again they all were to him these days, blonde and beautiful. She was perfect.

“Ooooh, the scores must be in! I normally don’t do anything less than a perfect 10 but considering the spontaneity factor and the rushed quarters that resulted in some creative gymnastics on both our parts I will accept the 9.6 I’m sure you’re about to flash me with. Though if you wanted to flash me something else gorgeous I wouldn’t object.”

Perfect indeed.

“Daina!” So this girl was known to Compton and his companion, that could make acquiring her easier if she was already a part of their world.

“Sookie! Oh come on dear cousin no need to look so scandalized you were otherwise occupied so I decided to go find me own entertainment. And oh was it entertaining!” 

A familial bond, oh that made things interesting indeed. 

“Daina don’t you start with me.” Both girls fell silent simply staring at each other, silent communication built upon years of familiarity perhaps. Compton stood between them looking judgmental and overly pious for someone with his history.

Looking towards Godric he found unhindered merriment in his eyes, eyes that did not once leave his prize. Without a word spoken between them Sookie flounced off towards the exit with a sneering Compton at her back.

She was almost to the door when she turned back and shouted at the still silent female practically molded against his maker.

“Would you stop!”

“That’s the hell of telepathy Sook, even if you leave the argument follows you!”

Telepathy, oh my, she really must stay with them for a while.


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