Chapter 10 – Rescue Me

Godric lay in the metal coffin the members of the Fellowship had placed him in in a state of numbness that a novice would have mistaken for calm. He wasn’t calm. He was dead inside and that was why he had allowed these humans to take him from his home. When they had entered during the day he knew he had been betrayed by someone and instead of feeling the rage that would have filled him at that revelation in the past he had felt nothing but a deep desire for some kind of end. It felt like he was stuck in a cycle of violence and betrayal, one leading to the next and back again, and he was tired of it. When they came into his rooms, using the code that no one should have known, he pretended to be as deep in sleep as a young one would have been. 

He had hoped they would simply stake him, but instead they had transferred him into this coffin and left him there ever since. He could have kept track of the days feeling the sun rise and fall, but he did not see a point. 

Then one day when the sun was high he felt the coffin begin to move. It wasn’t a member of the Fellowship, or if it was it wasn’t someone with permission to move him. When they had brought him to his resting place there had been a group of them holding him aloft while this one person was dragging him across the floor. He could hear the girl muttering to herself through the metal.

Why was this the plan? Oh right there was no plan just a I wanna kind of deal. God you’re heavy.”

He felt no stirring within him at his apparent abduction from his abductors, once again something that should have sent his bloodlust rising and his fangs aching left him cold. It was drawing close to his time, all things must end even things once seen as eternal. So many things that began in his human days were gone now and he was beginning to feel like a relic without a place to rest. 

He was starting to drift back within his own mind, his body shutting down and blocking out his physical form when he felt himself begin to tilt upwards. The grunts grew louder as he started to even out once more his coffin resting upon a new plateau of some kind. He was to be transported then to a–.

His thoughts crashed to a stop as he crashed into the ground. While the metal of the walls around him were sealed closed tight enough to keep him inside this space was in no way tailored to his form. The sudden impact jarred his body from front to back skin and bone meeting unyielding metal in all directions. He had been dropped from some form of height. It would seem his abductor was truly a thief secreting him away from the Fellowship. 

He began to feel a new emotion well within him, not anger as he thought he should feel. Not outrage at being seemingly tossed about in his confinement. Nothing of what he thought he should feel could be found, instead in its place he found a rampant curiosity. 

Someone was going to great lengths to deprive the Fellowship of their prize. He could not imagine who this person might be and that baffled him. He had no humans of his own, keeping a pet of any kind was too much time and bother for him to maintain long term. His vampire subordinates of his Area were squabbling children too focused on their own attempts to rise in the ranks to notice his disappearance and too simple to plan any form of rescue. His Childer were still tied to him and could have feasibly sent a human to fetch him during the day, but he could not recall any of his progeny mentioning a trusted confidant of any variety. He had taught his Childer to live solitary lives and trust few that did not share the same blood.

This person could be a simple disgruntled human with a grudge against his hosts depriving them of something they coveted, his release could be a simple bi-product of a larger scheme. It did not feel that way to him, too much care and desperation could be heard in her shaking voice, his survival seemed to matter to his mysterious stranger. 

He felt himself tilting upwards again, his coffin being levered up once more to a new plateau just above solid ground. He wondered if she would toss him once more, or if now he was being placed into the transport vehicle. He found he didn’t mind which path was taken as long as this girl stayed near to him for just a little while longer. She was stirring emotion within him, something he thought himself no longer capable of. He wanted to meet her, to see if she smelled as interesting as she sounded. He wanted to ask her for her motives and he wanted to hear about what she felt in that moment when his coffin left her hands and fell down to meet her on the grounds below.

He wanted to get to know her and he wanted her to get to know him. 

Pushing with increasing strength against the lid of the metal confining him he began to feel the chains loosen and the metal began to creak with the strain of keeping him immobile. When at last the resistance stopped he slowly sat up keeping his eyes on the blonde hair fanned out around the headrest of the driver’s seat. She slowly turned to face him and her eyes drew him in, crystal clear and unafraid, his curiosity was burrowing deeper and deeper into his chest. 

Opening his mouth he tried to speak past the lump of emotion burning its way up his throat. No sound came out, he sat in silence staring at his rescuer committing her face to memory. Some people should always be remembered and he had a feeling she was one of those people. 


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