Chapter 4 – Good Morning, Good Day

Stiles woke up to the amazing sensation of a warm body pressed up against his own. He was not alone in his once virginal bed. With that one thought everything came flooding back to him with picture perfect clarity. He was not a virgin anymore, and his virginity had been taken by a Greek Adonis who was also a freaking Hale. If he’d known this would be one of the fringe benefits of having a furry friend it wouldn’t have freaked him out nearly as much when Scott had first turned. Though the fact that Scott kept trying to attack him in those early days would have still been freak out worthy.

Hearing a low rumbling growl from his sleeping companion he shifted slightly onto his side, just enough so that he could watch Derek wake. It was bound to be adorable. He was right, of course, everything that Derek did was bound to look good in one way or another. Be it sexy good, adorable good, or just whoa good. 

When Derek first opened his eyes he smiled contentedly for a moment letting them drift shut again like a sleepy kid, before they snapped open again and the small smile turned into a full blown grin and then morphed almost immediately into a leer.

“Well, I can already tell what kind of morning person you are.” The kind who liked to fuck and he was completely on board with that mentality. Who knows maybe that’s why those chirpy morning people exist, maybe they’re all getting some on the sly at a ridiculous hour and that’s why they’re all so happy to greet the day. He might be able to become a morning person if he was offered this every morning, or really even the promise that he might get this if he would just wake up a little earlier than he had to. Nah. Who was he kidding, he would never be a morning person, it was too much fun being a night owl.

“Are you complaining?” His tone said clearly that he was still in charge of this, that if he didn’t want wake up sex then they would not be having any. Yeah right, who wouldn’t want wake up sex with Derek? Or really anytime sex with Derek. He would have sex with Derek anytime anywhere and they both knew it, even if he was being a nice guy and not pointing it out.

“No just observing.”

“Good, now since I showed you a good night, I think it’s time I showed you how to start a very good morning. Only fair after all.” Oh my Derek! It somehow felt wrong to invoke the name of any other deity after being shown the one true path all last night, and apparently again this morning.

“Well, I wouldn’t want this to be anything but fair.”

In a blur of motion his sexy, sexy, bed mate went from lying beside him to hovering above him with naked hunger plain on his face. He wanted this just as much if not more than he did. There was just something about the fact that this, unbelievable sex god wanted him that just shot straight to his dick. It was the most potent aphrodisiac ever devised by man or divine grace. This was going to be one hell of a good morning.

While he was being slowly turned from his back to lie on his stomach, his companions intentions clear and slow, giving him time to change his mind and call the whole thing off. All he could think about was how he couldn’t believe he had ever lived without this. 

He kept his body lax and tried to keep from tensing up, while he hadn’t had sex before he had on occasion done some research into it from both sides of the field and he knew that tensing up would be the worst thing he could do. Not that he thought Derek would ever hurt him, he knew he would just help him to relax again if he got too stiff, but he didn’t want to delay this any more than he had to. While he wasn’t technically a virgin anymore after last night, he wanted to experience everything he could, and anything beyond the everything too.

The feel of fingers in one of his more intimate places was strange, and a little hard to get used to but at the same time it felt familiar like nearly everything he had felt with Derek so far. He was starting to think that he had simply wanted this for so long now he had imagined himself in this very position so many times he had fooled his own brain into believing it had done this before. That or his dreams were far more vivid than he had ever thought they were.

He was so distracted by his own thoughts that the feel of something other than probing oil slicked fingers slowly pressing against him caught him by surprise enough for him to instinctively tense. The kiss against the back of his neck bringing him back to the present enough to relax again. He wanted this, and he didn’t want Derek to start thinking he didn’t.

The deep slide of hot hard flesh parting his body so easily was enough to drive the breath from his body and make him moan in need. He needed something more than this, not that this wasn’t good, but he just didn’t know what that something more could be. He was being filled so much the stretch and pull of his flesh was burning in the best way, every twitch bringing a new sensation out of him. The drag and thrust of each movement enough to pull a moan of near pornstar levels out of his dry throat. 

More. He needed more. He didn’t know how he had lived without this until now but he did know that he couldn’t live without it again. He felt complete in a way he didn’t know he craved until now. The stiffening of the body over him followed quickly by the gush and pooling of hot cum inside him enough to decide it for him. He was in love.

Scott was freaking out. What was he supposed to do now, how was he supposed to act around Stiles today? He’d just found out that his best friend wasn’t really his friend at all and that his friend’s dad, the same guy who’d watched him after school back when his dad first left wasn’t real at all.

Then again this did explain a few things about Stiles. Like how he always seemed far more mature than any of the rest of them, even Laura. Or how he hadn’t really seemed to change in all the years that he’d known him. His clothes and hair styles would change sure but his face and build had pretty much been exactly the same for years. How had he never noticed that?

Then there was how he’d aced pretty much every subject in school since forever. Apparently, he’d been stuck in school after school ever since it’d become mandatory in the U.S. for kids to attend. Huh, he guessed immortality wasn’t all perks and up sides then. Eternal high school had to suck.

Talia had said to just treat Stiles as he normally did, but how could he do that? Hearing the fast pitter-pat of his friends heartbeat headed his way he supposed he was about to figure it out on the fly. There was no way to duck away now without it being obvious he was avoiding him.

“Hey Scott man, you will never believe what I did yesterday while you were at your super-secret meeting of the fur folk. You would already know of course if you hadn’t been avoiding me all day long, you tool. What is up with that? Anyway you will never believe it, even after I tell you, you won’t believe it. I know this because I did it and I still don’t believe it.” The whole time Stiles was talking all he could think was that everything was different now. Hell even his scent was different. Wait, his scent was different, there was something else mixed in with the natural smell that was Stiles. What was it? It was almost familiar, but he just couldn’t place it.

“I’m sure I’d believe anything about you at this point.” It wasn’t like anything could top the revelation from the night before. Then his mind began to fill with scenarios that just might top it and he had to close his eyes tight to try and banish the mental images that came with that unfortunate line of thought.

Stile paused for a minute right before he was going to blurt out the big reveal. Why would Scott say that, that was an odd thing to say. Did he mean that he’d heard something bad about him? Is that why Scott and the whole pack had been avoiding him all through school? He tried to pretend like he didn’t notice, and that it didn’t bother him, but when that many people go out of their way to ditch you it’s kind of hard not to notice.

Come to think of it Scott looked really pale, almost like he was about to be sick, which was totally understandable sometimes high school made him queasy too. It was more than that though Scott had looked almost stricken at the sound of his voice, which was beyond weird. They were best buds, what could have possibly caused even the smallest rift between them from one day to the next. What the hell was the pack meeting about.

“Scott?” The tell me, was implied in the tone so he just waited for Scotty boy to get his head out of his ass far enough to give him a straight answer.

“Stiles, I just – “ Scott never got to finish whatever lame ass excuse he was going to try and pass off as the truth. With Scott there was always that stutter step before the truth when he was trying to keep a secret.

“Stiles!” Looking behind him for the source of the sexy, sexy voice that shouted his name he saw Derek sitting in his car, a Camaro that was just as sexy as he was, out front of the school. The wicked grin across his face told him more than anything what he wanted, looks like he was done getting a higher education for today.

“Sorry, man we’ll talk about this later, I got things to do.” He ran towards the car and his lover leaving a dumbfounded Scott in his wake, not even noticing that he never got around to telling his best friend about his big news, or getting his answers about the packs weirdness. The second he’d heard Derek’s voice all of that had faded into nothingness, it wasn’t important anymore.

He could always get his answers later, it wasn’t like it was something life or death, things like that just didn’t happen in Beacon Hills.

“Stiles, who was that kid you were just talking to?” Derek didn’t recognize Scott? That was kind of weird wasn’t it? Then again the Hale pack was rather large and it made sense that he would remember blood relations over fringe dweller bitten wolves like Scott. 

“That’s Scott McCall, my best friend, I’m surprised you haven’t met already?” Well, not really surprised now that he thought about it. Scott hadn’t really known much about Derek when he first brought him up so it was very likely that they hadn’t really met face to face yet. There was also the possibility that Talia just hadn’t gotten around to introducing the two yet, wanting to give the guy a little breathing room before inundating him with people he wasn’t necessarily involved with. Just because Scott was being helped by the Hale pack didn’t necessarily mean he was a member of said pack, Talia had told them that when he was of age Scott would be able to make that choice for himself.

“Why would you think that?” Derek seemed genuinely confused. Lending more and more credibility to his theory that he and Scott really hadn’t met yet.

“He’s a part of your family’s pack. After he was bitten Scott and I both started hanging around with Talia and the other Hales. Well it was a bit more complicated than that, and didn’t happen right away since literally no one involved had all the facts right out of the gate and all but yeah, simple version Scott is part of the Hale pack.” He tried to keep his mouth shut so that the words would stop pouring out without his permission but that didn’t seem to be working out for him. He just wanted to tell Derek everything, it sometimes felt like Derek was someone he’d been missing his whole life and now he wanted to catch him up on everything he had missed while he was gone. Which was weird and totally untrue, but that didn’t stop his mouth from running away from his brain without stopping.

“You don’t say.” For a minute it looked like Derek wanted to get out of the car and introduce himself or something, he didn’t take his eyes off Scott while he spoke. Until finally he broke eye contact like he had seen everything he needed to see and now he had no reason to bother with Scott anymore. “Enough about Scott, you and I are going to have fun together today.”

“Like a date?” He tried his best not to sound desperate at the prospect that Derek saw him as more than a piece of ass. That he saw him as someone important enough to plan dates for. Not that he thought bang buddies never hung out together, he was sure some of them did, but he wanted to be more than just a booty buddy with Derek. He wanted to spend time with him while they were both fully clothed and for there to be actual conversations and stuff. God, he was such a girl.

“Yes, Stiles, exactly like a date.”

“Awesome! Where are we going?” There weren’t really that many options in Beacon Hills, wherever it was he was positive he probably already knew it. Not that, that would make this date any less amazing, because Derek would be there.

“It’s a surprise, but I swear you’ll like it. Do you trust me?” When he said that his eyes momentarily shifted from green to red before shifting back again just as quickly. Apparently this was a very important question to him. He had been meaning to bring up the eye thing, since he was pretty sure he wasn’t in fact an Alpha wolf, but that seemed rude. Maybe it was a good first date question. He would play it by ear.

“Of course, I do.” More than he trusted anyone else in his life, which was a strange but at the same time not an altogether unwelcome feeling. As they began to speed away from the school he felt like there was a huge weight being lifted from him and he could suddenly just relax and breathe again.

Talia turned towards Deaton pleading with him to find them an answer. Scott had called her that afternoon with news that had left her head spinning with all the possibilities. Not only had Derek already found Stiles, before they could go to him of their own accord, but he also saw Scott with him today. They were all about to be in a world of hurt and there just had to be a way to stop it.

“Come on Alan think, there has to be something we can offer the man for our lives, a way to reason with him.” There was nearly always a way, always something to try.

“He is not a man Talia, he never really was, he cannot be reasoned with. He never changes his mind once he’s made a decision, he is a big believer in following your instincts. The only person who would be able to save us now would be Stiles and even then I doubt Derek would listen to him now in his altered state.”

“That’s it!” She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of it before, the answer had been staring them in the face the entire time. Stiles was their salvation.

“What’s it?”

“You said the druids had locked his memories away, well if there’s a lock then there must be a key correct. If we’re going to survive this then we need to give Derek back his Stiles, we need to unlock his memories.” Hopefully when Stiles regains all of himself he would still feel enough affection towards her pack that he would intercede on their behalf. Hopefully.

If they couldn’t give him Stiles in one way, then they would just have to give him back to Derek in another way entirely. She had no illusions that it would be a simple task, if it were Derek himself would have done so by now, but it was their only hope. Hopefully Derek would be so busy with Stiles he wouldn’t have the time to meet out their punishment until after they found a way around this entire mess. If not she would go to Stiles herself and plead with him on behalf of the children. 

It was an unspoken understanding amongst the adults that if it came down to accepting some form of punishment that they would do so while the children were kept somewhere safe. It would not matter if they did not survive, as long as one child was able to live on then the pack would not die. She needed to contact her parents and see if it was possible to send the children to them somehow or barring that to inform them so that when the smoke eventually cleared they would know to come looking for survivors. 

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