Chapter 2 – Isaac knows

Stiles knew something was wrong, he just didn’t know what yet. Isaac kept staring at him all day. Normally he wouldn’t really care about that, werewolves were weird on a day to day basis, but this was different. Every time he looked over Isaac would look away and almost look guilty to have been caught staring, which was just not like the new furry Isaac. The new suped up Isaac felt no shame in anything, it was honestly one of his most douchebaggy new qualities.

“Hey, Scott, have you noticed anything different about Isaac?” He knew it was probably a wasted question, but he had to ask. Even if his bestest buddy was normally blind to subtle things, maybe he had seen something, just this once.

“Different how?” Well that answered that.

“Never mind, he just keeps staring at me and it’s giving me the creeps that all.” More than that though, it was putting him on edge. Like maybe his secrets were being laid bare to the gaze of the other boy.

“Maybe he’s crushing on you dude.” God, Scott was oblivious.

“No man you are his bromance fantasy, I am just that pesky human he can’t shake. Every time he turns around there I am. Bet he wouldn’t be nearly so annoyed by that if it was you showing up everywhere.”

The sick look on his friends face was nearly enough to make him forget about all the weirdness. Almost but not quite. He… he couldn’t suspect about him and Derek could he?

No, there was no way it could be that, but if it was which it totally wasn’t; he needed a plan on how to deal with it. If he left dealing up to Derek then he would be alone and sexless in no time at all. He supposed he could talk it over with Derek the next time he saw him, maybe test the waters a little.

That night his dad had gotten an emergency call at three in the morning for a problem that only he could fix so he’d left to go save the world. Stiles didn’t mind that at all, at least not as much as he’d used to, because now he had Derek. As always, almost like he was waiting for it, the moment his dad left for the station Derek swiftly landed in his room.

“Derek what brings you here?” Like he had to ask, in return for his question he got one of Derek’s signature looks. This one simply said shut up and he was more than eager to comply. Less talking more fucking.

He spent the next four hours face down on his mattress being fucked into Nirvana. He’d said it once and he would say it again, God bless werewolf stamina. He was going to be feeling this all day long; school would definitely be interesting, and likely for the rest of the week to. There were already bruises forming on his hips, wrists, neck, and back and there would likely be more before he dragged his clothes on for school.

He knew he would have to give himself enough time to shower, werewolves had a very good sense of smell and that would be the stupidest way ever to give up his secret. Another thrust had him seeing stars behind his eyes, so he’d be late for English he could deal, he was already light years ahead of his classmates.

When they finally stopped to take a breather, mostly for the sake of his poor human heart that was pounding in his ears, he decided it was as good a time as any to bring up their problem.

“I think Isaac might know about us. Or suspects at least, or well suspects something, he might not even know anything really. He’s just been looking at me funny lately, and none of the others are so it’s not a wolf thing, it’s an Isaac thing. I just thought I should bring it up.”

He held his breath hoping Derek wouldn’t lose his temper about this, but he knew from the beginning it was doomed to failure. Derek had never had a steady hold on his temper since he’d known him. Within seconds he was up and out of the bed dragging on his pants.

“What are you doing?” Like he didn’t already know the only real question at the moment was what he could do about it.

“I’m leaving, this is over, I told you if anyone found out it would end.”

He was beginning to panic and he knew it but he had to stay calm or at least stay breathing in order to fix this.

“But we don’t even know what he knows, hell we don’t even know that he knows anything. Scott thought he might have a crush on me; it could totally be that.” He could tell by the look he was getting that Derek didn’t believe that any more than he did. 

Really anyone with half a brain would have known he was lying, well anyone with half a brain who’d seen Isaac around Scott before anyway. He already had his shoes on and was looking for his shirt, he needed to do something quick, he knew once Derek was out that door there would be almost no chance of getting him back. 

Jumping up he moved to stand in front of him putting his hands on his chest to both stop him and gain his attention.

“Stiles.” His voice was the same growl he used every time he pinned him against a wall and it was doing things to his mind that he really needed to shake off if he was going to get anywhere with this. 

“Don’t Stiles me; are you really going to leave me because someone might know something? Besides it’s Isaac he worships the ground you walk on he’d never do anything that even might get you into trouble.” Which was all very true, and probably something he should have realized himself, before he ever even brought this whole mess up. He knew he should have investigated on his own before he ever brought it up to Derek, but the chance that Isaac might go to Derek with his worried looks was too great a risk. If calming him down was hard to do when they were in the same room together it would be impossible if he came to the game late.

“I told you –“

“Please… don’t leave me. Not over something like this, please.” He knew pleading wasn’t the most manly tactic to take, but it was the only thing left to him, and for this for them he would do whatever it took.

Derek couldn’t look away from Stiles. He knew he should just push past him, find his shirt, and leave. He’d made the rules clear before they started this and if anyone found out it would be a disaster. He just couldn’t do that though, Stiles was looking at him like his entire life depended on this one answer this one decision. He remembered feeling like that once, with Kate, and it made him sick every time he saw that he was that person for Stiles.

When he was with Kate his entire life was consumed by her. She was older, more experienced, and as far as he was concerned out of his league. He would do anything to keep her happy, to keep her from leaving, and Stiles was doing the same with him. He knew he should leave but he just couldn’t walk away from him, from this, he hadn’t been this happy in a long time and he wasn’t really surprised to find he was selfish enough to not want to give that up for any reason.

“Don’t you have school?” Stiles eyes flashed with hope at that sign of weakness.

“I can totally skip, I have like near perfect attendance and I won’t be missing anything I don’t already know. Stay here with me; you know as well as I do my dad won’t be back until late, emergencies always seem to last forever in this town.” He felt Stiles fingers pulling at his jeans tugging them open again before slipping his hand inside. When he felt him wrap his long nimble fingers around his cock he caved completely.

“Find out what Isaac knows when you’re back at school tomorrow.” After, he would figure out what to do after they knew for sure one way or the other.

Turns out pinning Isaac down is harder to do than you would think, especially when he’s actively avoiding you. Stiles had been trying to corner him for the last two hours with no luck; finally he enlisted the aid of his trusted best friend.

“Come on Scott all you have to do is text him to meet you after school in the locker room then just not be there.” He pleaded with him because turns out his trusted best friend had far too many morals.

“That’s lying Stiles and I won’t do that, especially not when you won’t tell me why you want to talk to Isaac so bad or why he’s avoiding you like you’re trying to kill him.” Kill him? No. Threaten to disfigure him is he even thought about blabbing anything that he thought he might could maybe know about things that were none of his business. Yes.

“Dude, you like totally owe me for like everything, this is me calling that in so just please, text him.” He was getting desperate here. Derek wanted to know what Isaac knew and he wanted to know today, so he really needed to have that talk. If he didn’t have that talk with Isaac then the talk with Derek would be super awkward.

“Fine, but you’re so explaining this to me later.” Thank God! And also, nuh-uh. What was this whole needing explanations nonsense, since when was that the rule for their bro code? He had done plenty for Scott without getting any kind of a reason why, and everything had turned out fine. Solidarity bro.

“Sure.” Much much later, like after his eighteenth b-day.

Pacing up one row of lockers and down another he waited for Isaac to show and hoped that the smell of the locker room would hide the fact that Scott was a no show until it was too late.

“Scott?” Yes, victory is mine!

“Not here, sorry for the trickery there but you’ve been avoiding me and this was the only way I could think to have the chat we so seriously need to be having.”

“Stiles? Look man now is not a good time so I’m just gonna-” Before Isaac could take even a half step back towards the door he decided to just hit him with both barrels.

“Why do you keep looking at me like you’ve seen me naked?”

“What!” Yep that got a reaction and it stopped him in his tracks at least.

“I couldn’t figure it out at first, you were looking at me weird, but I couldn’t place the look. It was something I hadn’t seen before but then I remember I had seen that look before, from Allison who’d accidentally walked in on Jackson and Lydia and for about a month after kept looking at both of them that way until she got over the trauma of the experience. That look is the ‘I accidentally saw you naked and now don’t know where to look or what to think’ face. So why are you giving me the I’ve seen you naked look, did you see me naked?” It was low on the list of possibles but given everything it was impossible either. If Isaac did know about him and Derek he had to have found out somehow.

“What no, I’ve never seen you naked!” The emphasis on never was the highest he’d ever heard a werewolf’s voice go. He didn’t think their voices could squeak anymore, what with all the growling.

He believed that he just looked too relieved to be saying that, like he was thankful he could honestly say he hadn’t seen him in the buff. So not naked then what? Oh!

“So if you haven’t seen me in nothing but skin when did you see me having sex?” The question caught him so off guard which was the point that Stiles got his answer without having to wait for him to regain the power of speech. 

He looked a little green like he was about to vomit and his eyes glazed a little in memory then when he was back in the present he couldn’t look at him, like literally was incapable of holding his gaze. That was the reaction you got after someone saw their parents doing it for the first time. He had seen them together.

“I… I haven’t?”

“Wow you know when you want to lie convincingly to a non-werewolf you should really not only not do the stutter start thing but you should totally phrase it as a statement instead of the question you totally just asked. So you saw me and Derek doing it and that’s what the looks are about. Now the only question is what you are planning to do with this new information of yours. I can tell from the way you’ve been staring at me of late that you’re currently undecided in that area so why don’t I help you decide. What are you thinking about doing?” Hopefully his loyalty to Derek would win out, he didn’t know how he would ever persuade him to go a different way. He might be in a sort of shellshock at the moment over what he saw, but dude was still a wolf under the skin.

“I’m not sure yet, I mean I want him to be happy and I think he is happy with you but Stiles man this is illegal.” Oh come on, the guy who had become a wolf with the sole goal of killing his father was getting hung up on the legals? How was this his life? Why couldn’t he have more morally ambiguous friends?

“Illegal yes, has anything to do with you, no. So why don’t you just let it go and let me handle it. It is my life after all.” While his argument was valid, he didn’t think it would work any better than trying to argue with a cop that choosing to not wear a seatbelt was your own choice.

“Yeah, it’s your life and his life, but you’re both my friends and if I think this is hurting you I will go to your father about it.” Damn! Why did he have to bring his father into the equation? It was like no one in this town, at least among his friends, thought there were any other cops working in Beacon Hills. Damn it at least threaten him with a deputy, at least they won’t have a heart attack halfway through the report.

“Then what? Derek gets locked up? Bet full moons in prison will never be the same again after that.” Seeing the flicker of doubt in the other boys eyes, he manfully restrained himself from punching the air in victory.

“Fine how about this as a compromise, I’ll keep my distance for now but if that changes if I change my mind then I’ll come to you about it and you’ll have a choice to make.”

Without another word Isaac left leaving a very calm and detached Stiles behind.

“Yes I will.”

Derek had been nervous all day while he waited for Stiles to come home. His dad was at work as usual so he didn’t worry about waiting in his room. The sound of Stiles’ too quick heartbeat reached him first, followed by the sound of his jeep, he was home. Sitting on the edge of the bed he waited.

“Hey D-man we’re in the clear.”

“So Isaac doesn’t know anything?” Good that was a headache in the making he just did not need.

“Oh no dude he totally knows, he saw us having sex, he just isn’t going to say anything about it.”

How could he be so calm this was a big deal. Then he had a lap full of teenage boy and didn’t care anymore either, this was all that mattered now. Them together was all he wanted to focus on, everything else could wait until tomorrow, or maybe even the next day.

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