Chapter 10 – Uniquely You and Me

Chapter 10

Oz stood in the center of the school library and waited. He figured here was as good a place as any to wait, being in the middle meant that no matter what direction Giles came from he would still see him. They needed to talk. He knew that Giles and he hadn’t really been all that buddy-buddy in the past, but he needed an adult males perspective on this one and Giles was the only one with all the info that fit the bill. It wasn’t like he could really go to just any adult about some of the stuff that goes on in his life, so that left Giles as the defacto councilor for them all.

“Oz?” Turning at the sound of his name he found the man he’d been looking for coming out of the stacks, books in hand as always.

“Hey.” Sometimes less was more, though he did realize that to have this conversation he would have to be a bit more verbose than was his norm.

“Did you need something?” Giles was looking around, most likely trying to find where the others had gone. It was fair, unless it was the full moon days, he didn’t come here without Willow. Only now he was here because of Willow.

“Uh, yeah, would it be alright if we talked for a minute? I got some stuff I’d like to run by you if you’ve got the time.” Watching the man take an actual physical step back, blinking rapidly at the request was both disconcerting and oddly gratifying.

“Yes, yes of course. I’m sorry you just caught me momentarily flat footed with that request. However, I believe I am sufficiently recovered. What was it you wished to speak about?”

How to bring it up? Willow was like a second daughter to the man, seconded only by Buffy, as far as he could tell. This might be one of the most uncomfortable conversations he’s ever had, but have it they must. He could feel it in his bones, there was something brewing, and he had the strangest sensation that Willow was going to be right in the center of it all.

“Normally I wouldn’t involve you in things between me and Willow. Putting a grown person in the middle of teen angst must be seven kinds of hell for you, but I really need some advice here. You see yesterday I saw Willow fighting with Cordelia about the Buffy Angel thing.”

“Oh dear, how did that fair for her? I do not understand it, Cordelia seemed to be coming around, albeit slowly, working her way towards practiced indifference.” He realized then his mistake, he hadn’t made the situation clear.

“No, you don’t understand, Willow was the aggressor.” His meek, loving, Willow had been on the attack.

“Dear me, are you sure?” He understood where he was coming from, it was a little hard to picture, and he’d been there to witness it himself.

“Absolutely. Cordelia was just leaving class when Willow started to… act very un-Willow. She said awful things, things that weren’t even true. Of course Cordelia didn’t take that lying down and she countered with her usual flare.” It was actually kinda cool seeing Cordelia go from relaxed to full out bitch mode in two seconds flat.

“And you came here looking for advice on how to diffuse the situation?” Oh how he wished that had been the end of it. That he could have handled, he found over the years that remaining calm around angry people tended to calm the entire situation. No, this was a bit trickier.

“No, you see after the fight I thought that with everything else falling down around her Cordelia should know that not everyone was out to get her. So I waited for her near her car and when she came out I told her that if she ever needed someone to talk to I was volunteering to listen. She didn’t believe me at first, I think she thought I was working with Willow setting her up for something, but eventually she caught on that I wasn’t too happy with the way Willow had ambushed her before. When she realized my offer was genuine she was so relieved, you should have seen her face Giles, that she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.”

“So now you’ve developed feeling for Cordelia?”

“No! I swear, but Willow thinks I have. She saw Cordelia hug me and now she’s convinced that Cordelia is trying to steal me away from her like she stole Angel from Buffy. Willow was waiting for me at my house when I got home, she kept saying that Cordelia was trying to break us up that she was trying to homewreck the entire scooby gang. I kept trying to tell her what was really going on, but she just wouldn’t hear it. She thinks that I just can’t see what Cordelia’s doing because she’s blinding me with her feminine wiles. I haven’t seen her yet today, but she stormed out yesterday all mad, and I just don’t know what to do to make her see reason. This is very much not in my wheelhouse, you know what I mean?”

“Yes, quite understandable really, I don’t believe that anyone your age would be equipped to deal with this situation. I’m not even sure if I’m equipped to deal with it. I shall think on it, and maybe even consult Ms. Calendar for a female perspective of the entire mess, and I shall speak to you again this afternoon if that is alright with you.”

“Cool, see you then.” He turned to leave, the constant headache he’d been nursing since the day before finally beginning to recede.

“Out of curiosity, how did Willow fair in her clash with Cordelia?” Oz smiled at that, the memory still fresh in his mind, he didn’t even turn as he answered.

“About as well as could be expected for a Willow facing a Cordelia.”

Buffy looked at Willow and knew deep down that she would be on her side in this. She was her best friend, it was practically her job to be on her side in all things, it was in the handbook or something.

“So there I am in Angel’s apartment trying to be all nice and have an actual discussion about this whole Cordelia thing, with no judgment on my part, and what does he do. He kicks me out. It’s like she warped his brain or something. Now everything, I say about the slut seems like I’m being the bitch, no matter how nice I am about it. Does that seem fair to you?”

Willow was shaking her head vigorously. As she should. So, she was editing a little, that was allowed, it wasn’t like she would share every last detail about her time with Angel yesterday. She was just cutting it down to the relevant bits. That was all. All the rest wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Like how he’d turned her down…

“What did you want to talk about?”

She’d made it into the apartment, that was half the battle won, or at least farther than she’d gotten lately. Maybe this meant that he was finally starting to see sense.

“I wanted to talk about us. You and me. I get that Cordelia is probably totally mind twisting you and everything, and that’s why you’re being so hostile lately. Queen C has you thinking that you and me are of the past, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. You and me are like, always.”

There she’d said it, now it was his turn. He would turn to her any second, vowing his everlasting love and devotion. He’d tell her how Cordelia was just a convenient slut and that he wouldn’t even look at her from this moment on, that they were forever. He would grab her and- laugh?

“Wow, that was pathetic. Did that hurt? It sounded like it should have hurt. What is it going to take for this to get through to you? Cordelia isn’t messing with me, ending things with you was my decision and I did it before Cordelia felt my cock filling her up for the first time. Then again you know that since you were right over there watching me fuck her that night.”

This was so not going how she’s pictured. She didn’t want to think about that night, the night everything changed.


He began to slowly circle around her as he spoke, his mouth inches from her skin.

“Don’t what? Don’t remind you about how you stood right there with your face pressed up against the door watching me thrust into Cordelia’s soaking pussy? Don’t remind you about how the very sight of me taking her made you ache with need? We’ve been over this slayer, if you want something from me you earn it, just like she does. You beg for it, just like she does.”

His words brought back every naughty thought she’d had the night before. It made her remember the feeling of her fingers teasing her own flesh. God, she wanted him so badly.

“Please.” The pleas slipped out without her permission. She hadn’t meant to beg him for anything, that wasn’t why she was here. He was supposed to grovel to her, to beg her for forgiveness.

“Please what, you dirty slut?” She wasn’t a slut. She wasn’t. Cordelia was the slut!

“Please, touch me.” She needed his hands on her. She needed him to touch her aching flesh.

“No, not good enough. Say it, slut.” She couldn’t, good girls didn’t say things like this, but if it got him to do what she wanted.

“Fuck me.” She was looking into his eyes now, she could feel her own beginning to fill with unshed tears.

“No.” That was it, all he said, before he turned and left the apartment. She stood there staring at the closed door as the tears finally began to fall. He was going to her, she knew he was, and that somehow made it so much worse. This was all her fault, it had to be.

“Yeah, this is all Cordelia’s fault. Did I tell you what she did with Oz yesterday?”

Cordelia did something with Oz? That bitch!

“What did she do?”

“She’s trying to steal him away from me. Oz denies it, but I know what I saw. He was talking to her by her car and at first she was all bitch face. Not even listening to him, and he was doing that eyebrow scrunch that means he was really thinking about his words, too. Then she just hugs him and kisses him, right there in the parking lot. In front of everyone! Oz says I’m over reacting, but then again he doesn’t think she’s trying to steal him away either. You don’t think I’m making it up do you?”

She shook her head. She wouldn’t put it past Cordelia to do something like that. If she could steal Angel away from her, there was no telling what she would do. For the first time in a long time she was actually glad that Xander didn’t have a other half, who knows what Cordelia would do to that poor girl. It was obvious now, Cordelia was trying to destroy her life.

First she took Angel away from her, and changed him with her skanky ways. Then she got Giles to side with her with her boo-hoo sob story, that probably wasn’t even true. Now she was after Oz. She had to be stopped.

Cordelia sat in the library and tried not to roll her eyes. It looked like Giles would have to find his rhythm every session. So she didn’t even start paying attention until he started pacing, once lecture mode kicked in though, she was all ears.

“After Angelus was turned by Darla in 1753 she spent the next few years teaching him all about control and the vampire hierarchy before finally presenting him to her own sire, the vampire we knew as the Master, in 1760. By all accounts, stories told throughout the vampire community for decades afterwards, the meeting did not go as planned. Angelus was insolent, and insulting, eventually convincing Darla to part ways with her sire and remain at his side instead. The Master was not impressed, as you can imagine. Until this point such a thing was unheard of, for vampires the vampire that made them is normally placed above the ties to all others. Some have even been known to kill their own Childe at the behest of their Sire.”

“So their Sire is a big deal to a vampire?” Kind of like a parent? That they apparently sleep with, so not going there.

“Yes, to a vampire their Sire is their savior. The one that took them from their human life, whatever that may have been, and granted them new life as a vampire. That is a strong bond.”

“So then Angel killing Darla for Buffy was like going against everything right?” Did Angel feel bad about that? Should she say something? Would that make him mad? It wasn’t like she’d ever met Darla in person, not really, so would her saying something be seen as insincere?

“Yes it was, in fact it was unprecedented. It’s not unheard of for a vampire to kill their Sire, usually after centuries of un-life, to move up in the vampire hierarchy. However, what Angel did, killing his Sire for the sake of the Slayer. That is unheard of.” So maybe she shouldn’t mention it.

“After his presentation to the Master, and the fallout from that, it wasn’t long before Angelus and Darla both became the targeted fixation of a human vampire hunter by the name of Daniel Holtz. This man had quite an impressive record of vampire kills, in fact I believe he was only ever surpassed by the Slayer herself. Then in 1764, after over a year of a cat and mouse game between the two Angelus and Darla decided to bring the fight to him, so to speak. They set a trap for him, luring him out of his home, while they proceeded to slaughter the mans family. According to his final records before his own disappearance, they killed his wife and youngest child brutally, left him an even greater horror to discover upon his return.”

“What?” What could be worse than the bodies of your family?

“They had turned his eldest child into a vampire, a young girl around the age of eight or nine I believe. They left her dispatchment to him. It is written that he stayed in the house with her and the bodies of his family until around mid-day, when he dragged his child from their home onto the porch, before he tossed her out into the deadly light of day where she burned.”

How awful. She was beyond glad that Darla was dead and that Angelus was Angel now. She doubted the world would have survived centuries of those two together.

“Details of what they did after that are sketchy at best for a time, suffice it to say that hunters had little to do with them after what they had done to Daniel Holtz and his family. There really is no record of them until around 1786 or so when it seems that Angelus decided to try his hand at becoming a Sire himself. He turned a young puritan known only as Penn. He spent the next decade or so teaching his young protégé everything he knew about being a vampire, going so far as to helping the creature kill his own human family as he himself had done. Darla and he eventually abandoned the vampire they’d made to travel the world once more. They traveled alone for a time until 1860 when they came across Drusilla. That however is a story for tomorrow. Now it’s time for training.”

Cordelia stifled a yawn as she made her way across the parking lot towards her car. Her day had been long, but completely worth it. Giles was really kicking her butt during those training sessions, but her cheer training was starting to kick in and she was keeping up. Not as well as she would have liked, yet, but she was getting better. Even Giles was impressed with her progress.

As she sat in the drivers seat she moved to put the key in the ignition and stopped. Something was wrong. She knew her car knew the feel of it, it was her pride and joy seconded only by her wardrobe, and something was different. She could feel herself start to hyperventilate, the last time she’d had a feeling like this was the night she’d found Rosa. No! She wouldn’t think about that. She would just, simply, turn around. Everything was fine where she was, so whatever she was feeling had to be coming from the backseat. It was probably nothing, just her overactive imagination teaming up with her paranoia to give her a good scare. Yeah that was it, there was nothing there, all she had to do was turn and look to confirm that. Just –


There papering her backseat from one end to the other were charcoal drawings. That alone wouldn’t have made her scream, it would have freaked her out sure and made her go running to Giles in the Library, but that wasn’t what made her scream.

Some of them were simple, just her sleeping or cheering, mundane everyday activities. Confirming that this guy, whoever he was, was watching her. Shiver worthy in its self, but not scream worthy. No, the scream was for the others, the ones that hadn’t happened yet. The ones she hoped would never happen. The ones that showed her in various stages of torture, some of which she’d never even heard of before, but if the look on her face was anything to go by were painful beyond belief. The rest were of her in various sex acts, each one more lewd than the last, and from the look on her face then she was enjoying it greatly. What made her eyes well up with tears was the MISSING flyer with her name and picture on it, saying that she’d last been seen two weeks from today.

Fumbling with the door handle she fell out of her car, scrambled to her feet and ran straight for the library. Never once looking back, and never seeing the yellow eyes of the vampire that had been watching her every move with a smirk across his lips.

Buffy was standing with Willow at the Bronze, Dingoes Ate My Baby were playing and Will was basking in the boyfriend band experience yet again. It would never get old seeing that goofy smile on her face every time Oz took the stage to play. Of course, if Slut C had her way that smile would be wiped away forever, but she and Willow had a plan for that now. They’d talked about it for hours and knew exactly what to do now to help everyone else see the truth that they were missing.

Cordelia stood up on the balcony in the Bronze with a drink in her hand, vodka thanks to her knowing the bartender, and tried to get her hands to stop shaking. She’d gone to Giles after the incident in her car, who’d promptly taken everything out of her car and tried to get her to stay with him until she’d calmed down. She couldn’t, she couldn’t be in the same building as those horrible drawings. Deciding she didn’t want to be home alone either, not after that, she’d driven automatically to the Bronze. She could see Buffy and her loser troupe down below her, but she didn’t even have the energy to try to care about that now.

When she felt a hand begin to drift up her leg she finally relaxed, Angel. She knew she was safe now, he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, her Angel.

Angelus stood behind his vixen and enjoyed the slight trembling of her body, everything else he’d managed to do to her had some effect, but this was different. This was a true reaction, she was so terrified now that she was still shaking over an hour later. Letting his hand ghost up her leg, he couldn’t stop, he needed her now.

“Learn forward.” Watching her obey him without question was nirvana. Pressing his body flush against her, he could see the Slayer over her shoulder and wasn’t that just perfect. Hooking his thumbs in her panties he torn them down with one quick jerk, making her body slam back against him for a minute and her breath hitch in surprise. Her eyes began to drift closed as he lined himself up to fuck into her waiting warmth, here and now.

“Oh no, you keep your eyes open. Look down at all those people, they have no idea what you’re letting me do to you. Look at them, imagine their reaction if they knew what a whore you are, letting me have you right here in front of them all.” He punctuated his last word with one hard thrust that sank him into her to the hilt, she was so wet just from the sound of his voice that he slid right in. They were now as connected as they could be.

Seeing her eyes stop drifting he didn’t even have to look, to see what it was she was focused on, or rather who she was focused on. Buffy. Every thrust of his cock made her look more smug as she stared at the Slayer. He didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what she was thinking.

Glancing around he noticed that they were already in a bit of a corner, while they could see everyone with the poor lighting someone would have to actively look for them to be able to see them. Deciding to see just how far he could push her, he ran his hands up her stomach and over her chest until he was gripping the neckline of her top. He began to pull it down slowly, giving her time to feel it past the haze of pleasure.

Her body stiffened, her pussy clenching around his cock, when she finally realized what he wanted. Her hands automatically flew up to catch his and hold them in place. Her eyes darting one way, then the other, as she looked to see if anyone had seen. Coming to the same conclusion that he had, she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood before she began to guide his hands down herself, more and more, until her naked breasts sprang free. Her hands still firmly on his, she lead him back up to them, her back arched just enough to give him what he wanted.

“Please.” That was it one word, barely a whisper, a plea for more. A plea for him.

Both of his hands squeezing and kneading her bountiful breasts he used his grip on them to hold her closely against him as he thrust into her harder and harder.

Cordelia couldn’t believe she was doing this, that she was letting him do this to her, here of all places. Hell half the school was here. What if someone saw? As his thrusting cock hit her just right to make her moan her mind started to become fuzzy. Who cares who saw, as long as he didn’t stop.

“Yes.” She could feel his breath against her neck as he spoke to her, his words so wrong, but so hot.

“You little slut, you love it don’t you. Are you so hungry for my cock you’ll let me fuck you anywhere? So tight, don’t worry I’ll take care of you whore, all you have to do is ask. Can you do that? Can you ask me for what you want? Say it.”

“Please, fuck my pussy, need you, so good. Make me cum, right here, in front of everyone. I don’t care who sees, I just want your big hard cock inside of me. Please.” Every time they fucked, he always wanted her to say it, to beg for it, to tell him how it felt. She’d been a little hesitant at first, no other guy had ever wanted to hear anything other than moaning and screaming from her before. But the more they did it the more she saw the appeal, having the person you’re with beg you to do things to them, to tell you exactly what they wanted you to do to them.

His thrusts became more frantic and harder, she loved it. One of his hands drifted down to her neglected clit and began to rub up and down her thigh. Each pass getting closer and closer without actually touching her, she knew what he wanted her to say, but she drew it out driving them both wild with need.

“Oh god, I beg you, use me, make me cum. I need to feel it.” He chuckled against her neck, his face now buried against her shoulder, as he began to rub against her quivering nub.

One of his hands was still fondling her breast, but it wasn’t enough. Raising her hand up she began to pinch and pull at the nipple of her abandoned tit. It felt so good, all of it together, she was so close.

“Bite me! Feed from me, with the Slayer down there oblivious, take me.” Feeling his fangs break the skin of her neck, combined with the pleasure of everything, made her cum so hard she could catch her breath enough to scream. Yes!

Angelus pulled one last time at the wound he’d made on her neck. That was so good. Feeding and fucking with the Slayer ten feet away, ignorant. He’d never cum so hard in his life, and it was all thanks to his Vixen.

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