Chapter 3 – Truth and Consequences

Ian sat in the car next to Lip and waited for Monica and her girlfriend to come out of the paternity office and tried to figure out how to start the conversation he wanted to have. Even though Lip knew he was gay, one of the only people he was out to, he still couldn’t bring himself to bring up the change in his love life. Or really his love life in general. He didn’t know why he had such a hang up about it, it wasn’t like Lip ever hesitated to tell him every graphic detail about his encounters with Karen or Fiona shied away from telling everyone about her love connections and the less said about Kev and Vee in that area the better.

“So, what’s going on with you?” Shit!

“What do you mean?” Maybe if he played it off he could get a bit more time to really think this through. 

“Dude I think your ears were about to smoke, you were thinking so hard. So, I figured I could continue to let you fidget in your seat while you try to come up with a way to bring up whatever the hell it is. Or I could start the conversation myself and see how it went, so what’s going on with you?”

Wow, he hadn’t realized he was that transparent. Now what? Should he circle around it a few times or should he just come right out with it? Hell, this was Lip, the one person he could really talk to about stuff, here goes nothing.

“I broke up with Kash.” There start small, not that they really brokeup in so many words exactly, but the look on his face when he left yesterday was enough.

“Good! I hated that guy. So what? You finally come to your senses?” He looked over to see the smile on his brothers’ face and finally realized just how much Lip had hated Kash. He knew he had problems with the relationship but it hadn’t really clicked just how deep the dislike went on his brothers side.

“I uh, I had sex with someone else, it was only supposed to be this one time thing really totally unplanned. Then he kept coming around and it sort of became this regular thing and I was starting to slowly phase out being with Kash. Then Linda stayed somewhere else last night and Kash came to tell me and found me with the other guy in the stockroom and kind of flipped and I haven’t been back to work yet to see what’s happening.” There, now he had the overview out, it was time for the hard part.

“Wow, man, uh who’s the other guy? Anyone I know?”

“Yeah.” Now he just had to find the courage to say it, the one name you should never say when talking about gay sex. 

“Yeah! Jesus, who?” He knew before he said it that the moment the name passed his lips his brothers’ amusement would take a hell of a dive, but damn it he needed to talk with someone!

“Mickey.” The shocked silence that filled the car wasn’t unexpected but it still made him uncomfortable. It felt like his brother was judging him even though he knew he never would. Or maybe his world view had been so rocked he just couldn’t get his brain to work right, that had happened to him a few times over the last few weeks.

“Mickey? Milkovich?”

“Yeah.” He knew that Lip knew there was no other Mickey it could possibly be, not in their neighborhood, but he also understood the need to be sure.

“Oh my god Ian! Are you crazy? You came on to a homophobic Milkovich? What the hell? Do you have a death wish or something?”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“What was it like then?”

And just like that the damn broke and he told him everything from the beginning. When he finally finished with Kash walking in on them the silence that filled the car was entirely different, chancing a glance over at his brother he saw something he never thought he’d see in his entire life. His wordy genius brother was stunned speechless.

Lip didn’t know what to do. His entire life he’d been able to solve every problem his little brother came to him with, all it usually took was a bit of common sense and a calm temper to think things through, but this? This was something else entirely. This was Mickey Fucking Milkovich. For all his supposed genius IQ he was not equipped to deal with this. However, if eighteen years of problem solving had taught him anything it was that no challenge was insurmountable if you had enough information. Which is what led him here, standing outside of the Milkovich lair of darkness and dread searching for that missing information the only place he knew he had a snowballs chance in hell of finding it. If you want to know about a Milkovich you have to ask another Milkovich. With a little luck and a lot of prayer he might not die in the process.

Just as he raised his hand to know the door swung open and his heart stopped for a moment expecting Terry before he realized it was Mandy standing there looking at him like his wits had deserted him. Which for a moment of blind panicky fear they had, but thankfully his courage had returned just as quickly as it had fled.

“Mandy hey.” He wasn’t really sure what else he could say, Mandy was more his brothers friend than someone he knew much about. Sure they spent time around each other, but never without Ian in between them like a buffer to keep the snark and sarcasm from exceeding survivable levels.

“Hi Lip. What ya doing here? Are you looking to score or something?” The slight uptick of her mouth told him she was making fun of him, and normally he would have an opening salvo of his own to sling in her direction, but right now he was too focused on Ian to worry about Mandy.

“What? No! I just well, can you and I maybe go for a walk and talk?”

“Talk huh? Well there’s one I’ve never heard before.” He could tell by her expression that she was seconds away from calling him a perv and slamming the door in his face. Thinking fast he did the only thing he could to get the information he needed and he hoped to God it was the right thing to do even as he opened his mouth.

“It’s about Ian.”

Just like that she changed. Her hard eyes went soft and seemed to glow with an inner light of love or something and her entire face morphed into something less scary and if he was being completely honest more beautiful. Wow she really had it bad for his brother, or maybe she just loved the fact that she had a friend now. As far as he knew Ian was the only boy in her life besides her family, and maybe not even them, who never wanted anything from her and just liked being around her for her and not what he was going to get out of her.

“What about Ian? He’s okay right?” Just like that the softness became worried anger and he knew he came to the right person. She loved Ian nearly as much as he did.

“Well, that’s just it I’m not so sure if he is okay. That’s why I was hoping you and I could talk.”

“Yeah, alright, sure just let me get my jacket.” He really hoped he was doing the right thing, but as far as he could tell he was doing the only thing he could. He needed information if he was going to help his brother and since Ian wouldn’t give it to him and going to Mickey was out of the question Mandy as Mickey’s sister and Ian’s best friend was sort of his only hope. 

As he watched her jog down her front steps towards him he thought again of how pretty she was before shaking himself. This was about Ian not about his dick, he needed to focus if he was going to figure this out.

Mandy walked around the block again. She knew she was being a coward but after her conversation with Lip she just didn’t want to deal with what was coming next. A part of her wished she could just ignore the fact that Lip was asking questions about Mickey and Ian but she knew she couldn’t. If she ignored it and Lip went to someone else or said the wrong thing to the wrong person and Mickey found out she knew ahead of time and didn’t tell him. She shivered not even wanting to think about what he would do then. 

She knew Mickey loved her, but with Mickey just because he loved you didn’t mean he wouldn’t hurt you. She asked him about it once, why hurt the ones you love, he told her it was because he loved them that he wanted them to learn to be better. She didn’t know if she agreed with that but her opinion wasn’t needed so she kept it to herself.

She didn’t want to be the cause of Ian getting hurt now, but if she waited and Lip got stupid about this stuff he thought he knew, it would be alot worse later. Mind finally made up she walked up the front steps into her house and called out for Mickey.

Ian sat at the register at the Kash-n-Grab and tried not to squirm. First Kash wouldn’t even look at him opting to leave on “errands” rather than stay in the same building as he was. Then Mickey was late. He knew they didn’t have a set time when he would come around but he always seemed to come at the same time anyway, showing up at a quarter till one. It was already half past two and still no Mickey. 

Today was a holiday and Linda left him to close up at three for her while she took her kids to some sort of play or something to try and give them more culture. She was convinced that if she gave them as much as she could while they were still young and she could force them to go to these things they would grow up to be better than the thugs they were surrounded by. He didn’t have the heart to tell her it wouldn’t work, just look at Lip. He could quote playwrights and philosophers off the top of his head, but that didn’t make him any less of a thug.

Getting up to lock the door and count up the end of day in his till he was halfway to the door when it opened and in walked Mickey. For a minute he was relieved to see him but then he got a good look at his face and knew that he was in trouble. He watched him turn the lock and flip the sign and tried to stay still. Every instinct he had was screaming at him to run, but common sense prevailed and he knew that running would just make everything so much worse.

Mickey watched Ian stiffen and knew the boy saw it coming, probably his expression, and he liked him all the more for standing his ground. So many others had tried to run in the past, like getting away from him at that moment would somehow make his anger disappear, like he wouldn’t find them. Looking at Ian for a moment he made his decision and jerked his head towards the stockroom. Watching him turn and slowly walk towards “their room” he followed close behind slowly taking off his belt as he went.

He could not believe that Ian had been so stupid. He thought that he had understood the rules, he’d gone so long without breaking one, but it would seem he was wrong. Ian had been talking to Lip about him breaking rule two. No talking, how hard was that to understand. Oh well, what’s done is done and now he just had to make sure firecrotch learned his lesson and didn’t do it again.

“You’ve been talking to your brother about us Ian. That breaks the rules, do you remember which one?”

Every muscle in Ian’s body seemed to freeze, like a stiff wind could have knocked him over. He watched him frantically search that empty head of his for the answer and come up empty, he stayed turned aways from him but that didn’t stop him from seeing his struggle. Unlike Ian Mickey had been in this situation before so he knew what was going to happen now.

“Um, rule two.”

“Rule two, that’s right see you do know the rules. You’d been doing well too, I thought you understood what to do then my sister comes to me and tells me that Lip is asking her all kinds of questions about me. About my relationship with you. Now where do you think he got the idea from?” They both knew the answer already, he just wanted to see if Ian would answer him or not.

“Mickey, I’m sorry I just, I only wanted his advice on what to do about Kash and we were talking and I don’t know it just came out. I’m sorry I’ll never do it again I swear.” Oh the begging and pleading portion of the punishment was his favorite, he let him ramble on for a minute savoring the slight tremor in his voice that came from being faced with the unknown.

“I know you won’t and you want to know why I know that. Because you’re gonna remember your punishment for it for the rest of our relationship. Turn around Ian.” Ian hesitated for a few seconds which meant he would have to draw this out a little longer than he normally would to make sure to knock that particular habit out of him. Gallagher turned and immediately his eyes became transfixed by the belt in his hands. Silly boy.

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna hit you with it. I save that for when you’re being willful. Right now I want you to get down on your knees.”

He waited while the redhead hesitated all he had to do was raise one eyebrow and Gallagher cringed but he still didn’t sink to his knees. Oh he was going to be stubborn about this, the fear of what was going to happen was giving him ideas about being defiant. One backhanded slap had him falling to his knees, the corner of his mouth bleeding. For a moment he looked like he was going to try and get back to his feet but after a second he stayed down. See he knew he was a smart boy; he just needed little reminders of his place is all.

Reaching up he looped his belt around Ian’s neck before sliding it through the buckle and pulling it tight around his throat wrapping the end around his fist a few times to make it even tighter.

“Now put that busy little mouth of yours to work doing something other than breaking my rules. And keep your hands behind your back, I want to see you really work at it.”

He watched Ian hesitate again, they really were gonna have to work on that, before reaching out and freeing him from his pants. Watching him he waited until his lips closed around his tip before he pulled on the belt tightening it even further while simultaneously placing his hand to the back of his head to hold him still while he thrust forward fucking his tight throat. Repeating his rules with each thrust to help him remember.

By the time they reached the last rule for the second time he was so close. Ian’s face was turning a bright red and his hands were fisted behind his back while he struggled to breathe. With one final thrust he finally came and watched as firecrotch choked on mouthful after mouthful of his hot cum.

When he was finally spent he pulled himself free of his mouth and pulled his belt free at the same time allowing Ian to breathe again. He watched as a small puddle of his cum fell to the floor as Ian coughed and tried to draw air into his starved lungs.

“Look at the mess you’ve made. Lick. It. Up.” He waited until Ian was on his hands and knees licking at the cum on the concrete floor before he started speaking again.

“You’re not gonna go around talking about me again are you Ian?”

“No, I swear.” His voice was rough and sexy, he might just have to fuck his throat like that again just for fun. Though not today, no reason to confuse him even more.

“Good boy.”

Lip sat on his bed trying and failing not to worry about Ian. He’d had a half day at work today and should have been home hours ago. Fiona had been worried too, but he’d lied and told her Ian had said he’d stay over with Mandy tonight, not wanting her to wait up for him.

He knew something must have happened and he was afraid that something had to do with Mickey and that whatever it was, it was his fault. He never should have gone to Mandy; he should have gone to Fiona right when he found out, but he hadn’t wanted to snitch his little brother’s secret.

He was in the middle of imagining Ian dead in a ditch somewhere like some kind of single child parent on prom night when the bedroom door opened and Ian slipped inside. It was dark so he couldn’t see his face but he would know his brother anywhere.


He watched his brother jump in fear and knew something had happened. Not waiting for his brother to lie to him he stood up striding across the room in three steps and grabbed him by the arm dragging him out of the dark bedroom and into the bathroom. This way they could talk without waking Carl. Flipping the light on he turned to ask his brother what happened and froze.

Ian’s neck was a ring of bruises like someone, like Mickey, had tried to choke the life out of him. His bottom lip was swollen and looked like it had just barely stopped bleeding from the cut in the corner and his left eye was discolored and slightly swollen as well.

“What the hell Ian! Did Mickey do this to you?” He knew the two of them were fucking, but was Mickey beating Ian? Why hadn’t Ian said anything? Was this the first time? Was this because he talked to Many?

“Calm down Lip it isn’t that bad. By morning it’ll barely be noticeable. If you’d been asleep when I got home like you were supposed to be you never would have known.” Watching his brother try to laugh this off made his stomach churn.

“Barely be noticeable. Well, hell I know now Ian. What happened? Did he do this because I talked to Mandy?” That was it, that one sentenced seemed to flip a switch in his brother. With one move he’d shoved him back until his back hit the wall so hard he bounced back off of it.

“What the hell Lip, I tell you something and the first thing you do is go running to Mandy? Why would you do that?”

“I was worried about you. No one knows Mickey is gay they all think he’s a homophobe and for good reason. He kicks the crap out of any queer that crosses his path. Case in point.” He was so angry he didn’t even think when he tapped his brothers black eye to get his point across. Just like that it was on.

Ian swung his fist full force catching him in the stomach making him double over in pain. He knew there would be a new bruise there in the morning. Clenching his fist ready to retaliate he started to unfold himself and looked up. Unfortunately he was at eye level with his brothers neck and those bruises broke his heart and his will to fight.

“Go ahead, kick the crap out of me if you think it will make you feel better. But I’m telling you right now no matter how much damage you do to me it won’t erase what he already did to you.” Seeing his brother’s eyes filled with tears just somehow made it all worse. His brother never cried not even when Frank laid into him. Whatever Mickey did, must have been beyond bad.

“I’m, I’m just gonna go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning Lip.”

With that his brother just shuffled out of the bathroom without so much as glancing back. Mickey Milkovich had managed to do in two months what Frank Gallagher hadn’t managed in nearly two decades. He’d broken Ian.

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