Howling Series

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Summary – After the Garuda is defeated Kenzi starts to focus on her “gift” from the Norn. When the pain starts to spread she knows she’s in trouble and need to ask for help. Only question now is who to ask.

Relationship(s) – Dyson/Kenzi; Lauren/Bo; Mentioned Dyson/Bo, Trick & Kenzi, Kenzi & Lachlan; Trick & Lachlan

Characters – Dyson; Kenzi; Bo; Trick; Lachlan; Lauren Lewis

Status – Complete | 20,574

Tag(s) – AU; Post Garuda Fight; Norn Aftermath

Summary – Now that Kenzi is dealing with all the new changes in her life the last thing she needs is Fae politics to enter into it all, but now that a new wolf pack is in town she doesn’t have a choice but to play her new hand and hope she wins. This story was complete but is now being re-written.

Relationship(s) – Dyson/Kenzi 

Characters – Dyson; Kenzi; Lachlan; Bo; Trick; Lauren; Multiple OC’s

Status – Complete | 29,841

Tag(s) – Dyson teaches Kenzi a few things; Bo misses Kenzi; Lauren is in trouble

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