Chapter 2 – The Start of Something New

Ian laid on his bed in the dark too wired to sleep. He had managed to talk Linda down from going to the cops telling her that they had the gun back and that should be enough. A subtle reminder of the facts seemed to turn her around fairly quickly, not even Linda as bad-ass as she was willingly messed with Terry or his kids. After Linda went back upstairs Kash had wanted to celebrate by having Ian fuck him in the backroom, something they had done over a dozen times before, but this time it had seemed wrong somehow. He hadn’t enjoyed it as he did in the past.

Not as much as he did before Mickey.

He knew he was being stupid thinking about him, especially since he knew Mickey wasn’t likely to give him even a passing thought, but he just couldn’t help himself. He was lusting after Mickey fucking Milkovich.

That alone should scare him so much he never thought about him again, but fear wasn’t the response he was feeling. Oh, it was there, everyone feared the Milkovich family, but it just wasn’t enough to make him stop thinking about what they had done, and it definitely wasn’t enough to make him stop wanting to do it again.

He was fucked.

Mickey woke earlier than usual. It took him a moment to figure out why and the reason he found could be summed up into one word.


That red head just wouldn’t leave his dreams last night. He’d never been this obsessed about anyone before. Now that he was though there was really only one solution, if firecrotch wouldn’t get out of his head then he would just fuck him out of his system.

Smelling bacon he decided that since he was up he might as well go have breakfast with the family. Pulling on his clothes he made it out just in time to see everyone sitting in the living room watching TV with plates laden down with food, most of which was landing on the floor. His sister seeing him standing there gave him a shy smile before fixing him a plate of his own. Out of all his family Mandy was hands down his favorite so in a spur of the moment show of affection he kissed her cheek in thanks when she handed him his food.

Once he was seated he waited for her before he said anything, he hated repeating himself.

“I got a new boy.”

Everyone stopped eating for a moment each, he thought, making a mental guess about who it was. His father Terry never stopped eating. He used to be terrified of his father, of course that was before.

A few years ago when his dad first found out that Mickey was gay he’d nearly pissed himself in fear of what was gonna happen to him. Milkovich’s never killed family, but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t still die, they’d just keep putting you in bad situations until your brain caught on to the fact that you were already dead and your body stayed down. He took it, every bad run, every fucked up job, thinking his family was right and he deserved to die. For over a year he put up with it until one day he looked up and realized he was still alive after all that time. Around that same time Terry realized the same thing and in true Milkovich fashion he threw the rules to the wind and attacked Mickey himself.

Terry Milkovich would not have a faggot for a son!

To this day Mickey didn’t know who was more surprised when Mickey won the fight and held his father’s life in his hands. He’d let him live, not out of some kind of love or mercy, no it had been Mandy standing behind him screaming for him to let Terry go that had decided it.

After that Terry changed his tune. Faggot Mickey might be but Milkovich he was to the bone.

From that day on the family shifted so that Mickey was in charge, outside their house everyone who lived in south side still thought Terry was king and Mickey was fine letting them think it, because everyone within these walls knew the truth. Terry was king only because Mickey allowed him to act the part. The family still treated queers the same with one notable exception, if Mickey claimed someone as a partner they were off limits, at least until Mickey was done with them. Once Mickey grew tired of them which usually took no longer than a week the entire Milkovich clan gave him the beating of his life before chucking him out with the trash.

None of Mickey’s “boys” ever spoke of their time with Mickey all preferring to let the world think they’d been beaten for some other reason, all instinctively knowing that if they outed Mickey their farewell beating would look like a love tap once his family was through with them.

Mickey pulled himself out of his thoughts at the sound of his sister’s voice.

“Who is it?” Out of all of them Mandy had been the most accepting of him, he remembered once Terry had announced his sin to the family Mandy had just hugged him before pulling away to ask stupidly hilarious questions about his dick.

“Ian Gallagher.” He watched surprise fill her eyes, he knew Ian was her friend, fuck he was basically her only friend. If he had been a better person he would have left the little ginger alone, but Gallagher wouldn’t get out of his head, and he’d never really been a good person.

“Oh.” Was her only response. Yeah oh was right.

Getting up he grabbed his jacket and headed out to find his newest “boy” and explain the rules of engagement. 

Ian was sitting at the register bored out of his mind as usual as jobs go this one had to be on the lower end of the activity scale. Sometimes he was asked to stock things but realistically he spent most of his shift sitting on his ass waiting for people to come in and out to get random shit all day long, interspaced with bouts of hurried sex with his boss. The sex used to bring something to look forward to into his days at work, but lately he’s been seeing it as more of a chore on the long list of things he needs to do before he can go home. That was not how sex was supposed to be.

No one had come in for over an hour when he heard the bell above the door. This in itself wasn’t unusual, there were long stretches in the day when no one came in because everyone was busy getting the money to come get what they wanted, but right after that he heard the lock turn making him look up. There in the doorway flipping the open sign to closed stood Mickey “Fucking” Milkovich.


He thought about trying to run, but there really wasn’t a back way out other than the loading dock which was closed and wouldn’t open fast enough to make a difference. He could duck into the office and hope Mickey thought there was a back way out of there, but there was also a good chance he would kick the door in to check and he’d be trapped all over again. So instead of running he decided to wait and silently prayed his life wouldn’t end in a convenience store where he worked for minimum wage. Cause that would just suck.

“You, backroom, now.” Yeah this wasn’t going to end well at all Ian thought as he slowly stood and walked to the stockroom. He just hoped this was a simple beating rather than something a bit more permanent, he didn’t think his siblings would survive losing him like that.

Mickey watched Gallagher walk ahead of him and had to fight to keep from laughing. The boy was terrified, though he hid it well, but he still went where Mickey told him to go. This was going to be fun.

“Alright Gallagher, formalities out of the way first then we’ll get to the fucking we both want. These are the rules you will follow, listen good cause I’m only gonna tell you this once next time you hear them will be if I punish you for breaking them. We clear?” He took the blank expression of confusion as a yes. It wasn’t like fuck-nut had much of a choice here.

“Rule one, you don’t fuck anyone else, unless I tell you to. Rule two, your mouth is for sucking my cock not talking back to me or talking about me. Rule three, when you’re with me you don’t do anything without permission. Rule four, when you’re not with me you need my permission to do anything beyond your everyday activities. Rule five, when I tell you to do something you damn well do it. Finally, rule six, these rules are always in effect even when I’m not with you for as long as your ass belongs to me and your ass does belong to me. If you break one of these rules when I hear about it, and I will hear about it so don’t go thinking you’re gonna somehow get away with shit, I will punish you. Got it?” Another blank expression, poor Gallagher looked so confused.

“Good, now strip!” First test of the rules, rule five do as you’re told. Time to see if firecrotch was smart enough to listen, after a few seconds and a raised brow from Mickey Ian began to disrobe slowly almost hesitantly.

“Come on Gallagher, I’ve already seen it all before!”

That got him moving and within minutes he was standing in front of a very naked Gallagher, and wasn’t that a sight. He hadn’t really had time to look before, but now he had all the time in the world really.

“Damn Gallagher, where you been hiding that body?”

“You’re one to talk.” This was said with a bit of a leer from the redhead that Mickey answered with his usual smirk. So Gallagher was warm for his form huh, good to know.

“Shut up and turn around.”

Ian turned around still a little terrified, well more than a little if he was being honest. The only thoughts really running through his head were, Mickey is gay and Mickey isn’t here to kill me.

All of Mickey’s talk of rules and such made him a little uneasy. He’d only ever been with two guys before and only ever been topped by Mickey, the idea of Mickey staking a claim on him filled him with mixed emotions. One part of him, the Irish in him most likely, demanded he rebel against it luckily the more sane parts of him easily subdued that small spark of insanity. Another bigger part of him was terrified of Mickey as a general life rule and knew that defiance would not be tolerated lightly and knowing Mickey those punishments he touched on earlier would not be easily forgotten. Then there was an even larger part of him, one he never even knew existed before now, a part that thrilled at the thought of being taken by Mickey of surrendering control and simply doing as he was told.

Gallagher’s as a general rule balked at authority and restrictions. In his entire life he’d never heard a rule he didn’t immediately want to break. At least he hadn’t until Mickey came along and set down his rules. There was something in the way he said them that told Ian that breaking these rules would cause him unending pain and he believed that wholeheartedly.

His thoughts came to an abrupt end when he felt Mickey take hold of his wrists, he forced his arms to reach up and out until they came in contact with the metal sides of one of the storage racks.

“Hold on tight, firecrotch.” His thoughts had come full circle since Mickey first came into the store and with Mickey’s first thrust he was back to his first thought all over again.


The next few weeks continued in much the same way with the notable exception of their mother Monica showing up on the Gallagher front steps looking to be let back in with the new addition of her girlfriend Roberta. Ian tried not to think about his mother too much; he knew she was up to something but hadn’t been able to work out just what yet, but he would he knew that between him, Lip, and Fiona they always did.

Glancing up as the door opened he saw Mickey flipping the sign and knew this was quickly becoming the best part of his day. Maybe now he could forget if only for a while the hell his life had become.

The second he hung up from Linda, the news that she was going to be taking the boys to spend the night with his mother so she could visit her aunt in the hospital in Aurora without having to rush or drive at night Kash punched the air in excitement. All night with Ian sounded like heaven, he had been pulling away a bit lately and this was just what they needed to get back on track. As he ran into the store shouting the good news he found he couldn’t find Ian anywhere, thinking maybe he was stocking the coolers he opened the door to the storeroom and froze.

There on his hands and knees rocking forward with every thrust was Ian.

He could tell the boy knew he was there by his clenched fists and the blush working its way up his neck to his face, but the hand pressed to the center of his back held him in place. Looking up from that hand he found Mickey Milkovich grinning at him with smug satisfaction in his eyes. Backing out of the room and letting the door close he fought the despair that threatened to overwhelm him. While he’d known all along that he had no future with Ian, he had loved him on some level and seeing him like that with… Mickey filled him with equal parts sorrow and rage.

Mickey wanted to laugh as he watched the door close. When they’d heard the man calling Ian had tried to get up, one shove of his hand and a word of warning was all it took to keep him in place. When the door first opened Gallagher tensed every muscle in his body and it felt like heaven. Looking into the old pervs eyes and watching him shatter with every thrust made it all even better.

Now that they were alone again he took his time making sure to draw out every moan of ecstasy. When he noticed Ian biting his lip and trying to hold back his sounds of pleasure he would have none of it. One slap to the boys ass and a hard thrust broke that barrier to pieces. No one stifled Ian’s moans of pleasure but him. Thoughts of their first time together coupled with the pleasure of this time had him coming fast and one final thrust had firecrotch following.

As he watched Ian drag on his clothes, shame coloring his face he smirked.

“Go on home Gallagher. Kash will cover the rest of your shift for you.” He watched the urge to fight come and quickly fade. Good boy.

He watched him walk quickly past his boss without once looking up and quickly run out the door. Now he and Ian’s ex had a few things to discuss. This should be fun.

Kash watched Ian practically run out and moved to follow, he still had four hours to his shift.

“Let him go.” He froze in place behind the counter. He’d forgotten about Mickey, something he’d never done before and something that would likely never happen again. Not after today. Turning to face the boy he found the same smug smile on his face as before. 

The bastard.

“Me and you, we got things to say and you can work his hours. It is your store after all.”

“What do you want Mickey.” He’d never taken that tone with a Milkovich before, obviously his brain had stopped working.

“Forceful, way to go you found your nuts. Here I thought the little wifey had permanently snatched them away from ya. As for what I want, that’s easy, I want what I have… Gallagher. You aren’t thinking about trying to keep me from what I want are you? Cause I gotta tell ya not a smart move. Not smart at all.”

The thought of this… thug with his hands on Ian filled him with rage. For once he let the rage run wild.

“You were right before Mickey this is my store. I think I’ll have you banned and of course with my wife being so busy lately with the boys I’ll have to increase Ian’s hours, we really need the extra help around the store. I may even have you prosecuted for all the theft over the years.” He watched the bastard pick up a snickers and take a bite like he hadn’t heard a word he’d said.

“You could do all those things, sure. Then I could have Ian go to the cops about your illegal sex shit. How do you think the rest of the neighborhood, especially my family, will react to that?” He felt cold fear seep into his bones with every word that fell from Mickey’s mouth. He wouldn’t!

“Ian would never do that!”

“He would if I told him to. As you saw in the storeroom it would be one of the better things I’ve had him do for me.”

He was talking about Ian as if he were some pet, a dog, meant to do tricks on command. Of all the nerve.

“You talk about Ian like you own him.” The next words nearly stopped his heart.

“I do, and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it. You see I always get what I want. Right now what I want is Gallagher. If you try and get in my way I will destroy you, burn your life to the ground, then step over the ashes and get him anyway. Go ahead, step up if you’re feeling brave today, just remember what’ll happen tomorrow.” With that Mickey left the store in that moment he knew two things, what he wanted to do and what he was going to do.

Unfortunately the two did not match because no matter how angry he was at heart he was a coward and he knew it, even worse Mickey knew it. Feeling all of his anger drain away he sank down onto the stool behind the counter and set to work completing Ian’s shift.

Ian laid in his bed listening to Monica laugh and Lip curse and couldn’t help but wonder what tomorrow would bring. Lip had figured out Monica’s angle, she and her ghetto girlfriend weren’t here for all of them just for Liam and if they had their way they’d be leaving with him. He knew Fiona would fight it that was a given but everyone knew their sister wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Their only chance would be to figure out exactly how they planned to pull this off and in true Gallagher tradition wreck it beyond repair. To that end he and Lip were gonna shadow them the next day instead of going to school to try and piece it together. He didn’t have work the next day either which considering how he’d left today was a blessing.

He didn’t know what to do anymore. Maybe he’d run it all by Lip tomorrow his brother was always good at sorting out the mess that was life on the south side maybe he would be able to help him see his way through this.

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