Chapter 17 – The Plays the Thing

Willow was fuming, Cordelia really was taking her sweet Oz away from her. She’d thought so for a minute before, but then she’d shrugged it off there was no way Oz, her Oz would ever fall for that faux whoa is me act. He was Oz. He was too smart to be fooled by crocodile tears. Then tonight it all came crashing down, turned out as much as she loved her beautiful, sensitive, Oz he was still just a guy and just as vulnerable to Queen C as all the rest. He’d been suckered. Hoodwinked. Seduced. Well no more, not if she could help it, she would save him from the clutches of that harpy.

Grabbing the nearest spell book she’s liberated from the library during one of the many research parties she began to furiously flip through the pages looking for something to help her help Oz see sense. So the last spell hadn’t gone to plan, and maybe she felt kind of bad about it after Xander made her stop and think it all the way through but that was before. Before that little home wrecked had sunk her man slayer claws into her boyfriend.

Now she just needed the right spell to make everything okay again. The last one had been too vague, just a plea for everyone to see the truth of Queen C. This time she would be a lot more specific and Cordelia would be out on her rear before the weekend really got into full swing.

Oz would apologize for his mean words and by Monday all would be forgiven and smoochies would be everywhere.

Xander wasn’t one hundred percent sure he was doing the right thing coming to Giles with this, but he was a hundred and ten percent sure that not coming was the wrong thing so here he was. Once more inside of Giles apartment trying not to touch anything for fear he would smudge something or whatever. Or maybe he was just stalling by looking around so much. Either way he had yet to open his big mouth, so he still had time to back out, too bad he couldn’t not if he wanted to still be able to look at himself in the mirror for the rest of his life. Because this would have life altering consequences.

“Is there a reason you’ve come to see me Xander?” Looking into those concerned eyes, still vaguely tinged with annoyance at being interrupted so late at night he knew this was it. Time to speak. Just open your mouth and answer the question.

“Oz broke up with Willow.” There he said it, he’d betrayed the confidence of his friend, given up information obtained on the adolescent grapevine to an adult. He was scum.
“Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I know how happy the both of them were.” Okay, he was obviously coming off as even more pathetic than he thought if that was the response he got. He would have to look into that later and hopefully course correct before random adults started to ask him how he was doing.

“You’re not hearing me. Oz broke up with Willow.” He tried again, maybe if he stressed the right words he wouldn’t have to come right out and say it. Maybe he could get out of here with some of his dignity still intact.

“Yes I-” Oh, screw it.

“Because of what she did to Cordelia.” Finally the penny dropped or whatever. Realisations were had by all. Or one. Stop rambling, even when it was internal it was still all kinds of annoying.

“Ah, I see. You fear Willow will cast a new spell in reprisal. You needn’t fear for Cordelia Xander I have already seen to it.”

“But-” That couldn’t be right, how could he have seen to it, he hadn’t even seen Willow since the spell had lifted. It only just happened.

“Willow can no longer cast any magics alone. No spell will work for her without a more experienced hand at her side to jump start things so to speak. After this latest debacle it had come to my attention that I had been giving Willow far too much latitude in regards to the mystic arts and the steps have already been taken to help her find her way again.” Well this entire night had just taken a turn for the awkward. Here he was confessing secrets to avert a disaster that wasn’t coming.

“Goodnight, Giles” Shuffling towards the door he tried to make it seem like he had somewhere else to be, anywhere else.

“Goodnight, Xander. You’re a good man, coming to me with this.” Yeah, but what kind of friend was he? Better yet, what kind of friends does he have? Those thoughts were too damn deep for a Friday night. They would keep until Monday or hell maybe even Tuesday. Nothing else ever happened on Tuesdays after all.

Angelus knew he needed to do this just right if he wanted the outcome he imagined, if even one thing went wrong she could balk and they would be back to square one with her trying to assert her dominance in their relationship. Cordelia walked next to him clad in Spike’s leather duster, something it had taken an order to gain, as he led her towards the back of the local theatre. Time to put on a play of his own.

Entering the nearly abandoned building the only thing showing at that time of night was a marathon of Star Trek films set to build hype for the next installment of the franchise, unfortunately for Sunnydales local theatre most of nerd culture had learned to stay in after dark so the only customers were three lonely boys who just wanted to lose themselves in a world far away. Even the ticket taker had left on an extended break leaving the building open for anyone to walk in.

Jumping up on the stage where the screen sat Angelus began to talk to the stunned boys in a boisterous tone usually reserved for carnivals and circus promoters.

“Hello, boys. I know you’re busy with this drivel, but I was hoping to enlist your help with something. You see my lovely little Vixen here has been a bad, bad, girl. She deliberately disobeyed me tonight and now she must be punished, which is where you come in. Care to help me punish her.” The whole time he spoke he was gesturing towards Cordelia where she stood before him, head bowed and body covered. Not that it detracted from her beauty, if anything her submissive attitude simply screamed out to be taken.

“What’ll it be boys?”

All three stepped forward almost as though they had no control over their own bodies. They had been offered a prize they could never have imagined even in their wildest dreams and they wanted it so much they simply moved without thought. What a prize it was to. What a prize it was.

Cordelia recognized Jonathan right off, the boy had followed her like a puppy until she’d taken pity on him and granted him a chance to prove himself worthy of her cool-ness. Their one night at the Bronze together had only highlighted how un-able he was to run with the in crowd.

Beside him shuffling nervously was Tucker’s brother, Andy… or something, the little twerp had never really made an impression in either direction. Not good enough to be in with her people but also not out there enough to be a prime target, even with his love of all things geek. Tucker had been far more memorable after his failure after failure to secure a prom date. How much rejection did it take for some losers to take a hint and run with it. Some people were just better off alone.

The last of their trio of nerd was someone she vaguely recognized as having been an upperclassman during her freshman year. She didn’t even try to remember his name, at the moment names weren’t important. Actions were, choices were.

“Cordelia show them.” She thought about refusing, but she’d already disobeyed him once tonight and she really didn’t want to push her luck. Moving her shoulders gently she began to shrug out of the long coat that covered her until she was left naked before them all, her tanned skin glistening with sweat and covered only by the images of what played across the screen behind her. Hearing a sharp gasp she looked over towards the boys and found Jonathan with his hands slapped criss-cross over his eyes in shock, his mouth hanging open.

The older boy elbowed Jonathan in the ribs before sneering at him.

“Come on, you don’t want to miss this.”

“Right you are, no one should miss this. Here are the ground rules boys, keep your coloring inside the lines and you can do whatever the fuck you want, stray and I’ll rip off your dick and shove it down the throat of the fellow standing next to you. You can fuck her ass or her mouth but that pussy is mine if I see so much as a finger near it your ass will be forfeit and everyone will get to fuck that instead. Hold her in whatever position you desire but do not break anything, bruises are fine though I know how stubborn she can be. I will be sitting here the entire time but your time is with her, don’t even look at me you three. Begin.” With a flamboyant twirl he sat in the front row and she couldn’t take her eyes off him, not even when she felt the hands pulling at her and pushing her down on all fours.

Warren couldn’t believe he was fucking Cordelia Chase of all people. Her ass was tight, but nowhere near virgin tight, she probably let that other guy fuck her all the time. He knew if he had a bitch well trained enough for something like this he’d sure as hell be tapping this ass every damn night. Those other pansies might not see it but tonight was the turning point for them all, nothing would be the same after this. He could not wait for tomorrow when the sun would be brighter and he would stand taller knowing he’d fucked the future prom queen up the ass and made her moan like a bitch in heat. He was no longer just a man, no he was a god among men now.

Andrew watched his cock disappear between the lips of the reigning Queen of Sunnydale High and tried not to embarrass himself. The other guys might be used to things like this, but this was the first time that anyone had ever even seen his dick, let alone touched it, let alone sucked it. He’d even worn his gym shorts into the showers after PE. This was so surreal. Oh God! Her tongue was doing things he didn’t know a tongue could do, and it was doing them to him. Why hasn’t he done this before? He couldn’t be that hard to get a girl to do this, not if this guy could get Cordelia to do it so easily. Maybe he should go to the Bronze more and try to meet a girl of his own. This was amazing.

Jonathan couldn’t help but feel bad, he had wanted Cordelia for so long, even more after he’d watched her get fucked by the guy who brought her here at the Bronze the week before, but not like this. He’d always fantasized about how she would look up one day and see him across the quad and have the epiphany moment where she’d realize that he was what she’d been missing all her life. That he’d been there the whole time and she’d just been looking past him, but now he was somebody worthy, somebody everyone would want to know because she saw the real him and declared him worth knowing. This was not how his time with Cordelia was supposed to be but when Andrew moved aside and it was his turn he still stepped up. How could he not, this was Cordelia Chase, who in their right mind would ever turn away from a chance to come down the throat of Queen C.

Cordelia wanted to close her eyes but if she did that she wouldn’t be able to see him anymore and she needed to see him. The only thing making this bearable was the look of approval in his eyes, the lust building there while he watched her do what he wanted her to do.

Even that wasn’t enough to change her desire to hide though, to just close her eyes and pretend like this wasn’t happening like she was somewhere else, some when else in a time before everything went to hell and she became this person. Back when she was confident in herself and who she was, back before she needed him badly enough to do anything to please him. She had been once, she knew she had but she just couldn’t find that girl now, it was like she was too faded and weak to be anything like who she had been before. She’d felt her tonight, at the Bronze with Oz at her back and her Cordettes’ surrounding her hanging on her every word but she couldn’t hold on to it.

Her entire life had boiled down to one simple truth. She needed Angelus. Without him the world was just too much. The night was just too dark with monsters hidden within, he would keep her safe from all the things that go bump in the night. He would keep her safe, and she would keep him happy. Locking eyes with him while she allowed her body to be abused, pinched, stretched, pulled, scratched, she could endure it all as long as she could feel his eyes on her, adoring her.

He was her Angel, without him no life.

Angelus almost wanted to laugh at the sight before him. These pathetic little miscreants weren’t lasting long at all. One was already sprawled out a little away from the others heaving to catch his breath, apparently one load was all he could give. How sad. The little one couldn’t open his eyes, like he didn’t want to see what he was doing but was to horny not to do it, how fun was that to see. The only one with real potential seemed to be the one behind her, he’d taken his place in her ass at the start and hadn’t relinquished it since. He was the one pinching her nipples and gripping her hips, the other two hadn’t even really moved except to get their tiny dicks in range of her mouth, hell they didn’t even thrust when they came it was more of a shudder that hardly moved them at all and didn’t even try to gag her. He could hear the mutters of the aggressive one and knew if he wasn’t here things would be going across several more lines, but his threat of violence was keeping the frustrated little prick in line enough that she would only be kind of sore when he was done. It was tempting to lift the restrictions just to see what he would do but this wasn’t his only plan for his vixen tonight and he needed her in good enough shape to fulfill several more fantasies.

Looking back at her face he caught her eyes as she silently pleaded with him to forgive her, as she took her punishment without protest and knew the truth the one inescapable fact that was now shared between them, she was his. Oh yes, she was his there was no going back for her now.

Welcome to the family Vixen.

Spike could see Dru’s excitement growing as the final touches were put on the decor for their moving in party. Angelus had gotten them all invited in, minions included, as soon as they got back to the cheerleaders mansion before he’d stormed out with the little tart wearing nothing but his coat with only a tossed order for everything to be ready when they got back. Even he had to admit that this place was way bigger than their old digs, closer to their true style of the good old days. Now the guests were all lined up and ready, everything in its proper place. They were putting the final sprinkling of flower petals on the floors in preparation for the return of the party girl when Dru suddenly clutched her head and crumpled over whimpering in distress.

“What is it pet? What do you see?”

“Someone’s spilling secrets, to ruin our happy home. Don’t let the naughty girl talk spike, we mustn’t.” He wasn’t sure yet who she was rambling on about, but if his girl said to shut someone’s gob he’d shut it right up.

Ms. Calendar sat at her desk trying to concentrate on her lesson plan for the next day and failing miserably. Meeting the other slayer was a surprise, but the conversation they had was even more surprising. A Mystic claimed that she knew more about the dark rumblings of Sunnydale than anyone else, as a Gypsy she was raised to respect those with the sight and heed their words, now she was stuck racking her brain for any information she had that the others weren’t aware of too.

The only thing she was aware of, outside of the group, was the curse on Angelus. It was her sacred duty to watch over the monster that had stolen something so precious from her people and ensure his suffering. That couldn’t be what the slayer was referring to though, could it, if the curse had truly broken she would know. They all would know. According to legend Angelus was not a subtle man, if he was out he would not hide from them. Would not hide from her. But what if? What if indeed.

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