Chapter 1 – Elijah & Katherine

This story was inspired by Revenge is a Confession of Pain by GhostInThePhoto over on This takes place post 4×01 so basically after Klaus snaps Rebekah’s neck he is really pissed and decides to get even with everyone now that there’s nothing left to make more hybrids. 

Disclaimer : I own nothing associated with the Vampire Diaries everything even close to being a part of that belongs to Julie Plec, the CW, and others who most definitely aren’t me.

Chapter 1

Klaus looked around the cellar with an emotion he could only call satisfaction, bordering on pride. For too long he’d let things go, just let them slide because there was something more important to contend with on the horizon. First the curse, then making his hybrids, his father after that, then his mother, and on and on it went seeming to never end.

Now however, they had all gone a step too far. Not only did they to desiccate him forcing him to turn to the little Bennett for aid, but then his beloved sister destroyed his reserves of doppelganger blood and now the doppelganger it came from is a vampire and of no use to him anymore. He was the original hybrid if he hadn’t continued to let infraction after infraction go without answer none of this would have been necessary. Oh, well, better late than never he supposed.

Going down his mental list he counted off his… guests and their crimes as his eyes fell upon them.

One, the deceitful bitch who kept him from ending his curse five centuries before, Katerina Petrova, he’d had her in his grasp once before but let her go but now she had foolishly returned to him. For one so keen on staying far from him she had a truly irritating habit of flashing across his path just beyond his reach, as though teasing the wolf was ever a good idea. She would learn soon enough why she should have gone with her first instinct and simply run.

Two, his own love struck brother Elijah, time and again he reached out to his brother only to have his hand slapped away for another, usually a Petrova. Well, if nothing else at least he was consistent. He would grant him his fondest wish and in that granting he would solidify their bond for all eternity. Not to mention his foolish belief that he had ended their siblings led to him siding with his enemies, he had not forgiven that particular mistake yet either.

Three, his hopelessly romantic, baby sister Rebekah, another sibling who continually chose others over family, forever led by heart instead of mind. First the hunter Alexander, then Marcellus, quickly followed by Stefan going so far as to side with Mikael, of all creatures over him. Not that that particular act of betrayal had no precedence as he so recently learned, apparently his former protege Marcellus inspired just as much loyalty in her. She spoke highly of family and always remaining together but she was always the first to try and leave, to reclaim a human existence that was no longer open to her. 

Four, his latest doppelganger and continuous source of annoyance Elena Gilbert, that foolish girl had plotted against not only him but his entire family on more than one occasion. She continually tried to side with his enemies in the doomed hope that one of them would kill him and free her from his grasp. First she and her intrepid lovers had tried to find Mikael, then she had so willingly offered her blood to Esther only to have it all backfire against her when his darling mother used her life to bind her new hunter. Shame.

Five, Stefan’s headstrong dull-witted brother, Damon Salvatore, he hadn’t really cared what the fool did until he’d learned of the bastards crimes against Caroline when she was still human, crimes that as far as he could see had gone unpunished until now. He would not allow such behavior to pass unremarked upon, he knew her worth even if others chose to ignore her suffering. Soon he would learn what it was to be at the mercy of someone older and stronger, soon he would be in the same position he put her in. 

Six, his former friend, Stefan Salvatore, the man had deceived him time and again betraying their friendship and showing no loyalty for everything he’d given him. There had been a time when they had been as close as brothers, closer truly, but that seemed to mean nothing to the man now. He supposed he should follow that example and cast their past aside, it had been used against him once too often and was now worthless. 

Seven, the power hungry arrogant witch, Bonnie Bennett, while she had some power she had nowhere near the control and skill needed to truly harness it, yet somehow she managed to become a problem on more than one occasion continually interfering in his plans. Her bumbling methods were crude yet surprisingly effective in their simplicity. She had no training to warn her off from the more dangerous methods so she simply walked into the fires completely secure in her false sense of invulnerability. Somewhere along the line the mantra that she was a Bennett Witch, the strongest of all, had become a benediction.

Finally eight, his first successful hybrid, Tyler Lockwood, his first and yet apparently most rebellious who had tried to usurp his place as alpha over his hybrids. When would they all learn, he was the ALPHA, there could be no other. The boy hadn’t been chosen for any other reason beyond proximity and ties to the Bennett witch. He had been motivation, but now he was simply an obstacle that would soon be removed.

He knew his darling Caroline should rightfully be among them, she had used his feelings for her against him in the hope of freeing the doppelganger and his dim witted mutt of a hybrid from his hold multiple times, but he could not do this to her. She had only acted out of loyalty, she did not deserve his scorn but his help in seeing that such steadfast emotion was misplaced. That her friends did not deserve all she did for them, and he would prove it to her. Just not today. Today was for the truly disloyal. Her time would come soon enough.

They were all, hanging from the ceiling by their wrists in a circle facing one another with a two person wide space between them preventing any kind of contact. He wanted them to see, to hear, what became of each other. He wanted them to know that he had limits, and that they had finally reached the end of it all. By the time he was done here they would be nothing more than another cautionary tale whispered about in the dark. A warning to all that he was not to be trifled with. 

Elijah knew from the moment he regained his senses that he was in trouble. He remembered his brother speaking to him before offering him a drink, a sharp pain, his neck snapping he would guess, then nothing but darkness before waking here. He could tell from the stone walls and the earth his feet could just barely graze from where he hung that he was in a cellar of some kind, where he would not even presume to know, though it did look vaguely familiar but that could just be the sameness most places like this shared.

The burning in his veins told him that not only had he been partially drained of blood, making him weaker than normal, but he had also been dosed with a large amount of vervain making it impossible for him to break free of his restraint for at least an hour and he doubted his dear brother would give him that long to recover. He also imagined that there was a spell or two placed around the room to prevent escape in the unlikely event that he or any other should manage to somehow slip their bonds, he could feel the magic pressing against his skin deep enough to itch. His brother always did cover all his bases.

After taking in his surroundings and his own personal health, he took in the people he was sharing the space with, ones who obviously were also currently on his brother’s bad side. Not that he seemed to have any other side lately, but this was beyond even his normal state of constant paranoid anger.

Most were expected; though he was shocked to see his sister who was usually exempt from Niklaus’ wrath, what was even more curious was the absence of the delightful Miss. Forbes, who he knew was normally an integral part in the plans Miss. Gilbert and her companions launched against his brother. He had no doubt Niklaus would be taking her to task for her supposed crimes against him, but it would seem her punishment would not be the same as theirs. Unfortunately he knew that theirs would likely be very bloody and for most, more than likely, fatal. A quick glance showed him that all but his sister were awake and furious, though like him they were helpless in their rage.

“Yo! What gives? Why did the original D-bag pull a psycho and round us up?” Ah, yes, Damon Salvatore always to be relied upon to state things so eloquently. One would think him to be the youngest, not one of the elders of his group. What had ever happened to the idea of proper diction showing age and sophistication?

“If I had to speculate, I would say Niklaus is angry with us and has ‘rounded us up’ as you say to express his displeasure, forcefully.” Elijah could feel his brothers’ presence at his back and knew he was just waiting for Rebekah to awaken before making his grand entrance. He always was one for theatrics. As it turned out he did not have to wait long, moments later his sister revived in a fit of spluttering rage.

“Where the blood hell are we? Where is Nik? I owe him a broken neck, that’s twice now you realize that he’s done that to me.” His sister was obviously so engrossed in her petulant anger she did not fully take in her current circumstances because if she did he knew her fury would have been quickly replaced by the same worry he felt, nor did she feel their brother moving towards them, he could have warned her but did not see the point when he would arrive before them in just a few steps.

“Hello all, and welcome back to the land of the living, well mostly, let’s get started shall we?” He clapped his hands and rubbed them together in his patent glee he was known for, my they were truly in the thick of it now. He wasn’t holding back at all.

Katherine, having dealt with Klaus the longest apart from his siblings knew they were all in deep trouble. She watched Klaus stand in the center of his circle of victims, turning slowly, looking them all up and down before finally stopping on her and Elijah. Fuck. The one instance when she truly did not want to come first.

“Quick explanation first, then on to the main event, I have let several indiscretions pass of late. What I saw as generosity, my not ripping your hearts out and feeding them to you, you saw as weakness. Instead of counting your blessings and backing down, you lot decided to push farther and harder, well this is my response.” Fuck again. She’d known she should have blown town days ago, now she was going to pay for staying. 

Klaus was in full showman mode, which did not bode well for any of them, there were very few things that could put him in a genuinely good mood and none of them were easily survived by the people who managed to gain his attention. She’d seen Elijah tense and move to speak, hopefully to help diffuse the situation, but Damon and his overabundance of stupid beat him to it. Because that’s what they needed to calm everything down, not. Not for the first time she regretted turning both brothers.

“How come vampire Barbie gets a pass? I…”

If he’d planned to say anything else that would prove impossible now, Klaus had, with one blow, crushed Damon’s throat before squeezing his jaw to keep his mouth open just wide enough for him to pierce his tongue with a large needle that from the sizzle of burning flesh had been dipped in vervain before use. It would take at least a few hours to mend, even longer without some fresh blood to help the process along, and she for one couldn’t be more relieved. Things were bad enough the last thing they all needed was for Damon to open his big mouth and somehow make things worse. With Klaus, no matter how bad it was, there was always worse. If any of them wanted a chance in hell of surviving this they needed to keep Klaus calm, bringing up Caroline was not the way to do that. 

She felt her heart momentarily stop when Klaus turned his attention back to her and from his smirk of smug satisfaction she knew he’d heard it. He seemed to be ignoring the screaming, crying lesser version of her fine self to give her his undivided attention. Fuck the third.

“Katerina, you ruined my plans five hundred years ago and have slowly become an even greater pain since then, you should have stayed hidden.” She couldn’t agree more. In fact if given half a chance she would disappear from sight for the rest of her eternity.

“Niklaus if you harm her I swear I will…” Klaus cut off Elijah’s threat with an absent wave of his hand.

“Don’t worry brother, I know how much Katerina means to you and I would never dream of separating the two of you again.” The words themselves should have been comforting but she knew Klaus too well for that, she knew after five centuries of watching his performances that whenever he promised life that only meant that what he had planned would be worse than death.

“You see I’m going to grant both your wishes, you should be thanking me. Katerina wishes for a life where she doesn’t have to run from me anymore. You, Elijah, in turn wish for a life where you can be with Katerina. You two can even get married with my well wishes since I’m sending you to a church, or under one at least.” He made his proclamation with his arms out wide in a mocking gesture, as though he would hug his brother in celebration of his upcoming happily ever after.

No! She couldn’t go back into the tomb. Wait! Hadn’t Elijah’s witches brought down the spell to keep vampires in? Maybe Klaus didn’t know that? Maybe if they played their cards right…

“I thought the tomb spell was destroyed?” Stupid doppleganger! Elena may look like her but obviously all the brains in the family had gone elsewhere, having met the younger Gilbert before she couldn’t fathom where.

“Yes, it had, so I had a new spell placed on it, a better one, now instead of just keeping vampires in, it keeps everything else out as well. Nothing can get in once Katerina and my dear brother enter. Not vampires, not humans, not even animals, there’s also a sound barrier so no one above will hear them if they call for help and an enchantment to hide the entrance from prying eyes both mystical and otherwise.” As he explained he began to walk slowly around their little circle with his hands behind his back as though he were lecturing to a class of eager young pupils.

Oh God, they would be well and truly trapped. A witch, if by some miracle they managed to gain one’s attention can’t cast a spell on something they can’t find. The only people who knew where the tomb was were all in this room or on the other side and she doubted any of them would be in a position to help once Klaus was done with them. Fuck!

Elijah for his part showed no outward reaction to his brother’s announcement. The thought of not only slowly desiccating but having to watch his beloved Katerina suffer the same fate for years until they were too starved to keep their eyes open made his insides recoil in fear and pain.

He knew there would be no escape, his brother was too smug for there to be any possibility of their liberation. He knew their only hope would be if his brother, eventually, forgave him and granted him his release, even then he was sure it would take years after that for him to gain his darling Katarina’s freedom as well.

He knew it would happen, they were family, his only concern was for how long it would take. Niklaus had kept their brother Finn locked away for nine hundred years and had still shown no sign of releasing him before Elijah had done it himself. This could very well mark the start of the worst years of his life and he knew they would drag on slower than any of the years he had lived before.

A sudden pain in his back had him hissing in pain as the burn of a deep cut into flesh down to bone stole his breath. This was followed by another, and another, on and on it went. Niklaus was bleeding him, speeding up the desiccation process and giving him even less of a chance to escape. While he was trying to collect himself his brother moved towards him until he held his face between his hands, his twisted smile manic and frightening, he never felt more empathy for his brother’s victims than he did in this moment.

“Don’t worry brother, I am not so cruel as to force you to watch as the love of your life slowly rots away to skin and bones. I love you more than that.” With that said, his brother proceeded to remove his eyes with his thumbs. It was excruciating, he felt the pressure of his thumbs against his eyes build slowly until it split the corneas and drove them deeper, his nails scraping against bone as warm blood too precious to lose began to run down his face in rivers. The wimpers coming from beside him hurt him far more, for sadly this was not the first time he had endured such agony, because they were proof that it was not only his eyes being removed during this act of mercy but Katarina’s as well.

As he and Katerina were magically led away to their fate by one of his brothers’ pet witches he could hear his sister’s voice behind him begging for clemency to be shown. Screaming that they were family, if he could he would have told her to save her strength that her pleas fell on deaf ears, for now the only family Niklaus claimed was his hybrids and maybe Caroline Forbes.

For the time being at least he and Rebekah were his enemies not his blood and everyone knew how Klaus dealt with his enemies. He shuddered to think what his sister’s fate would be, he only hoped that if he was forgiven before her, that he would be able to help her in some way and that if the reverse were true that she would try and help him and his love.

As everyone watched Katherine and Elijah being dragged behind a hybrid and listened to Rebekah’s pleas that were being ignored entirely they all exchanged similar looks of fear and thought the same thing, one word that encompassed the entire situation.


They were all fucked, because Klaus was done playing games. 

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