Another World (Complete)

Summary : After Sookie’s death Eric would try anything even Fae magic to see her again. When he’s given the chance at a fresh start he realizes he can do it all again and do it better in another world.

Complete : 28,860

Chapter 1 – A New World in My View (3,728)

Chapter 2 – First Date (6,311)

Chapter 3 – A Walk in the Park (5,639)

Chapter 4 – Dancing in the Rain (3,553)

Chapter 5 – A Talk with Gran (3,982)

Chapter 6 – Tara (4,297)

Chapter 7 – Long Live the Queen (1,356)

4 thoughts on “Another World (Complete)

  1. Great job on this! I’m happy that you decided to start your own blog because and their ridiculous problems. Gran going to Fangtasia to talk to Eric and give him advice was great. It’s sad that she died soon after but it does give a leadway to Eric and Sookie living together and I’m anxious for the sequel to see what happens with them as well as Bill, QSA, and everything else. I do have a suggestion for you though. I know that you are still learning the ropes for the site, but I do suggest that instead of publishing a complete fic as a whole you should publish each chapter separately. Most people don’t have the time to read a whole fic in one sitting so it would be easier if you broke it up into chapters so that we could just click on whatever chapter we left off on instead of scrolling the the entire fic to find the last part we read. Just a suggestion though. Congrats on you’re new blog!!


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