Daina Stackhouse Series

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Summary  – When Sookie’s telepathic cousin comes to town she decides that she needs to help Sookie find the right guy for her. With vampire interference, human hatred, a trip to Dallas, and her cousin’s own stubborn pride that proves to be harder than she first thought. Luckily she knows the perfect Viking for the job.

Relationship(s) – Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse; Godric/Daina (OC) 

Characters – Eric Northman; Sookie Stackhouse; Godric; Daina (OC); Bill Compton; Jessica Hamby; Lorena Krasiki; Isobel; Stan; Jason Stackhouse

Tag(s) – Setting Sookie straight; help is on the way; Sassy back and forth; Family Feels

Summary – These are some Deleted Scenes for What About Now, or really just that Universe. There were several things I wished to do with Daina that I just never got around to, or I chose to go another way with it.

Relationship(s) – Daina (OC)/Godric; Sookie/Eric; Sookie/Bill

Characters – Daina (OC); Sookie Stackhouse; Bill Compton; Eric Northman; Godric; Jason Stackhouse; Gran; Hadley

Tag(s) – One-shots; Deleted Scenes; Outtakes; Random Scenes of the Daina Stackhouse Universe

Long Road Home Banner

Summary – It’s time to go home, but going home again can be one long road filled with all kinds of pitfalls.

Relationship(s) – Daina (OC)/Godric; Daina (OC)/Other 

Characters – Jason Stackhouse; Sookie Stackhouse; Eric Northman; Godric; Bill Compton; Jessica Hamby

Tag(s) – Dialogue Heavy; Lots of Sarcasm; Family Drama; Sexual Content

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