Chapter 3 – Meeting you, meeting me

Chapter 3


“Who are you?”

Destiny kept her place between this stranger, vampire, and her ‘meal’ for the night. She knew all about vampires of this world, and knew he would not leave the girl alive if he did begin to feed on her, and she didn’t want that. No matter what else she was, the girl seemed very nice, and she didn’t want her death on her conscience.

He was rather good looking, with his short brown hair and sexy confident smirk. He dressed differently from the others around them, her increased hearing picked up the word ‘retro’ in reference to him many times from the different conversations about him between the couples surrounding them.

She hadn’t been around long enough to place people just by their voice but his was different enough from the others that she knew he wasn’t from here. His eyes were the lightest and warmest brown she had ever seen, and they seemed to be filled with the light of his own amusement.

“Not sharing then? Well, I guess the real question would be who are you? Cause I have to tell you darling I’ve been wandering around this world for a number of years now and I can honestly say I have never met anyone like you before.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?” She found herself relaxing slightly when he stayed in his same spot, not moving even an inch towards her.

“Could be, did you want it to be?”

“Who says I wanted anything?” The only thing she really wanted was to be free of this place, she didn’t want to linger in this club surrounded by humans for any longer than she needed to. Not after her feed had been interrupted when she’d only barely begun.

“Well not to brag or anything but it’s been said that I am kind of irresistible to the average female.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing we’ve already established that I’m not average isn’t it.”

Seeing an opportunity to get the girl to safety she took it, even if it would mean talking to this person for a while. Turning back to the girl she captured her gaze once more.

“Everything’s fine, you stepped outside for some air and passed out when you came to your neck was bleeding so you decided to catch a cab to the nearest hospital, you’ll text your friend once you get there so she doesn’t worry. You won’t remember meeting me or anything that happened after.”

“I won’t remember you.”

She watched the girl stagger away for a moment before she was lost in the crowd her mind racing the whole time, what was she going to do now. Turning back to the man she went through all of her options, she could fight, she could run, or she could temporarily surrender.

“Who I am is none of your concern so I suggest you go your way and I’ll go mine, then we can both enjoy the rest of our nights.” It was at least worth a shot, she didn’t think he would go for it he seemed far too intrigued by her to just walk away now, but a girl could try.

“I don’t think so sweetheart, you see it’s been quite some time since anyone caught my interest quite like you have, hell what am I saying, no one’s ever caught my interest like you before. So here’s my counter offer, how about you and I go find us a table in a dark corner somewhere and talk hmmm. It doesn’t even have to be here, if you prefer it there’s a coffee shop open twenty four seven just down the block, better lighting, not to mention less people. So what do you say?”

What else could she say? She could kill him, easily, but she was trying not to make waves here, at least not until she understood how everything worked. There really only was one option left to her.

“Lead the way.”

“That a girl. What’s your name then? I don’t usually ask, but you’re something of a special circumstance all your own aren’t you.” Arrogant much?

“Destiny, my name is Destiny.”

“Nice to meet you Destiny, my name is Lawson, and I can tell you and I are going to be such good friends already.”

“Yeah, I just bet.”

Destiny took another sip of the black bitter liquid called “coffee”, and tried not to grimace. Between the tacos and the coffee she was surprised anyone ate anything here. Deciding she had had enough she slid the cup towards the center of the table and waited for the questions she knew would come.

“So I gotta ask, what exactly are you?” Of course that would be the first question, she should have expected as much.

“I am none of your concern. Next question.” Come on, move on, she did not think a discussion about her two vampire parents would go over well when in the company of a vampire. Especially one so young. She hadn’t noticed in the bar surrounded by so many others but he couldn’t be more than fifty or sixty years dead. Baby vamps were not on her list of confidants.

“No seriously.” Of course seriously, why would he assume she thought he was joking? Then it struck her, he was using slang. Well two could play that game. She might not have been in this world long but she had picked up quite the vocabulary so far in her efforts to better fit in with her surroundings.

“Seriously, I’m not answering that question so you might as well move on.”

“Why not?” He looked so earnest and curious she almost relented, almost.

“Let me put it to you like this. I agreed to come here and let you ask me questions I never said my life would be an open book you could flip through at will. I’m not telling so just move on or we’re done here and I walk out.” She raised an eyebrow daring him to make the wrong decision, she’d seen Cordelia do it to Angel and was fairly certain from his reaction that her imitation was spot on.

“Touchy, touchy, alright then moving on. If you won’t tell me what you are could you maybe tell me what you’re doing?” What kind of a question was that? One that deserved a special kind of an answer she supposed.

“I don’t understand? We’re sitting here while I drink a rather vile beverage and having a stilted conversation. Careful or I might start to think you aren’t paying attention.” She knew she was being a little bitchy, making him spell everything out, but he started it so she felt justified.

“No I mean why are you in L.A., granted I haven’t been here for very long only a few years really, but even I know you’re not a local so why are you here?” Oh if he only knew just how much of a “local” she was.

“I was born here in L.A. I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back now.” There that should be vague enough for him to draw his own conclusions. “Now if we’re done here I have to find somewhere to sleep soon.”

As she pushed up from the table she felt his hand encircle her wrist holding her in place. Normally she would have simply ripped his hand off for presuming to touch her, but she had been doing so well since this whole conversation began she didn’t want to end it on such a violent note. At least not without a real reason.

“You know I have a place that can offer shelter from the light, if you don’t mind sharing that is.”

Her mind came up with a million and one reasons to refuse his offer out of hand and one big reason to accept. She really didn’t want to be alone.

“Yeah, sure, alright then. Lead the way.”

“You know I’m starting to sense a pattern here. Not that I mind always taking the lead, but when do you start contributing to this relationship?” His smirk of confidence was infectious and she found herself returning it with a grin of her own.

“Oh, it’s a relationship is it?” His next words were spoken so low that if she’d been anything other than what she was she wouldn’t have heard him at all.

“Could be.”

Cordelia knew that Angel was worried about Connor and Destiny, his normal broody-ness was twice as dark, but she also knew there was nothing he could do for them at the moment. Connor didn’t trust them at all, and Destiny only trusted them as far as she had to for now.

“Angel, you have to stop moping about this, she’ll be back tomorrow, you can see her then.”

“I’m not worried about tomorrow Cordy, I’m worried about tonight. Neither of them know a whole hell of a lot about our world and now they’re both just wandering around in it after dark with little to no cash and no plan at all. What if something happens to them?” He sounded so much like a worried parent it broke her heart, she had to get him to snap out of this, it wasn’t healthy. They would be fine!

“Angel! Would you listen to yourself? They survived years in a hell dimension, I doubt one night in L.A. will do them any permanent damage.” She did her best to hide her own anxiety about the matter, knowing it wouldn’t help things at all to show her worry.

She was beyond confident that the both of them would be able to survive L.A. after dark, if she was honest she was a little more worried about the other people knocking around out there who might bump into them. They were raised in a hell dimension by their fathers worst enemy after all. Who knew what they could be getting up to.

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