Chapter 11 – Of Madness and Men

Chapter 11

The weekend spent with his Vixen was amazing, she was always so insatiable, so eager to please him. They had done nothing but feed and fuck for hours on end, sometimes she wanted to talk about a few trivial things, and depending on the subject he even allowed it on occasion. She was beginning to really confide in him, see him as her salvation, it was hilarious.

She’d told him about the MISSING flyers she’d found in her car, she was nervous because the last seen date was this coming Monday. She’d gone through plan after plan with him, in between bouts of fucking, for what to do. He’d convinced her to just go to school like she would any other day, she was safest in public after all.

Drusilla had told him that things were going to change in the coming days, that the naughty little witch was going to get her magic on. Come tomorrow his Vixen was going to be forever changed, in his favor. So tonight he was going to make the most of her.

He watched her as she slowly began to strip as she swayed to the music. Her every movement sensual and seductive. His private little dancer. She rivaled Darla in her ability to get him hard with little more than a look and a smile. He couldn’t wait until she was all his, until Angel was no more than a distant memory for them both.

As she straddled him, her eyes bright with wanton need, he ran his hand up her thigh towards her pussy to feel her readiness. Dancing for him got her soaking, then again he’d noticed that simply making him want her made her that way. Thrusting up he buried himself in her hot core for the fifth time that night alone.

“Ride me.”

As he watched her move up and down, her rhythm frantic and needy he smiled.

“Don’t cum until I let you.”

That was something else he’d noticed, and admired, about his little vixen slut. She loved being told what to do in bed, being commanded by her master. Which came in real handy since he loved commanding her.


No! Cordelia sat in the library waiting for Giles to start the new lecture, he’d told her that they were almost to the end of the big moments of Angelus’s life, if she wanted they could move on to Angel after, but she didn’t know if that would be crossing a line or not. At the moment she couldn’t even think straight.

Angel hadn’t let her cum all night long, even this morning when she tried to plead for mercy by blowing him in the shower he just smiled and called her a good girl. She was wound so tightly she just knew she was going to explode, but no matter how uncomfortable she was she would not miss a word of this. Giles was going to tell her about Drusilla today, finally, she was going to pay attention damn it.

“Drusilla is widely viewed, in the demon community, as Angelus’ masterpiece. A testament to his unlimited artistry in the art of torture. It’s said that it actually was not Angelus himself who targeted Drusilla from the beginning, but Darla. That she found a young pure woman and gifted her life to Angelus as a sort of present in 1860, by this point Darla and Angelus had been together for over a century.

“Drusilla had a prophetic paranormal ability while she was human, she could see the future, and that only intrigued Angelus more. “

“She could see the future? Handy.” Why couldn’t she do something like that, maybe if she could she would have seen this sick bastard stalking her coming from a mile off and been able to veer out of his path. Then again, being able to see shit coming hadn’t really helped Drusilla at all, had it.

“Not for her it wasn’t, I’m afraid. You see Drusilla grew up in the time of intolerance towards such mysticisms, an ability like hers was seen as an affront to the Lord. It was widely believed at the time that anyone who could see what was to come was committing blasphemy, as only God himself was meant to see the future unfold before its time. It is more than likely that she was made to fear her gift, and see it as a sin.”

“Harsh. So what did Angelus do to her?” Did he use her gift against her?

“He tormented her psychologically for quite some time, and her already fragile mind shattered under the strain. He killed her entire family, forcing her to watch the slaughter, before allowing her to flee for her life. That horror coupled with the added strain of her visions sent her running where any good Christian girl of the time would seek refuge, a convent.”

“That’s that place with all the nuns right? My dad threatened to send me to one once. Why didn’t she just go to a friend?” If something truly god awful happened to her she knew she would go through an entire phonebook of friends before she resorted to something so drastic as nuns.

“She did not have any friends to turn to I’m afraid. The stigma of her visions would have kept most people away from her, back then it was believed that associating with someone so afflicted would cause you yourself to become cursed along side them. What few acquaintances she did have, Angelus killed.”


“After fleeing to the convent, The Sisters of Mercy I believe, Drusilla devoted her life to God choosing to become a nun herself. It took some months for her to become ready to take her holy orders, and during this time Angelus stayed away. Unfortunately this was not a sign that his obsession was lessening, quite the opposite in fact. It is well known that Angelus has a very special hatred towards the holy, nuns in particular, so her choice to become one herself only fanned the flames of his obsession even more. The day she was to take her vows to become a nun Angelus attacked the church, killing everyone inside. What little sanity Drusilla had managed to retain after witnessing the slaughter of her family was destroyed as she was forced to watch the slaughter at the church.”

Wow, she’d wanted to know more about Angelus but the more she learned the less she wished she knew. Though some of this was ringing a bell for her, a very distant bell, but there was something just out of reach that she just knew was important. Internally shrugging she knew it would come to her eventually whatever it was.

“If Drusilla was insane, why turn her? I mean wouldn’t her insanity sort of make having her live forever a bad plan all around?” She knew she didn’t understand this vampire thing all the way, all the time, but not turning the crazies of the world seemed like a no brainer rule to her.

“Normally that would be the case yes, however, Angelus wanted her alive for several reasons. One she was to be a living testament to his brutality, a walking monument for all to see. Two, he imagined that killing her would only release her from her suffering, and he was not a particularly merciful individual at the best of times. And three, I suspect, was because of all the time he had taken with creating her, so to speak. He had spent months carefully maneuvering her life in just the way he wanted it until she too was just the way he had imagined her becoming.”

“So turning her was a vanity thing?” So like a guy.

“I suppose, yes, yes it was. Angelus had carefully and precisely picked her well ordered life apart, scaring her and almost courting her in equal measure. I believe that when it came time to kill her, he simply could not bring himself to do so.”

Scaring her and courting her? Like flirting with fear? Like the guy who was following her was doing? That bell in the back of her mind began to ring even louder now. No! She would not listen to it, there was just no way what she was thinking was right. She was just sleep deprived and paranoid. Seeing threats where they weren’t, that’s all.

Angelus was gone.

Angel kept her safe.

Angel was one of the good guys now, everyone said so. Even Giles.

If Angel had become Angelus again someone would have noticed, he didn’t sound like a lay low kind of guy after all. Of course that hadn’t happened, Angelus was cursed, but couldn’t curses be broken.

She closed her eyes and let Giles drone on about what he would delve into next if she wanted to know as she just nodded along not really hearing a word he spoke.

Could Angels’ curse be broken? If it could, how would they know? How would something like that even happen? Had it happened?

Willow could not believe it. Oz, her Oz, had just broken up with her. All she’d done was tell him how Buffy was being mistreated by the world around her, which she was, like any good best friend would do and he’d suggested they cool things off between them. Cool things off, she knew what that meant, she wasn’t naïve about these things. Cool things off meant that he wanted to heat things up with someone else. Cordelia!

It had to be Cordelia’s fault that he was acting this way. First she’d put the wammy on Angel, turning the bestest boyfriend in the world against his soul-mate. Now here she was doing it all over again. She probably didn’t even want Oz. Oz wasn’t even her type, too deep and Oz like. No, she was only doing this because she stuck up for Buffy, and told her what a B-I-T-C-H she was being and this was her punishment.

Well, enough was enough already.

Ever since kindergarten Queen C had ruled the school and everyone in it, no more. She wasn’t a puny little girl afraid of her own shadow anymore. She was a scoobie, best friend to the slayer, and a powerful witch besides.

She was a powerful witch. That was it! Why hadn’t she thought of it before? Magic! That was the answer. She knew just the spell too.

Cordelia made her way down to the boiler room, Angel had made her promise to meet him down there before cheer practice. He’d let her cum if she was a good girl, so here she was. Hearing about Drusilla and all the horrid things Angelus had done to her had killed her aching need, but now that she was making her way down the stairs to where she knew he’d be waiting for her it came back with a vengeance.

“Angel?” The room was so dark she could barely see anything at all, she could make on the outlines of some of the equipment, but she couldn’t see anyone moving around. This place had given her the creeps ever since that girl was attacked last year, before then it had been a pretty popular hang out spot for anyone looking for a little privacy.

She was just about to turn around and make her way back to the top of the stairs where there was more light to wait when a very familiar pair of hands began to snake their way around her waist.

“You scared me, why didn’t you answer me when I called your name?” She’d meant for it to sound like a scolding, or at least a protest, but she was so breathless with need that it came out as more of a distracted question that she didn’t really care about. To be fair when she felt his hands start to shift her skirt out of the way that’s exactly what it became.

“Do you want to play a game?” Feeling her breath hitch she could only nod her ascent. She loved his games.

Feeling him begin to tug her towards the back of the room she followed behind him eagerly, when he came to a stop he jerked her around until her back was against him, his hands on her shoulders shoving her upper body forward until her hands gripped the cold wet metal pipes just above her head.

The silky feel of her panties falling down her leg made her moan.

“Eager?” She could hear the laughter in his voice but she didn’t care. Not then. All she cared about was how close she was to him. The feel of his fingers ghosting over her aching flesh as he spread her juices down her thighs.

“I want to feel you inside me. Please!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel me, every inch of me. Which should I fuck first? Ass or pussy?” His hands continued to roam over her lower half, dipping and spreading her.

“Whichever you want, please, I’m yours. Take me!” Feeling his hands roam higher she almost screamed her frustration. As her low cut blouse was pulled down over her breasts he pressed his mouth against her ear.

The steam from the hot pipes in front of her began to make her sweat and pant. Though that probably had more to do with the hot vampire behind her.

“Every game should have rules, here are mine. You don’t get anything you don’t beg for. You don’t ask me to stop, if you do it’s game over. You don’t cum without my permission, if you do you will be punished. Do you still want to play baby?”

“Mmmm yes! Play with me.” Tightening her grip on the pipes she rubbed her thighs together for emphasis.

Thrusting into her ass, the force of his movements rocked her body forward until she almost touched the scorching pipe in front of her.


“You like it don’t you? Being fucked here and now, with so many people just beyond that door. One scream a little too loud and one of them could come down here to see if you needed help, then what would you do? Would you try to explain? Or would you be so far gone you would just keep begging for my cock? Hmmmm? Do you want my cock, slut?”

“Yes! Please give it to me harder.” Her vision was blurred with unshed tears, her breath catching in her throat until she felt like she was dying. More!

His next thrust rocked her so hard her nipples brushed against the heated pipe, the pain ripping through her body, but lost in the pleasure of her wanton need.


“Please what? Say it.” His thrusts began to slow, and she began to weep. No! Not again! She needed this.

“Please fuck my ass, make me cum like only you can!”

“Cum for me, let me hear you!”


Willow sat in her room, her anger keeping her tears at bay. Life had been perfect before she ruined everything, like she always did. She’d had a boyfriend, a happy best friend, everything had been great. Then she went and put her claws so deep into Angel that she’d made him doubt everything. Then she’d turned on the water works and made Giles and Oz switch to her side. It just wasn’t fair! She was in the wrong and still everyone took her side.

Not anymore!

She’d found the spell by accident months ago, she hadn’t understood what it was meant for then, now she knew it was meant for situations just like this. It was meant for greedy, boyfriend stealing, bitches. It was meant for Queen C!

This would fix everything, it would make everything go back to the way it was, back to when the world was still sane and made sense. Back to when everyone could see Cordelia for what she really was, a jealous skank.

Cordelia was making a few final adjustments to her outfit, she couldn’t go back upstairs looking like she’d just had some of the best sex of her life. It might be true, but she didn’t want to advertise with Snyder roaming the halls even after hours. Honestly the little troll seemed to have no life at all.

She was more than a little uncomfortable for the moment, her bra was rubbing against the burns she’d gotten in some very sensitive areas, but she wouldn’t change this for the world. Angel had been a little rough, but she was okay with that, it just showed how much he cared about her. She still wasn’t stupid enough to think that he loved her, but the fact that he didn’t feel he needed to coddle her or to hide his baser desires from her said he at least cared enough to be honest with her.

She couldn’t believe that she’d even thought he was Angelus again. Sure there were some similarities between what happened to Drusilla and what was being done to her, but that could mean anything. It could just be basic stuff that every psycho creep tried out, like a part of the stalker how-to guide or something. Still.

“Angel can I ask you a question?” Why? Why did she ask that? Now she’d have to follow through with this. Not that she was shy or anything, but if he wasn’t going back to Buffy on his own she didn’t exactly want to give him a nudge in that direction. Nudge hell this would be an all out shove, if she was wrong.


“Do you promise to be honest?”

“Just ask me Cordelia.” Okay, he didn’t sound all that annoyed, more like any guy would when a girl starts asking questions before the post orgasm glow can dim down on its own.

“Okay so this is going to sound real strange, but I’ve been having Giles tell me a little bit about you. Not you you, but the old you. Don’t blame Giles I totally like blackmailed him into it or whatever, after that whole scoobie meeting disaster I realized I didn’t know a thing about you, which didn’t seem right considering how often you’d seen me naked by that point. Well anyway today Giles told me what happened between you and Drusilla and I noticed some, things. So my question.” Looking up from where she’d been staring at the floor since her little impromptu speech began she saw she had his undivided attention. He was staring at her just waiting for her to finish.

How could she though? What was the best way of asking the guy you’re sleeping with, hell the guy you just had sex with, if he was really his own evil twin? She supposed she could ask about the one major, easy, difference between Angel and Angelus.

“What’s your name?”

As she asked she felt a wave of pure power wash over her. Her mind began to jumble and blur, but she was sure before she lost her grip on everything that she heard his answer.


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