Chapter 6 – Library Aide

chapter 6



Cordelia could not believe it. She knew Giles had some pull in the school, he did keep the scoobies out of trouble no matter how many classes they skipped after all, but this was ridiculous. He had used his powers to have her transferred out of her last period computer class and now she was told by the guidance counselor that she was to instead report to the library for study hall every day.

What the hell?

What was she supposed to do in the library, every day, for an hour? The only things in the Library everyday were books and Giles, and of course those idiots. Was this a set up? Another ambush? Or was he just trying to make her give up and come back into the loser club like all was forgiven? Cause if he did he was in for a very rude response to that! Oh well, no use asking herself about it when there was an easier way to figure it all out. Squaring her shoulders she flipped her hair once for good measure and finally stepped into Giles domain. She would make the most of this, what ever the hell this was.

Giles knew that Miss Chase was standing outside the library doors for some time, likely making sure none of her true emotions were on display before she entered. He’d noticed long ago that, that particular young woman wore a kind of emotional armor wrapped around herself that most adults would envy. Honestly, after the past few weeks he couldn’t even blame her for needing to take a moment before entering what to her must seem like enemy territory.

He had always thought of the library as his domain, his arena if you will, but to Cordelia and indeed to the other students it must appear more to belong to Buffy than himself. He had begun to notice it more and more of late. Buffy was a queen and his library was her throne room. The place where she reigned supreme and doled out praise or abuse as she saw fit to those either brave enough of foolish enough to engage her here. She behaved as though her presence in his arena made her invincible, as though there was no mischief she could start here that he could not end before it reached Snyder’s ears. Unfortunately, he also observed of his own behavior that she had true reasons to believe that fact, simply put it had always been true in the past.

Well no longer, he would not withdraw all of his protections at once of course, that would be tantamount to sending a knight into battle with armor made of paper. They would still perceive the presence of the protection and would act accordingly not knowing it was truly gone until far too late. No he would start by being more forceful in his authority over them all, no longer letting them get away with certain behaviors because of their age or any emotions he may feel for them.

Yes, they were like his children but unlike a true parent he had not enforced his authority and had in fact allowed himself to be swayed by emotions and sentiment far too often. The result of such weakness had been that now everyone had fallen to taking sides and the once tightknit group were now enemies in a silent war of hormones and perceived grievances.

Of course he’d made sure that none of her enemies were present for her arrival. Buffy and the others didn’t even know what he’d done by transferring Cordelia into his care for the final hour of her studies. Hopefully all would go well and no one would have to ever know his true motives for the change.

Hearing the doors swing open and the distinctive click of high heels he turned towards his new visitor prepared to do battle himself. He would do everything in his power to keep Cordelia Chase from further harm, with or without her consent.

“Ah, Cordelia good you’ve arrived, let’s get started shall we?”

She could not believe it! She, Cordelia Chase, was shelving books like she freaking worked here or something. Sure, Giles had called her a library aide but it boiled down to one thing, she was free labor. She’d started to just refuse to do anything and to just sit out front at the table until the bell rang and she was free, but that would mean interacting with the scoobies when they showed, not to mention she would have to endure more than one lecture from Giles, and she just wasn’t in the mood to deal with their stupid muttering about her right now. She would just finish with the books that had been shoved into her hands and then she would go back to that small table she found at the back of the stacks and she would just sit there and wait for this nightmare to be over.

She needed to sit down and think, there had to be a way out of this after all, it wasn’t like Giles was Snyder or anything. There had to be a way to get out of here and back into her computer class. She was no ones hired help.

Angelus came into the library through the back of the stacks as always, it was both private and had the added advantage of having easy access from the tunnels beneath the school he used to travel during the day. The school day was almost over and he was going to stir the pot a little more by interacting with Cordelia and Buffy together for the first time since the slayer got off watching him take Cordelia over and over again their first time together. If everything went as planned by the end of the scooby meeting he would have one sexually frustrated slayer and one revved and ready vixen. He was so caught up in his thoughts about what was to come that he almost didn’t see Cordy sitting at a small table in a dark corner in the back of the stacks. In fact if he hadn’t smelled her sweet scent he might have breezed right past her.

What was she doing back here? Alone.

“Cordelia?” He watched her jump a little at the sound of his voice and he couldn’t help the little shiver that went down his spine at the reaction. His presents were really getting to her. It was always so hard to tell with Cordelia, she was so strong she hadn’t broken down around him once yet. It was slightly gratifying to see that she was at least a little on edge when she was alone in the dark.

“Angel? What are you doing here?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Giles called and asked me to come today to help figure out what’s going on with your … situation. What are you doing sitting back here in the dark?” He’d given the watcher a number to contact him on back when he was still burdened with the soul, and now it had paid off. He knew Angel would be called in to help eventually, it was only a matter of time.

“It’s not that dark back here.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Well, Giles had my classes switched so that I’m his library aide for the last hour of school so I’m back here so he doesn’t give me more books to shelve.”

He could tell by her tone exactly what she thought of that new development. It was impressive really how much disdain she could put into one little phrase. So she was back here in the dark huh, this could be fun. But first he had to know.

“And he hasn’t come looking for you yet?”

“He might have, but I heard Buffy come in about ten minutes ago. Guess he’s busy.”


“Cordelia, would you like to play a little game?”

He watched her eyes dilate in lust at his question, she was thinking about the game he’d played with her last night. As he watched the shiver of desire roll through her whole body he knew what her answer would be. The only answer there could be really.

“What do you want me to do?”

He didn’t say anything, he just began to run his hands up her smooth silky legs, catching the sides of her so short skirt on the way up. He dragged it up further until it was bunched up around her waist revealing her lacy red panties that barely covered her at all. He watched as she shifted her stance spreading her legs further apart giving him better access to any part of her he desired to touch. Looking up into her lust blown eyes he knew he owned her now, completely.

“Good girl.” He watched as his praise registered in her mind, as she understood that he liked how she was acting now. That alone would cement the behavior, she would offer herself to him now whenever and where ever he wanted from now on, just to please him. On the off chance that he would tell her what a good girl she was again. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing softly at the thought.

“Cordelia, why are you hiding yourself from me? Don’t you want me to see you?” He waited for his meaning to penetrate the heavy haze of lust coating her mind. When it finally did she looked down at herself and her clothes as though trying to figure out how and why they were still covering her body from his view. Looking back at him, never taking her eyes from his face, she began to fix the problem. First pulling off her shirt, then her red bra that matched her pretty little panties and then those too joined the pile of discarded clothes leaving her in nothing but her heels and the skirt that had been pushed up and out of the way.

“Beautiful. Get up on the table and show me what’s mine.” it was a slight risk, she might bulk at the possessiveness of his words, but he doubted it.

“Yes, yours.”

She slid up onto the smooth wooden surface bringing her knees up until the heels of her shoes caught on the edge and held her there with her legs spread wide before him.

“Look at you, you slut, you’re already dripping wet for me and I haven’t even really touched you yet. Tell me, have you always been such a dirty whore or do I just bring it out in you?”

“Please take me, make me yours, I feel so empty when you’re not inside me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel real good.” when he heard the footsteps of someone headed towards them and then recognized their scent he had a new idea of a way to have some extra fun with this. “I’ll make you feel so good, but you have to beg me for everything you want me to do to you. If you don’t say it then I won’t do it.”

Buffy couldn’t believe that Giles had yelled at her about Cordelia of all people. So he hadn’t really raised his voice or anything but this was Giles, he didn’t have to actually yell to yell. Maybe it was an English thing, being able to hit just that tone that made yelling not necessary.

He’d told her that Cordelia was shelving books for him, and boy did she get a little buzz from that, Cordelia Chase working. Ha! Now she had to go find her back there and nicely ask her to join them for a scooby meeting about the creature who killed her neighbors, the only bright side was that Angel would be here too.

She just knew that everything would be back to normal now, that Angel would be back to normal now, and this meeting would drive home the fact that Angel loved her and that Cordelia had been nothing but a one time mistake. A foot note really, barely worth a mention even. Now she just had to find Cordelia and wait for Angel to arrive, turning the corner she finally found them both, and she froze. What the fuck!

No, no, no, no, no. This could not be happening to her! Not again.

“Please, Angel harder. I want it. More. I want to feel you inside me. Please.”

There in front of her was the love of her life, fucking Cordelia “slut” Chase on a table in the back of the library. Vigorously. That, that, SLUT was just begging for it too. No wonder he was with her if she was acting this way. Everyone knew that men couldn’t resist a girl who was a whore down to her core.

As she watched him thrusting into her over and over again, she couldn’t help but remember her own time beneath him. He was a magnificent lover, not that she really had anything to compare him to. But he hadn’t been quite so forceful with her, when they had made love he’d been gentle and kind treating her like something precious and almost breakable.

The thoughts of her first time, combined with the sight of the two so deep in thrall with each other that the rest of the world fell away had a dampness beginning to form between her legs. She wanted to be in Cordelia’s place so badly, and she would be again, now that she knew what he wanted she would be better able to give it to him.

Did that mean she hadn’t been good enough for him? Did he leave her because he didn’t think she would do the things that Cordelia obviously loved doing with him? He was thrusting into the bitch so hard the table was rocking with each motion and his back was flexing from the strain.

She was so deep in her thoughts of self doubt and pity that she forgot for the moment that Angel was a vampire, and just how much force he must be putting into his movements for the strain to show so easily.

Angelus was very much aware of it all though. He could smell the arousal of the slayer from where she stood just a few feet behind him, watching him. Who knew the slayer was such a little voyeur, she really got off on watching him with his vixen. The slight smell of blood mixed with the slayers arousal and he knew that he was really hurting Cordelia now. He’d watched as slowly the mounting pain of his increasingly hard thrusts had penetrated the wall of lust that had surrounded her, and now she was at a decision point.

Say something and maybe disappoint him or endure the pain and make him happy. He was excited to see what she would choose. It was a toss up really, she was very much his now but at the same time there was that strong stubborn side that reared up at the most random times. Decisions, decisions.

Cordelia wasn’t a slut, but she wasn’t a novice either. She’d been with her fair share of guys both experienced and not so experienced, so she knew when something wasn’t right. Sure sometimes, depending on the position and prep put into it or lack there of, sex hurt at first or was extremely uncomfortable. This though, this was straight up pain.

She looked up into his eyes, trying to hide her own discomfort, not wanting to ruin the mood and she saw that light of pleasure in his eyes that could only really come from being ecstatically happy. So did she call a stop completely? Demand a new position? Beg him to slow down? What to do, what to do? Maybe none of the above. She was Cordelia Chase she didn’t need anyone else to ensure her pleasure she could do it herself damn it, then they would both get what they wanted.

Angelus was completely shocked when instead of doing what he thought she would his vixen simply lifted one of her legs higher up onto his shoulder, digging her heel in a little causing him some glorious pain of his own, and giving him better access to her body letting him pound deeper into her warm welcoming pussy. He was in heaven and the meeting hadn’t even started yet.


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