Chapter 2 – Across a Smokey Room

Chapter 2

It had been two weeks since Dean had made his deal and Castiel was on fire with anticipation. Time had never moved so slowly in his entire existence, he couldn’t seem to stay away from Dean for more than a few hours which in its self was torture. Sweet torture but torture none the less.

He watched as the boys returned to Bobby Singer, their surrogate father, and he continued to watch as the older man berated his beloved for making his deal. It had taken all his will not to intervene and smite the foolish mortal for his thoughtless words, but he knew that Dean would never forgive such a thing, this man was family to Dean and to Dean family was everything.

Now after thirteen days he watched as the newly resurrected Sam Winchester continued to look for a way to release Dean from his deal. He would be furious about this if he had thought for a second that the boy would succeed. He knew there was no chance of that however so he chose to look on the situation with amusement instead.
He had watched as day after day Sam and Bobby got more absorbed in their research and he watched as day after day Dean chafed more and more at his confinement at the Singer Salvage Yard. Until finally he snapped.

“Look I got a limited number of days left and I ain’t spending any more of ’em here staring at walls and watching old reruns. Sammy you can either get your big head out of those books and come with me on a hunt or I’m going solo. I swear I will.”

He would to, he had seen that look of determination on his future lovers face before, and he meant every word he said.

“Dean we’re trying to save you will you please just be patient for once in your life.” Sam sounded more impatient than he believed he should. He should know his brother well enough to have seen this coming.

“Hey! I’ve been patient for two whole weeks, that’s like a record for me, now I’m going stir crazy. So I’m leaving either come with me or don’t.” Without another word Dean left to pack his things.

“Damn it! You’d think he’d be at least a little more interested in saving his own life.” Sam dropped is head in his hands, his irritation getting the better of him.

“Well now, you know your brother Sam he needs to keep busy when he’s facing things like this, it’s how he copes with bad situations.” Bobby seemed to be nodding along with his own assessment as he continued to flip through the book in front of him. For him Deans behavior seemed to be no surprise at all.

“You mean by not coping at all. He can’t just ignore this Bobby; it’s not going away on its own.” Sam pushed away from the table to pace behind his chair, his displeasure surrounding him like a miasma.

“I know that you idgit and deep down so does your bone headed brother. Look we got time, so why don’t you two hit the road and I’ll keep trying to make heads or tails of things here.”

“No! We need to keep going; we need to find a way to save him.” With that said Sam slammed his body back into his chair and forcefully pulled another book towards him determined to continue with his research.

“We can’t exactly let him go off on his own right now, with where his heads at he’s like to get himself killed before we can save his life.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am, now go on now and leave an old man in peace to read about demonic deals.”

Castiel watched as Sam ambled upstairs to prepare to leave before moving to look over the other man’s shoulder to see what he was reading. As far as he knew there were no texts about demonic deals on Earth.

Hmmm, it would seem the old man was full of surprises. He had somehow managed to gain one of the few books about such deals, unfortunately for him it was written in a dead language he seemed to be having trouble translating, although he was making good progress, not that it would help him in the end.

The book he had was about how crossroad deals were made and even about how to break them as he wanted, however the only way to break a deal was for the one who made it to break the contract. He had no intention of ever doing that, Dean was finally his he only needed to wait a short time longer, and nothing would ever move him to change that fact.

Dean sat in the Impala trying to keep calm but every mile away from Bobby’s made that harder. His brother just would not let up about how stupid he was to leave now when they were so close to finding a way to save him.

They just didn’t understand! He knew deep down that there was no saving him. There had just been something about that creature who’d taken over his deal, he couldn’t quite place it, but there was just something off about him.

He’d met more than a few crossroads demons in his day of all shapes and power levels but nothing like that guy. The power coming off of him especially when he’d grabbed his shoulder had been unlike anything he’d ever seen before. Not even the demon that’d killed his parents had come close to it and that had been one bad dude.

Resisting the urge to reach up and rub the new hand shaped scar on his shoulder he tried to piece it all together. He was missing something, he knew that much, he just couldn’t seem to see the whole picture no matter how hard he tried. Shaking his head he decided to focus on something else, what he needed was a good old fashioned straight forward hunt.

Castiel had watched Dean for years and as a result knew just about everything there was to know about him. Yet, every day he found something new and fascinating to focus on a new layer that just added to the mystery that was his beloved mate. Dean was his he had no doubt of that, and he would not allow Dean to doubt it either when the time came, but for the moment that was his secret to keep.

For the moment Dean thought himself independent and free to do as he pleased, he thought that until the deal came due he would not see Castiel again, that for a year he would be able to just do whatever he wished. He knew he would have to correct this assumption soon, before Dean did something he would later come to regret.

Watching Dean in a bar was an education, everyone male and female alike would stop and take notice of him as he walked by, but he found that their lustful thoughts bothered him now more than they ever had in the past.

He knew Dean was no saint and if he was being honest he liked him far better as a sinner than he would as anything else. He had watched him with others over the years enjoying the sins of the flesh and knew that his future lover was very skilled in this area. Dean had never been with a man before, which is why he chose this vessel in the first place it would have been just as easy to find a female, he wanted to be Dean’s first in some way.

He watched as a woman at the bar in a low cut top and short skirt zeroed in on Dean as her intended bedmate for the night, and felt rage begin to boil in his blood. How dare she look at what was his with such hunger, Dean was his not hers, he would not allow her to lay hands on his future lover.

With that thought came another; he did not want any hands but his own touching Dean. He knew it would now be less than a year before he finally owned his precious little one in all ways but that just was not enough.

He needed to make things clear to Dean, and more importantly to the floosy that was currently rubbing her hands up and down his chest. Dean belonged to him and with him, no one else.

Dean sat at the bar waiting for Sammy to finish checking them into the hotel across the street, he figured he deserved a few beers after his last few days. He had sold his soul to save his brother’s life and now his brother had decided that meant he was no longer allowed to make any decisions without a second opinion.
Apparently loving his brother meant he was no longer of sound freaking mind!

His little brother was a mother hen at the best of times always telling him to obey the law and mind his manners like he was some chick. Now, he had taken it to a whole new level treating him like an escaped psych patient or something! Well, he had a cure for that, the moment he walked in the place he’d clocked the hot honey at the bar and as luck would have it the feeling was mutual. Now he would just seal the deal and take her back to HIS room where they would have sex on HIS bed and HIS brother could just get the fuck over it if he didn’t like it.

He was about to propose just that to Marlene, Mary, Maggie whatever when he suddenly saw the demon who made his deal smirking behind her. He knew from the look on his face that he was planning something horrible.

“Listen, sorry sweetness but I need you to take a hike a friend of mine just arrived.”

“Girlfriend?” That seemed to amuse the demon even more.

“Worse, but I just need you to go.” He gave her his best no hard feelings smile and lightly shoved her on her way.

“What the hell are you doing here? I shouldn’t be seeing you for eleven and a half months so shoo fly stop bothering me.” He knew this thing was powerful enough that he should be at least pretending to show it respect, but that just really wasn’t his style. He spoke his mind all his life and nothing and no one would ever change that, least of all the thing that was going to end his life

“What made you think you would not be seeing me exactly? The deal you made was not of the norm so why would the following time be?”

Good point he supposed not that he was feeling very charitable but he needed to know what he was doing here.

“Point to you I guess, now what the hell are you doing here? You’re not about to get all mass murder-y on all these people are you?” He glanced around the crowded bar, mentally counting up the body count that would cause.

“And if I said yes what would you do?”

That brought him up short he had no idea. He didn’t know any strengths or weaknesses hell he didn’t even know what he was, not really, he knew demon but not what kind. If he decided to start slaughtering people then he and everyone else in here were screwed.

“Why are you here?”

It looked for a moment like he wasn’t going to let it go. Like he might insist on an answer but then he let it go making him take a deep breath in relief. If he had pressed it he had no idea what his answer would have been and if he’d learned anything about the supernatural that was no way to start a fight.

“I am here to see you Dean. You have a case and I wish to give you my assistance.”

“Why?” He might be different, but he was still an evil SOB, and that meant that being helpful just didn’t go with the territory.

“Because I find hunters fascinating. You are all such strange creatures most of you are so unlike the other humans who occupy this planet. I wish to observe a hunt up close and now I have my very own hunter, so I thought why not?”

That didn’t sound so bad he guessed, it wasn’t like he was going to show up on every hunt he just wanted to see one and if it meant he was occupied and not killing everyone in the bar he supposed he could let it slide.

Just this once though, being around the dude who now owned his soul was just plain weird.

“Fine.” Tossing some money on the table to pay for his beer he got up and headed for the door to meet Sam outside and tell him the good news. They were now a demons version of the Discovery Channel.

Castiel watched him walk away and felt his head tilting slightly of its own accord as he watched him go. Damn he loved that body, and soon enough it would be all his, until then he would spend time with Dean when he actually knew he was there, he was thrilled.

He knew Dean was assuming that he would only be coming along on this one hunt and then he would leave him alone until his deal came due, he really needed to work on that with his hunter. He left far too much to assumption, his deal now this, he always just assumed he knew the terms.

He would do nothing about it for the moment because it was aiding him in getting what he wanted but soon enough he would point out the error of his ways and teach him a new way, his way.

Sam knew something was wrong the moment he spotted his brother walking towards him from across the parking lot. Towards him and away from the bar. He had just opened his mouth to ask what had happened when he saw the man following close behind Dean, the demon who had sealed his brother’s deal.

What the hell!

He was close to blasting the guy with exactly what he thought of him but one look from his brother kept him silent. Something was definitely wrong and he supposed he would just have to wait to find out what, talking in front of the demon didn’t seem to be an option at the moment.


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