Game of Thrones

My Lady, My Lord

Summary – When Jon Arryn dies it sparks a rush to Winterfell for more than just the King. Old wounds are opened as new ones begin to heal.

Rated – Explicit

Relationships – Tyrion Lannister/OC Tully; Catelyn Tully/Ned Stark, Lysa Tully/Jon Arryn (Past); Lysa Tully/ Petyr Baelish; Cersei Lannister/Robert Baratheon; Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister; Others

Characters – Tyrion Lannister, OC Tully, Catelyn Stark, Ned Stark, Lysa Arryn, Robert Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Edmure Tully, Hoster Tully (Mentioned), Tywin Lannister, Others

Status – Work in Progress

Tags – Mentioned/Referenced Sexual Assault, Canon Typical Violence, Tyrion deserves to be happy