Chapter 15 – Rising Power, Falling Stars

Chapter 14

Giles sat in the library, the books he was meant to be cataloging forgotten on his desk, trying and failing to find a solution to Cordelia’s problem. While he may not be able to help her with her social issues with regards to the group, he felt certain that if he could somehow help her with her pursuer they would all be able to breathe easier. Hearing the door to the library swing open he stood expecting to find Buffy or even Cordelia waiting for him, he was not ashamed to admit that finding Kendra standing before him left him slightly flat footed. After the incident with Spike the other slayer had returned to her home country, presumably never to be seen again, yet for some reason she had once again made the journey to Sunnydale.

“Kendra, to what do I owe this honor?” Taking a deep calming breath he prepared himself to deal with whatever dark tidings followed the girl all the way from Jamaica.

“My watcher tells me all the signs indicate that a very dark power has risen in Sunnydale. One that in time will threaten us all.” The girl stood straight, her hands behind her back, looking every inch the soldier. Removing his glasses he rubbed at the ache behind his eyes as the weight of the world seemed to crash back down upon his shoulders.

“Did your watcher give you any details, any ideas about what this darkness may be?” It was unlikely, the signs that Sam Zabuto favored were normally only a starting place. A signal that one should look closer, to see for themselves what was beginning to stir in the world around them. Last time the tidings had been in reference to Drusilla’s rising, this time it was likely to be something equally horrendous.

“It was unclear sir, only that whatever it may be it would involve a vampire of great strength. A Master of their kind.” Ah, a Master vampire in Sunnydale, how novel. Resisting the urge to pull out his own hair he began to gather his books. He would need to send the Slayers out tonight to try to find some sort of clue about what this dark power could be. If it was in regards to a vampire Willy’s would be the most likely starting point.

Once school was over for the day he would begin the daunting task of corralling all of the children together to begin researching this newest threat. Oh what fun. Perhaps he could convince Ms. Calendar to join them, a sort of secondary buffer so he was not left to tend to them all on his own.

Angelus laid stretched out on Cordelia’s bed and waited. They had spent the night before with her wrapped in his arms, her body pressed as close to his as she could get, and now that morning had come it seemed her catharsis was at an end. They made slow orgasmic love to one another the moment her eyes had opened, and now she had sequestered herself in the bathroom saying something about a surprise for him. Whatever it was, he knew he would enjoy it, as he has enjoyed everything else involving his vixen since the moment he’d laid eyes on her.

Whatever decision she’d been forced to make by the spell had obviously gone in his favor. Hearing the door open he glanced towards his darling girl and froze, oh my, in his favor indeed. There in the doorway stood his vixen in all her glory, in the sexiest nun costume he’d ever seen. As she crawled up his body, her smile permanently in place, he noticed her rosary. Only hanging from the end of it rather than a crucifix was a small ruby red angel pendant. He loved it!

“What are you doing Vixen?” As her lips ghosted over his own, he heard her whispered words rocking through his whole body like a caress.

“What’s the matter Angelus, I thought you liked nuns.” She remembered, when she hadn’t said a word last night and had willingly fallen into step beside him he’d thought she’d likely forgotten about the revelation of his identity. This was so much better, not only did she remember, she was showing him exactly whose side she was on. She was showing him who she belonged to.

Deciding that he had stayed passive long enough he rolled them both over, his naughty girl trapped beneath him. He smiled down at her as his hands roamed over her entire body, marking his territory, declaring his ownership.

“Say my name.” He thrust deep into her waiting heat, one stroke seating him completely.


Willow sat in the library listening to Buffy tell her all about her night with Angel. Giles had given them all research assignments, most of it really being information gathering, to help identify the newest threat to come to their town. Buffy couldn’t do hers just yet, having to wait for Kendra to come back from some errand that she’d been sent on by her watcher, so instead she caught her and Xander up on the latest in the love triangle of the century.

Now that she knew that breaking the spell had caused Buffy so much hurt, if it had only lasted a little while longer everything would have worked out for the best, she regretted doing it even more now. Like she didn’t have enough guilt heaped onto her by Xander and Giles already, Oz wouldn’t even talk to her. He’d gone so far as to skip out on this Scooby meeting saying that he needed space to think about things. Space away from her!

How could things have gone so wrong so quickly? How could one little spell have caused so much damage? Now Buffy wanted her help to come up with a way to get Angel away from Cordelia long enough for them to have the talk that the spells breaking had interrupted. Only for the first time in a long time she didn’t have any answers to give. It would take a hell of a lot of leverage to pry Angel and Cordelia apart so soon after the spell, leverage that they simply didn’t have.

While they might be able to get the two of them apart, there was really no reason for Buffy and Angel to be alone together. Before they could have used the excuse of needing more muscle for a mission or something, but right now with Kendra in town that wouldn’t fly with anyone. If they used the excuse of needing his help with research then he would probably just bring Cordelia with him and even if by some miracle, he didn’t it wasn’t all that likely that Giles would give the two of them much privacy to have a lengthy discussion about where they stand now. Not after nearly walking in on the two of them before.

Watching her best friend wander away to try and find her sister slayer she shook her head in defeat, for the first time since this whole mess started she was beginning to worry about Buffy and Angel. While she still believed, they were epic and meant to be together, she was beginning to think that maybe they were going to be one of those couples that has to scale mountains to find each other on the other side, and Cordelia Chase is one hell of a mountain.

Xander sat across from Willow flipping aimlessly through book after book, not really seeing any of the information and thankfully also blocking out most of the illustrations. Yuck. There really wasn’t that much to look for without some more specific details, so instead his mind was engulfed in the tragedy that he’d just witnessed. Buffy and Willow were still going after Cordelia, even after everything that had gone wrong so far, it was like they had learned nothing from the whole spell misfire.

For the first time in his entire adolescent life he was actually disgusted by the people he’d come to care for more than family. His good caring Willow shaped friend who cried over broken crayons was actively seeking to hurt another living soul. Even if that someone was Cordelia that didn’t make it right.

At first when it was just a rousing game of giving her a taste of her own medicine and ignoring her it was fine, not that he hadn’t regretted that bitterly after the whole situation had been explained, but still it had just been normal teen hijinks. Then when Cordelia’s new found connection to Angel had come to light everything had started to take a turn for the ugly. Ignoring her soon became actively attacking her, if only verbally, even then though he could justify it to himself this was Cordelia after all, if anyone could hold their own in a war of words it would be her. Hell ninety percent of the time she was the one winning those sparing matches anyway, always sneaking in the final biting remark, drawing first blood. Until finally the spell had been cast and that’s when harmless and ugly somehow morphed into spiteful and cruel.

It was one thing going after Sunnydale High’s reigning Queen when she was able to defend herself, but kicking her while she was down and out went beyond even Queen C levels of horrible. The second that spell dropped her they should have all rallied with good intentions to help, putting this petty feud on hold until her royal highness was back to fighting form.

Instead Willow held back information, only giving it up once she was well and truly caught, leaving Cordelia in that state of limbo for far longer than necessary. Buffy, rather than helping, decided it would be a better use of her time to try and further her relentless campaign to reunite with her honey. That last part wouldn’t have bothered him so much except for how she went about it. It was one thing to talk to the guy reminiscing about the good old days, getting him buttered up for a hostile takeover when the playing field was level once more, but to sleep with a guy while your rival in down is just somehow far more cold and calculating than he wanted to admit to right now.

Now though, after listening to round ninety eight of the lets break up Angel and Cordelia war council he was once again on the ropes about what to do. Half of him was screaming that Willow and Buffy were his friends and as such he should be sticking with them through thick and thin, good decisions and bad. At the same time though a louder half was screaming that after everything else that’s happened Cordelia didn’t deserve the good guys plotting against her too.

Giving up before his brain exploded he decided to take this decision to a higher power for a fair and just ruling. Giles.

Kendra stood before the woman with two names, known here as Jenny Calendar, and finally finished explaining who she was and why she had sought the woman out. While her watcher had not known the nature of the threat against the Hellmouth, he had seen a glimpse of this woman at the center of it. Whatever was going on this gypsy had a hand in it, if only indirectly. Unfortunately, the woman seemed to be as lost and in the dark as the rest of them, leaving her with no other recourse than to go with her fellow slayer to try to see what clues they could uncover. Hopefully something they found would strike a chord for the woman, because even if she didn’t think she knew what was going on here, that didn’t mean that she truly didn’t know. It was truly amazing the things that people didn’t realize they knew until it was nearly too late to be of any use.

Angelus watched Cordelia as she rode him, her pace steady and just as he liked it, she was a fast learner. Her entire get up had long since been discarded, save for a stunning ruby angel that hung between her succulent breasts and swayed with every motion of her hips. Now that his Vixen was truly by his side, he could finally focus all of his energy on the Slayer. Time for his real fun to begin.

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