In the End (One-Shot)

Nigel sat at the table looking at the signed divorce papers with his heart filling with rage. When he had first met his darling Gabi he had thought she was an angel from heaven, sent down to soothe his savage beast with her beautiful music. They were supposed to be together forever, til death do they fucking part and all that shit. Half of him wanted to grab his gun and make her truly keep that vow, but the more rational side of him knew it wouldn’t be that easy. While he was filled with rage now at his darling he knew if he had to look into her eyes that would all change. She had always had the power to sway him with a look. He truly was love’s bitch! He couldn’t let anyone else do it either and he had a few who would too, but he couldn’t put her life in someone else’s hands.

When Gabi had first talked about getting a divorce he had denied her quickly, instead telling her how they would work whatever this was out like they always did. Over the next week she’d laid down every grievance she had with him, which seemed to encompass every aspect of their lives together. He drank, did drugs, fucked other bitches every time his balls ached and she wasn’t around (which was every damn night). He tried to explain it to her, that those bitches were just that and that none of them meant anything to him beyond a quick fuck to shoot a load into. She wasn’t moved. He tried to reason with her that he hadn’t changed and that she was just fine with their life together before, it hadn’t made a bit of difference she just started harping on about how him not changing was another one of their problems.

Every night they fought and every night he stormed out to the bar to try and clear his head and keep the violent impulses at bay. He would never hurt his wife, but that didn’t mean that when she started nattering on about everything wrong with them, with him, that the thought never occurred to him. If she was any other bitch he would have smacked some sense back into her long before now, but not her, not Gabi.

Eventually he started going to the bar instead of going home, trying to cut out the middleman in a way, no need to always be so pissed every time he went to tie one on. It was a night like that when he met him.

Nigel was never really one for the fellas, he could appreciate when a man was better looking than most, but he had never wanted one in his bed before. Until that night. This man, this boy, was more beautiful than any bitch he’d ever had in his life. His dark hair was just past his ears but it held soft waves that made it look like something that just needed fingers to run through it. Or just had fingers running through it, gripping it tight. He had some stubble on his chin and upper lip but not enough to really be called a beard. His muscles were well defined but he wasn’t a fighter, anyone could see that just by looking at him, he had a runner’s body. His blue t-shirt was just loose enough to show a necklace rope drawing the eye to his neck that he wanted to bite. 

One look and he had to have him, and wasn’t it just his luck that the boy was an American only just in the country with no one looking out for him or expecting him home soon? It was clear from the weariness in his eyes that the boy was running from something and figured on hiding out in good old Bucharest. Hell, if there was ever a place to lay low and shake off the bad guys it would be here, who would look for such a lamb among lions. He bought him a shot and talked for a minute, never letting his eyes fall on any one part of the boy’s delectable anatomy. It would be a waste not to commit his every inch to memory even before he got to touch him.

Soon enough he was offering up his old flat as a place to lay low, an offer that was enthusiastically accepted. It would seem that darling Aiden was among other things, a true slut. He understood the implications and the offer, anyone looking could see the lust and the greed in his eyes, and he took it with open arms and soon to be open legs. 

Their first time together was animalistic at best, a quick fuck against the wall out back of the bar. Aiden pushed face first into the dirty and chipped bricks, his ass cheeks jiggling with every thrust into his tight hole. Oh what a fucking ass it was too. Gabi had refused to do any of the rough stuff since they first got together and oh how he’d missed it. 

With the other bitches it was always a straight forward suck and pump, he would fuck their mouths and nothing else. He was always faithful to his wife, up until the day she called it quits on their marriage. If one of them was walking out then there was no reason to stay faithful, he was pretty sure she wasn’t. She could say all day long that she wanted out because they had grown apart, but he knew as well as she did that the only thing that had changed was who she was letting crawl between her thighs. Gabi was cheating on him, which was why he had no problems with setting Aiden up in his old place.

He had kept it just in case he ever needed to have a more private after hours meeting with someone, a place where things could get messy and the neighbors wouldn’t care. He never wanted any part of his business to be brought into his home with his wife so he had compromised. Now he had moved out of his new home with Gabi and back into his old flat with Aiden and if he was being honest he couldn’t have been happier. 

Gabi was a musician and was all about telling him about what he was doing wrong in life and how he should change anything and everything to be a better man. Aiden was an artist who could look at anything and find inspiration for beauty, but he never told Nigel what to do. Hell he never even asked him questions about what he was doing when they weren’t together. When he asked him about it Aiden had said they were both adults who could make their own decisions. He didn’t want to offer an opinion about Nigel’s life and choices any more than he wanted Nigel to offer an opinion about his.

They were perfect together, their temperaments complimented each other and so did their appetites. Looking at the divorce papers however left him unsure if he wanted to truly officially end that part of his life. Gabi obviously did, she had already signed them, but he didn’t agree. You don’t just toss away a marriage over nothing. 

Looking back towards the bed where Aiden was lounging, sketching who knew what, he tried to think about his life both then and now. While he was holding onto the past out of some kind of almost nostalgia he knew deep down that they were both better off like this than they had ever been together. That didn’t mean he had to send her off with her new fuck boy with his best wishes though. 

“Aiden, come here.” Standing up from the table he waited for his very naked lover to make his way to him. The boy was always fun to look at, he was all but banned from wearing clothes when they were both home, it was a crime to hide such a tight body from view. When he was standing close enough to touch he pulled him in for a deep kiss, something rough and sloppy a bit of a warning about what was coming. He was feeling a bit mean tonight, and unlike his wife his lover loved to take it when he was feeling this way. 

Spinning him around he forced him down over the chair bending him nearly completely in half. Giving his ass a good smack he pulled himself free of his shorts and lined himself up just right to take him in one go. Burying himself deep he let out a low moan of pleasure, no matter how many times he took him he was always surprised by how tight he was. The boy could go forever. A few rough thrusts was all it took to make him cum like a gaizer but he kept thrusting through his heaving muscles and shaking limbs, he wasn’t done yet. He kept his pace steady and brutal, this was everything he wasn’t with his wife and he needed the reminder today. This was so much more. 

After fucking him through the aftershocks of his first orgasm he reached around to his softening cock and started to stroke him back to full mast. He knew from experience that he could make him cum four times before he got too sensitive to touch so twice in a row wouldn’t be a problem for his sexy energizer bunny. Feeling him tighten around him again he increased his speed until he was just on the brink, he was so close. When the orgasm hit he let his beautiful boy milk him dry as he let all thoughts of his Gabi go. This was his new life now, he wouldn’t let his old one ruin it. 

With a light shove he sent the exhausted boy back towards the bed, with soft promises to join him in a minute. Looking down at the signed divorce papers now covered in spunk he picked them up and shoved them into the return envelope. He wanted Gabi and her cocksucker lawyer bitch to know exactly what he thought about this whole mess. 

Now they were done.

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