Chapter 9 – Tell Me What You See

Mandy walks to the Gallagher house trying to calm her breathing and stop her mind from racing. She could do this, it wasn’t like she hadn’t been a sounding board for Ian in the past, even when he was trying to get his head on straight around Mickey. If trying to wheedle it out of Ian failed, which she was sure it would best friend or not, she could always go to Lip. Mickey had said he probably knew whatever the fuck this was all about just as much as Ian did.

Walking in like she lived there she went up the stairs and straight to Ian’s room before anyone could notice she wasn’t actually a Gallagher, and just like Mickey thought that was where she found him flat on his back smoking a cigarette so deep in thought he didn’t even notice that she came in. 

“Jesus Ian, don’t fall into a coma, it would be boring without you around.” It took longer than it should for his eyes to focus on her but when they did they flashed with fear for a moment, trying to see behind her before he finally calmed down in the knowledge she was alone. Shit, Mickey had been right Ian was hiding something.

“Scoot over bestie, I’ve had a shit day.” She watched him think about it for a minute, he wanted to be there for her but at the same time he didn’t want her there at all. He was so deep in his own head he was half asleep.

“Now isn’t really a good time Mandy.” He sounded so sad about turning her away, no one ever had before always too wrapped up in their own shit to really care about hers. But that was just who Ian was, he was the boy straight out of a fairytale. Prince fucking charming, if only he had been into girls maybe they could have had their happily ever after together. 

“That’s alright Ian, I’ll find somewhere else to be.” She normally would have ragged on him a bit, tried to guilt him into letting her stay, but she didn’t want him to feel back about pushing her away when she wasn’t really there for him in the first place.

She needed to find Lip. Everyone knew that all Lip needed to start talking was an opening, so she would give him one and see what came up. Running back down the stairs she found Lip and little Debbie in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, she hesitated in the doorway for a moment before digging down deep for her inner Milkovich and sauntering in like she had every right to be there.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Uh my best friend lives here buttmunch. I’m here all the fucking time, what the fuck’s your problem?” She went to the fridge to grab herself a beer, making sure to bend down to look for something else while she was at it. Standing up she slammed the door closed before turning back to Lip and the kid, leaning back against it she sighed. “Why don’t you Gallaghers ever have anything good to swipe?”

“I’m sorry our larder isn’t up to your standards princess.”

“Whatever.” She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing she had no idea what he had just said. He lived to lord his brain over everyone else.

“Seriously though, why are you here?” Debbie chose that moment to slip out, getting out of clean up while big bro was distracted. Smart kid.

“Like I said I came to see Ian, but he looks really out of it so I came down to get a beer before I tried again.” Leaning against the counter she put the beer down next to her before crossing her arms to draw his eyes to her chest. The more distracted he was the easier this was going to be. 

“Yeah, he’s been in a mood all day, you’d be better off calling it quits and trying again tomorrow or something. You know how he can get when he’s too deep in his own head.” That she did, when Ian was thinking too much the rest of the world had a tendency to slip away. It would take a bomb blast to knock him back to reality.

“Well, I was going to try and get an invite to sleep over, my house is not very welcoming at the moment. With Ian out of it, and my house a warzone, that must mean it’s up to you to entertain me.” Taking another long swig of her beer she kept her eyes closed, knowing exactly the picture she made with her head tilted back and a bottle at her lips.

“How do you figure?” He sounded more distracted than incredulous, though the annoyance was there it was too busy being strangled by lust to do him much good.

“The way I see it you did check out my ass last time so I figure you owe me a thrill for a thrill. Dance monkey boy.”

“If it’s a thrill you want.” He moved closer to her, he was so on the hook now she could blow him over without much effort at all.

“Well I was hoping for a roll in Ian’s bed, but yours might do in a pinch.” She closed the gap between them, their mouths now so close every word was felt before it was heard.

“Yeah, it’ll definitely thrill you more than his, plus there’s a bit more privacy.”

“Sold.” They came together wildly, his tongue invading her mouth with the urgency of a starving man. It must have been a while since Karen let him slide in. 

They made their way up the stairs, tangled in each others arms, him in the lead moving her back towards his room with his firm grip keeping her from tripping over anything in their way. The room wasn’t the largest, but the bed was decent and that was all they really needed anyway. While he was pulling off his shirt she tried to shimmy out of her shorts without having to move him to get them down, they were a mess of half removed clothes and desperate groping. It was amazing. 

Their coupling didn’t take long at all once they really got started, honestly she hadn’t expected it to after she realised just how desperate he was. He was rolling off of her before she had really gotten very far at all, his breathing heavy and his skin covered in sweat. The technique had been there but the timing was off. 

Taking the cigarette he offered, likely as a consolation prize over his shitty performance she thought for a minute before broaching the subject she came for again. Maybe he would be so moved by his less than earth shaking fucking skills he would let something slip out of embarrassment. 

“What’s up with Ian anyway? Not that you didn’t deliver on the promise of a thrilling time, but he was being a real a-hole to me earlier.”

“Nothing he should be on cloud nine now that your brother’s out of his life.” He gave her a pointed look waiting for her temper to take over, it was hard to hold back when all she wanted to do was hit him until that smug look left his stupid face. 

“So he and Mickey are really over now?” She didn’t believe it, Mickey wasn’t the kind of guy you could shake if he didn’t want you to and he definitely didn’t want Ian to shake him yet.

“Completely.” There was something behind that word, he smiled too much when he said it for it to not mean anything.

“You sound sure, I don’t know there’s a lot of bounce back in relationships like theirs.” What did Lip know that she didn’t?

“Yeah, Ian definitely has Mickey out of his system now.” It took her a moment for it to click why that was ringing such a bell for her. When it did she felt like she was going to be sick, it wasn’t what he was saying it was the tone he was saying it in. It was the same tone every guy in the world used when someone they ran with scored. It was the fuck tone. The maybe I didn’t get any but at least someone did, tone.

She needed to get out. Now. Rolling over she groped for her pants, dragging her clothes on easily in the dark. Most of them hadn’t really made it off in the first place, more pushed aside than anything.

“I’m gonna go back over to try and poke Ian back to life. No offense but you’re not the bed partner I came for.” Turning away she fled out of the room and kept going until she was standing on the street outside.

Mandy was shook and she couldn’t even try to hide it, Ian had cheated on Mickey. She had no idea what she was going to do now. Mickey wanted to know what Ian was hiding, and he wouldn’t forgive her if he found she knew and didn’t tell him, but at the same time this was far bigger than she had thought it would be when she agreed to look into it. None of the boys who came before him had even even thought about doing something like this before, she had no idea how her brother would react other than with absolute violence. He could kill Ian.

Taking out her phone she pictured Mickey the way she had left him, sprawled in the middle of their couch alone playing one of his stupid ass video games, he looked so intense while reigning down CGI hell it made her mind shiver at the thought of telling him now. Maybe she could wait until he was in a better mood, but then again these days he was never in a better mood. 

The quicker the better, hitting speed dial she took another breath half hoping he wouldn’t answer but knowing her would. He was waiting for her call.


“Mick, we need to talk about Ian.” She was going to hate herself for the rest of her life if Mickey really hurt Ian for this, but she couldn’t see any other options. She had to tell him.

Mickey had never been this angry before in his life, no one had ever made him this angry before in his life. Not even Terry. When Terry had started coming at him it had been expected, even normal, but what Ian had done was so against everything he had ever thought might happen it was grating on him just to think about it. 

He needed to get to the little bastard and explain why doing shit like this wasn’t allowed, but there was nowhere he could take him. His siblings were setting up camp at his side making it next to impossible to get his hands on him. But he had a plan, for all that the Gallaghers were protective they were also really gullible when given information by someone they trusted to tell it to them straight. Someone like Linda Karib. 

Linda had a rep in the neighborhood of being honest and a real ball buster. As far as anyone outside of the situation knew Kash had been the one to hire him to work in the store as a result of his chicken shit nature getting the better of him, so as far as everyone else knew Linda was completely in the dark about everything.

So having her call up Fiona and apologize one mother to another pseudo mother was beyond believable. She confessed to being in the dark about her husbands desires and only finding out recently, about not knowing about what Mickey had done to Ian during his first shift at the store, and about how she had taken care of things on her end at the store so if Ian felt safe to he was welcome to come back to work without fear that Mickey would be standing at the door waiting for him. All of it was the truth if only a partial truth but Fiona licked it up as quick as Linda was pouring it out.  

Ian would be at work the next day, he was sure that Lip would still walk him in but he made sure he would be nowhere in sight when the day began. He told Kash to have Ian run upstairs to his apartment to grab something for him at the start of his shift then to not expect him back down until it was time for him to clock back out. Linda had taken her runts with her to visit some relative or another, she seemed to have a million of them to choose from. He and Ian would have the apartment to themselves to have this little talk.

The sound of sure footsteps on the stairs had his eyes locked on the door. 


Ian didn’t look up until he was already a few steps inside just enough so that running back down wouldn’t do him much good. Not that he would find help at the bottom of the stairs and they both knew it.

“Hello Ian.” He kept his voice even and low even though all he wanted to do was scream and start throwing punches.


“I’ve heard you had an eventful few days. Care to share?” He watched the panic flood his system just before the resignation set in. Then something else flickered across his face, it was so quick it took him a minute to understand it but when he did it made him smirk. It was realization, he knew how Mickey had found out as surely as he knew that his finding out was inevitable.

“Mickey I-” He didn’t let him get any farther than that, he wasn’t interested in his side of things at the moment. He already knew enough, he knew what happened he didn’t need the details or the lame ass excuses. He only needed to hear one thing and he would hear it before the day came to a close.

He lunged for him, taking him off guard with how quickly things were escalating. Normally they would talk a little first, he would let Ian talk himself around to understanding why he deserved whatever punishment he’d earned that day, but not today. Today he had had enough.

Pinning him to the wall he started pulling at his clothes, easily twisting the struggling boy this way and that until he was greeted with the sight of a very naked Ian. Twisting him around one more time he pushed him face first down onto the waiting bed following behind him quickly, crawling up his body to drag his hands up towards the headboard where the cuffs waited to be used. Today he would learn his place.

“You know I thought you and I had a special relationship. The kind that demanded a great deal of respect but obviously you don’t understand, so I’m gonna explain it to you again.” As he spoke he started unbuckling his belt and slipping it through the loops of his pants, the only sound heard over the harsh breathing was the jingle of metal against metal and the slow slide of leather through denim. 

Arching his hand back he held it suspended in mid air for a moment waiting for the anticipation to grow and overwhelm the little bastard. When Ian began to squirm and tug at the cuffs binding his wrists to the headboard he grinned. Now.

Letting the belt fall with all his might the sound of leather meeting the flesh of the little bitches ass was so sweet and satisfying, it almost made up for the hell that firecrotch had put them both through to get them to this point. Almost, but not nearly enough, the thing that nearly put it over the top for him though was the begging. Oh, how he loved to hear his little ginger bitch plead with him for mercy.

“Mickey please! I’m sorry I’ll never do it again! I swear! Please just stop!”

Raising the belt again he let it fall just as hard as the first blow if not harder. The red welts stretching across his ass appeared as if by magic before his eyes. Oh yes, Ian would definitely learn his lesson now.

“Did you really think you could just leave? Go around offering up this ass to every swinging dick you meet? Huh?” Stretching out over him he reached up and gripped his hair tightly pulling his head back to place his mouth right next to his ear. “You don’t fuck around on me Ian, the only way you’ll be riding some other dudes dick is if I decide to put your tight little ass there. Do you understand Gallagher?”

“Yes! I understand Mickey I swear, I won’t do it again, not ever again I promise.”

“You know what Ian, I don’t think you do understand, not yet anyway but you will. I promise you, you will.”

As he spoke he gripped Gallaghers narrow hips in his hands and lined him up just right, this was going to be so good, even the thought of it was almost orgasmic. For the first time in over a week he would be inside his little firecrotch, and it felt powerful.

“No, Mickey please don’t-” Ian began to beg once more, useless though he knew it was, he had to try. He had screwed up and brought this on himself he knew, Mickey decided he needed to learn something and this was his lesson.

The rest of his plea was nothing but a grunt of pain as Mickey slammed into him burying his full length into him with one long hard thrust. The rock hard pelvis hitting the new welts on his ass causing white hot pain to shoot through his entire body, this could not be happening! Each thrust caused more and more pain to course through his veins until he wasn’t even trying to keep himself up any longer. The only thing keeping his ass in the air was Mickeys bruising grip, as he buried his face in the pillow beneath him, unable to still the sobs pulled from his chest.

A sharp slap to his already battered ass brought his head up and his mind back to his current reality. He had to get through this, maybe if he just survived this lesson everything would get better… somehow.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Mickey, I belong to you.”

“Fucking right you do! Are you ever going to step out on me again?”

“No! I swear.”

“Why? Huh, why won’t you go whoring around again?”

This one was trickier, the other panted questions had simple easy answers that he could just repeat by rote almost, no real thought involved. This one though, he wanted a specific answer and if he didn’t get it he was afraid of what might happen next, the last thing he needed right now was another lesson on top of this one. What had he said before about the lessons?

“Because you love me, and I love you.” Closing his eyes tightly he waited for the response hoping that was the right answer. The room was silent for a few minutes, nothing could be heard but the harsh slap of flesh against flesh with Mickey’s every thrust into him. Please be the right answer.

Still nothing, at first he thought he might have said the wrong thing and made him even angrier, like too angry to speak even, but he soon realized that was it at all.

“That’s right baby, mmmhmm.” He wasn’t talking because he had gotten the answer right, Mickey was happy, for the moment anyway.

It seemed like it lasted for an eternity but soon enough Mickey stiffened behind him and he felt the warm rush of cum filling him up. It was over! Finally. No sooner had the thought entered his mind than Mickey finally released his grip and fell to the side of him almost like this was just a normal quickie between lovers or something. His every muscle went lax now that his body wasn’t being assaulted every second any longer, he was boneless with relief. That was it the lesson was done, any time now Mickey would untie him and that would be that. Right?

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