Haven Series

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Leave Out All the Rest

Summary – When Camelot is overtaken by Nimuhe Arthur, Morgana, Gwen, Giaus, and Leon are the only ones who escape. Now that they need help to gain back their home Giaus suggests seeking the aid of a very powerful sorcerer a man that he used to know called Balinor. What they find on their search for their savior isn’t what they expected.

Relationship(s) – Merlin & Arthur; Gwaine & Merlin 

Characters – Merlin; Arthur Pendragon; Gwen; Morgana; Gwaine; Gaius; Nimueh; Edwin Muirden; Mary Collins; Kilgharrah; Uther Pendragon

Status – Complete | 16,671

Tag(s) – AU; Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence; Merlin not in Camelot

Forever Lost

Summary – Arthur has killed a Unicorn putting his kingdom in danger who will help him set it right again.

Relationship(s) – Merlin & Arthur Pendragon; Gwaine & Merlin (Merlin)

Characters – Merlin; Arthur; Uther; Anhora; Leon; Gwaine

Status – Complete | 5,446

Tag(s) – friendship fic; Arthur kills a unicorn; Merlin helps Arthur even though he thinks he doesn’t want to; deep down he really does

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