Body & Soul Series

There will be 8 stories to this series. Ranging from BtVS season 2 all the way to Angel Season 4. All of them will deal with Angelus/Cordelia and slight Angel/Cordelia with Buffy/Angel peppered into a few of them.

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Summary – Angelus wants his revenge on the slayer but he just needs one thing first. Cordelia. Set in Season 2 of Buffy.

Relationship(s) – Angelus/Cordelia Chase; Jenny Calendar/Rupert Giles; Daniel “Oz” Osbourne/Willow Rosenberg; Angelus/Buffy (slight); Angel/Buffy (mentioned); Drusilla/Spike; Cordelia & Oz friendship; Cordelia & Giles friendship

Characters – Angelus; Cordelia Chase; Spike; Drusilla; Buffy Summers; Rupert Giles; Xander Harris; Willow Rosenberg; Daniel “Oz” Osbourne; Kendra Young; Jenny Calendar

Tag(s) – Violence; Dubious Consent; Psychological Torture; Minor Character Death; Season 2 AU; Sexual Content

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Summary : Buffy and Angel left town leaving a mess behind them. What do those left behind do now?

Relationships : Cordelia Chase/Drusilla/Spike; Angel/Buffy Summers; Angelus (BtVS)/Cordelia Chase; Daniel “Oz” Osbourne/Willow Rosenberg; Cordelia Chase & Rupert Giles; Cordelia Chase & Daniel “Oz” Osbourne

Characters : Rupert Giles; Cordelia Chase; Spike (BtVS); Drusilla (BtVS); Harmony Kendall; Buffy Summers; Angel (BtVS); Willow Rosenberg; Xander Harris; Daniel “Oz” Osbourne; Angelus (BtVS)

Tags : Past Relationships; friendship; past trauma; healing; lectures

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