What About Now (Complete)

Summary : When Sookie’s telepathic cousin comes to town she decides that she needs to help Sookie find the right guy for her. With vampire interference, human hatred, a trip to Dallas, and her cousin’s own stubborn pride that proves to be harder than she first thought. Luckily she knows the perfect Viking for the job.

Complete : 24,811

Chapter 1 – A Night Out (4,836)

Chapter 2 – Do Me a Favor (3,105)

Chapter 3 – Welcome to Dallas (3,175)

Chapter 4 – Girls Night (3,108)

Chapter 5 – Vampire Rescue (5,133)

Chapter 6 – Tick, Tock (3,239)

Chapter 7 – Choices Made, Decisions Changed (2,224)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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