Chapter 2 – Family Business (Hadley Spills Secrets)

Chapter 2


What if Hadley told Sophie-Anne about not just Sookie, but Daina too?

Sophie-Anne Leclerq lounged next to her pool letting her mind drift with her favorite pet between her thighs putting her perfect tongue to delicious use, un-life truly did have its moments. Her precious Hadley had nearly been displaced just the week before by a hot little number from Columbia, until she used that mouth of hers for something far more pleasurable than she was doing now, it would seem that her little darling had a secret or two to impart. Turns out the girl was blood relation to not just one, but two telepaths!

Oh the thought of them, what their talents could bring her, and if they looked anything like Hadley their other talents would be just as lucrative. She had already dispatched her procurer after the little country mouse in Louisiana, best to get to her before the Viking managed to sniff her out. After that one was locked up tight, she would send Compton after the other girl. If they were anything like Hadley they would be grateful for her intervention in their humdrum lives. Letting her head loll to the side she let out a wanton moan of pleasure, oh what the future holds indeed!

They were just getting to the good part when the clearing of a throat brought her out of her pleasured haze, glancing over expecting to find one of her pets delivering a missive she was startled to find a girl she’d never laid eyes on before. Jumping from her position on the ottoman, she bared her fangs and hissed.

“Who the fuck are you?” How could an intruder make it all the way to her inner rooms without being stopped? Obviously security was lacking, and heads needed to roll.

“Such language, is that anyway to talk to someone you claim to desire? Can’t you tell who I am? Take a closer look dearie, I know that eyesight tends to fade over the years, such a shame.” She wanted to smack the smirk right off the little bitches too smug face. How dare she make light of her in her own palace. Obviously the girl was touched in the head, to goad a vampire in such a way.

“All I see is a soon to be bleeding gash that needs to be reminded of her place in the food chain.” Just as she took her first step towards the little darling, Hadley jumped up and squealed in delight.

“Daina! Oh my God what are you doin’ here?” As Hadley rushed by her to hug the offending blonde she took a step back, letting her fangs retract as her mind stuttered to a halt. Daina? Hadley’s cousin Daina? Hadley’s telepathic cousin Daina?

What were the odds that the girl would show up here the day after she sent Compton on his first mission? Why had she come?

Looking over now she finally saw that while Hadley was trying to break the girls bones with her hug, it wasn’t returned. In fact the younger girl seemed almost disgusted by her cousin. What was going on here?

“Not that I’m not delighted to meet some of Hadley’s kin, but what brings you by and how did you get past security?” Shaking her head to free herself of such paranoid thoughts, there was no way this human girl could know what she had planned, she instead began to plan. If she played this just right she wouldn’t even have to send Compton after this girl, she would already be secured by the time he returned with the Stackhouse girl. Oh, what luck!

“I just decided to visit with Hadley, all spur of the moment like. As for your guards, they just waved me on through, once I told them I was Haddie’s cousin.” She would have to do something about that, her guards should never just wave people through, that wasn’t what she needed them for.

“Well, now that you’re here, I insist you stay, for the rest of the night at least.”

“That’s awful kind of you, and it would give me the time to have a little talk with Haddie.” Perfect, now that the girl was within her palace walls, she was as good as hers.

“What did you need to speak with Hadley about?” If it was something important she would instruct her darling pet to drag it out so that the girl would have to stay longer to sort things out.

“Oh you know, just family business.”

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