Chapter 3 – Bonnie

Bonnie tried to ignore the pain radiating out from her wrists, she tried to block out the noise and the feel of the room she was in, she tried to reach inwards like she had been taught to find the power hidden within. She reached and reached, but touched nothing. Something kept blocking her, Klaus’ pet witches no doubt, she could feel her power just below the surface of her skin flowing through her body like blood, a part of her, only she couldn’t quite reach it.

Closing her eyes she reached deep inside herself trying again to break free. A sound in front of her made her eyes snap open to find Klaus less than an arms length away smirking at her in satisfaction.

“What’s the matter witch? Feeling a bit… out of touch?” That bastard. He looked so proud of himself and why wouldn’t he be everything was going his way. His parents were out of his way and now he was doing away with the last of his enemies, none of them would be leaving this room in any condition to fight him and they all knew it.

“So witch let me see if I remember this right. Every time you interfered with my plans, every time you tried to kill me, what was your excuse again? Oh, yes I remember now you did it for love. The love of your friends, your love for your family, your town, life in general. Or maybe just your hatred of vampires. You know I thought about turning you, gave it quite a bit of thought really, I mean you can’t be a witch and a vampire and you hate us so I thought it would be poetic in a way.” Bonnie held her breath, hoping he’d decided on something else, anything else. Her hatred of vampires wasn’t nearly as strong now as it had been in the beginning, but she still never wanted to be one herself. 

If it came down to it, she’d stand outside and wait for the sun to rise. Even the other side had to be better than this.

“Then I thought again and realized I really don’t fancy you living forever. No, instead of gifting you with eternal life, I decided to just take away your magic, forever. Letting you spend your eternity as a mortal with no extra anything, kind of like the quarterback you all keep rushing in to rescue time and again, or well you did anyway. What do you think hmm? How would you like to live a life fully aware of the danger surrounding you without any power to protect yourself or anyone else?” No! She couldn’t be powerless, she couldn’t be weak. Watching him nod to someone behind her she tried to turn and see who it was, though the chanting left no doubt in her mind, it was his new resident witch. She was about to become the one thing she’d never been before. Ordinary. 

Looking around she saw the looks of shock, horror, and fear on her friends’ faces and she knew why, without her magic she would be easy prey for Klaus and if not him than anyone else in the supernatural parts of the world. She was as good as dead.

“You know how you feel now? You can feel the magic inside of you but you can’t access it. The witch behind me is in the process of making that permanent. You will remember the spells, you’ll feel the power to help inside of you, itching just under your skin, but you just won’t be able to use it. Ever again. Oh, I nearly forgot.” Getting caught in his gaze she felt his will begin to overtake her mind, she was becoming a puppet, a thing to be moved and ordered about at the whim of another. She had never been compelled before, her magic had always protected her from that, but now she was too drained to stop it. “When the chains are removed the first thing you will do is remove your judgmental little viper’s tongue, reach into your mouth and pull it free with all your might.”

Reaching up he freed her wrists and watched her slump to the floor in shock. Against her will she felt her hands start to rise towards her face, her mind screamed for them to stop, to resist, to simply take back control of her own body again but nothing worked to even slow things down. She had never been so out of control in her life, not really.

The feel of her nails digging into the muscle of her tongue was agonizing, her every nerve ending on fire the pain increasing as she began to tug at it. Her grip tightened and the strength behind her pulls grew harder and harder until she felt the first tear of muscle and tissue. Blood began to flood her mouth making her grip slip, but her fingers were back instantly reaching back to grip at the torn flesh and pull harder. It seemed like an eternity before it finally gave way and she was left looking down at about two inches of bloodied meat in her hands.

Looking up at Klaus she watched him reach into his pocket and pull out a handkerchief before throwing it towards her. Watching it flutter in the air was surreal, like her mind couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Here you are dear, might want to use this to help with the bleeding until you can get to a hospital. I would offer one of my hybrids to drive you but they’re a precious commodity these days and not to be wasted on frivolous tasks.” Stuffing the once white cloth into her mouth she stood up to leave only to be frozen in place by his voice, he wasn’t done with her yet.

“One more thing before you go, come on now, look at me deary. You will run and keep running never to stay in one place for longer than a week. For good measure if you hear the sound of the voice of someone you care about you will run away or the sound will burn your skin like the sun burns a vampire. Do you understand? You will be completely alone and utterly powerless for the rest of your miserable existence however long… or short that may be.”

Grabbing her arm he shoved her none too gently towards the exit, his eyes dispassionate as she stumbled and tried to find her balance through the pain.

“Go on then, better get started. Oh and no bringing this game to a premature ending, your death will never come by your own hand I’ve seen to it.”

Klaus watched the witch leave waiting until she was completely gone before turning to the other still in the room and did what he’d been waiting to do all along. He laughed. He would have done it during that little performance but he hadn’t wanted to miss anything. He had spent the entire time the former witch had spent clawing at her own tongue letting his gaze drift from her to her friends and back again.

They had thought to best him, to destroy him, now look at them! Nothing more than toys at his mercy, shaking in horror and panic as they looked on helpless to stop him knowing one of them would have their turn next and oh what a turn it would be. Letting his eyes lock onto the troublesome doppelganger he let his monster rise behind his eyes, the smell of her fear was sweet indeed.

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