My Videos

These are youtube videos I made, I upload even more sporadically there than I do with my stories. I only really vid when I’m either bitten by the creation bug at random or when I hear a song that is absolutely perfect for someone and I can’t stop thinking about it until I get it done and can see it for real myself. I always have a million and one ideas, I might make a page dedicated to those as well as a way to maybe help myself stay focused. These will be listed by upload order.


Song : You Make Me Smile by Uncle Kracker

Fandom : The Big Bang Theory

Pairing : Sheldon/Penny

Length : 1:15

Voice Overs :

“He is special and smart.” Big Bang Theory 6×02

“You possess an intelligence I envy.” Big Bang Theory 8×16

“So you’re like one of those beautiful mind genius guys?” “Yeah.” Big Bang Theory 1×01

Program : Vegas Pro 15

Houdini & Stratton | I Was Your Light

Song : Your Soul by Rhodes

Fandom : Houdini and Doyle (2016)

Pairing : Adelaide Stratton/Harry Houdini

Length : 0:52

Voice Overs :

“My uncle was a scientist but he believed that love was real. A kind of natural phenomenon.” Cloud Atlas (2012)

“Beautiful and smart.” Houdini and Doyle 1×03

Program : Sony Vegas Pro 15

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