Chapter 3 – Plans in Motion

Chapter 3


Cordelia made her way towards her locker with a little spring in her step that had been missing for a while now.

“Wow, Cordy, someone’s in a good mood today. What happened last night? You get lucky?”

“Please, Harmony, he got lucky.”

The laughter of her friends at her boast nearly made her feel normal again. She felt kind of bad about what she’d done with Angel for about a micro-second, then she remembered that he and Buffy weren’t together anymore so it wasn’t like she was poaching.

Opening her locker to get her books for her next class, a dozen white roses spilled out at her feet. Seeing them reminded her of Rosa which, if the hand drawn picture taped to the back wall of her locker was anything to go by, was the whole point of them. She stood frozen to the spot, roses at her feet and the picture of the maid’s dead eyes staring at her as her friends laughed and joked about secret admirers and felt sick.

Slamming the door shut she made a quick incoherent excuse before fleeing to the bathroom as fast as she could. She made it just in time to lose her breakfast. Oh God what the hell was going on? She stayed kneeling on the cold tile floor waiting to see if she was okay enough to stand when she heard the bathroom door swing open.

“I’m telling you Willow it’s true I saw the whole thing.”

“It’s not that I’m doubting you Buffy but I just don’t think Angel would do something like that. I mean he’s your guy, you two are like you know forever, there’s no way he’d go for Cordelia after that.”

The little red headed bitch made it sound like she was something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Of all the nerve. She was Cordelia Chase reigning bitch queen of Sunnydale High! Who wouldn’t prefer her to Buffy? No one that’s who! Angel proved that well enough last night. And what the hell did miss weeps a lot mean she saw the whole thing?

“I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen them together with my own eyes. She was all over him like the slut she is. The only thing I can think is that he’s trying to make me jealous and she was the first easy lay he came across. I mean it’s not -”

The rest of the conversation faded as they left for class. What the hell was going on? It was like she was in the freaking twilight zone or something! She’d planned on going to them for help especially after the locker incident, but now forget it. She didn’t need them anyway she had Angel! Which was more than that blonde loser could say.

Angelus paced around the mansion unable to stay still for more than a few minutes at a time. This always happened at the beginning of a hunt like this, he was the same way with Dru back in 1860. He’d already had Cordelia physically and if their morning fuck before she rushed home to get ready for school was anything to go by he would have her again, and again, and again if he wanted.

Oh he definitely wanted! She was amazing in bed, so out of control he couldn’t wait to truly be himself with her, to dominate her in every way. This was a long game he was playing though so he had to be a little more sedate than normal for a time, which was fine he had Dru and any number of nameless victims to vent his darker desires on until he got her where he wanted her. No, his Vixen was already partly his, he would addict her to the pleasure he could give her while courting her, he hoped she appreciated the roses and drawing he left for her today. Eventually though he would tell her the truth about who it was she was running from. How she was running from him right into his bed. Then once she was truly his he could focus on the slayer.

Looking at the clock he guessed he had about another two hours before school was out and she came running right into his arms. He couldn’t wait; he was already hard with anticipation. He needed to burn off some energy before then so he could remain in control.

“Drusilla, bring daddy someone to hurt!”

Dru was dancing around their room singing as she only ever did for her daddy. Part of Spike wanted to be bitter about the attention Angelus was getting from his princess, but he knew it wouldn’t do him any good. Plus with his latest obsession well underway he knew it wouldn’t last long. Once he had his new toy chained to his bed he’d forget all about Dru, like he always did. Then he would get his dark goddess back. He could wait, she was always worth it.

Giles didn’t know what he could have done to ever deserve this. Yes some of the magic he’d practiced in his youth made him deserving of the worst corner of hell, but no one deserved this. He looked over at the crying teenage girl that was his slayer and again prayed for an end to this torment. It seemed like she hadn’t stopped crying for days, and as with most men, he had no idea what to do when faced with a weeping female.

At first it had been that Angel was missing. Then it had been that Angel had dumped her callously. Now it was that Angel had been with another girl, Cordelia if he understood correctly. That he could believe, that girl had no care for anyone but herself, it was hardly beyond the pale that she would do something like this. Offering the girl a cup of tea, he tried to figure out a way to gently send her home to her mother who he was sure would be better equipped to handle this situation.

Angelus stood outside Cordelia’s house and couldn’t stop smirking, as he remembered the last time he’d been there and the look on the maids face when she’d finally realized that she was about to die. God he loved that look! He’d thought that she would come running to him after school to tell him about the surprise he’d left in her locker but it was nearly ten at night now and there was no sign of her so instead he decided to pay a visit under the pretext of checking on her out of concern for her safety. She was being stalked by an evil vampire after all.

Ringing the doorbell he waited for her to answer. He’d thought about just jumping up to her balcony and letting himself in, but as far as she knew he had never been invited into her home before. When the door finally opened he was confronted with a very furious woman. Oh he loved it! Such fire, he couldn’t wait to tame her. But first time to learn what had lit that fire now. His gift should have frightened her not sent her into a fury like this.

“You! This is all your fault!”

“What are you talking about? Did something happen today at school?” He needed to play this right. Angelus knew that if he seemed like he knew more than he should the game would end far sooner than he wanted it to.

“Oh yeah, you could say that. Not only did I get the sickest most deranged secret admirer gift in my locker today but also cry baby buffy apparently saw us together yesterday and is spreading it around that I stole you from her. Not only that but she and her little band of no life nerds were all beyond stunned and surprised. Apparently after the epic love that is you and blond bitch queen of the universe shared you would never lower yourself to be with me. Me! Cordelia freaking Chase! They’re acting like that bottle blonde skank is better than me.”

He was beyond furious that they would ever think something like that. To even compare that emotional train wreck of a slayer to his vixen was laughable, but to find her lacking was down right absurd. They would pay for that along with everything else they had done lately to piss him off. He wondered briefly if he could get away with tormenting them and courting Cordelia at the same time? Maybe, it wasn’t like they were all on speaking terms at the moment anyway. He could keep the two completely separate and by the time the scoobies figured things out enough to ask Cordy about it she would be his in every way and they would be too late. But those were plans for another day. For now he had more immediate concerns.

“How exactly is that my fault?”

“Because you had the bad taste to be with her in the first place, so it’s your fault that she’s being such a thorn in my side now.” He liked her logic.

“Cordelia please, could… could you invite me in so we can talk about this?” Yes, please invite me in a second time. He loved this game.

“No!” Oh, look a challenge, he loved those to.

“Please, Cordy, I want to apologize properly and I can’t do that from out here.” He watched her head tilt as she squinted at him in curiosity, he almost had her.

“Apologize how?”

“By showing you just how much I prefer you to Buffy.” He added a smoldering leer to make sure she understood his meaning clearly.

He watched her lean more heavily against the doorframe as she subconsciously began to rub her legs together to try and soothe the ache his words had caused. Oh, yeah, he had her beyond hooked. Even the suggestion that he might want her made her wet enough to tremble with her desire. The war behind her eyes was fascinating to watch. Part of her wanted to hold on to her anger and to send him on his way for daring to cause her to be compared to Buffy in a negative light. The rest of her wanted nothing more than to lay down then and there legs spread wide in invitation as she begged for it. He already knew which impulse would win, but the battle was fun to watch none the less.

“Fine, this better be one hell of an apology, come on in.”

He crossed the threshold with a silent internal shout of victory. She had invited him inside of her own free will. Now even if she did ever catch him in her home she wouldn’t be suspicious of how he got his invitation.

Without breaking stride he raised a hand, wrapping it around her pretty little throat in seconds, and dragged her to the side pinning her to the nearest wall there. He watched her eyes widen fractionally in fear and instinctive panic causing his already hard cock to get even harder. He let that panic run free through her body for a moment enjoying it before he leaned down his mouth devouring hers.

Within moments that fear became need and that panic became arousal. He shoved his leather clad leg between her legs spreading them farther apart. All the while he never took his hand off her throat, enjoying the fact that at any moment he could start to squeeze and bring that fear and panic rushing back. The kiss was delicious but he began to feel her moving urgently and he felt her movements against his leg. Focusing on the sensation for a moment he quickly identified it. His vixen was humping his leg.

“Someone’s eager.”

“God yes, I want it now, I want to feel every inch of you inside me!”

Who was he to deny such a heartfelt plea?

Freeing himself he reached under her skirt, oh he loved these skirts of hers, then he quickly shifted her panties to the side just barely exposing her sex. He saw it the moment the cold air touched her moist center. Her eyes widened in wonder and desire, she wanted more. Seeing no reason to deny them both any longer he entered her to the hilt in one thrust. Her panties rubbing against his every inch as he went. The sensation was amazing!


More begging he loved begging. He thought about drawing this out and making her beg more but he decided against it. He wanted her too much and they had the rest of the night for games, right now was to ease the craving that the day apart had created. Every thrust was more powerful than the last making her scream louder and louder. When she finally came she dug her nails into his back deep enough and hard enough to draw blood. The moment her nails pierced his skin he was lost to his own release.

They both sagged against the wall for a moment, each trying to catch their breath, her more than him of course.

Picking her up he carried her upstairs to her bedroom laying her down far more gently on the bed than he had the maid he’d killed there just days before. She was so out of it she didn’t even realize where he’d taken her, and with what he had planned for the rest of the night she most likely wouldn’t notice until morning. Kneeling at the end of the bed he spread her legs wide giving him an almost unobstructed view of what was now his. She laid there quietly still detached from the world around her while she tried desperately to regain both her breath and her sanity.

Deciding to have a little fun with her he dipped his head down and licked along her sensitive flesh. Her first orgasm had been so powerful that even now as he ran his tongue along her opening he could feel her aftershocks and tremors. Stabbing his tongue inside of her body deeper and deeper he felt the tremors grow more and more until another orgasm hit her this one blinding her to everything around her and all sensation save for what he was doing to her.

As it hit he turned his head to the side, his game face already on but hidden from her sight by her own raised knees, and he sank his fangs into her thigh taking his first true taste of her. The feel, the pleasured pain, of his fangs breaking flesh sent her even farther from reality seeming to draw out her orgasm even longer.

Every mouth full of her hot spicy blood only made him crave more, he kept telling himself to stop but for some reason he simply couldn’t. One swallow of her blood leading to the next and then the next. Finally finding the will power to pull back he found her still breathing but unconscious. Perfect.

That hadn’t been the nights plans but he supposed he could go and see to some of the others while she slept and come back later to finish the night. Yes, that’s what he would do. He had a slayer and some slayette’s to begin torturing. They would regret the way they treated his vixen, yes they would regret it most dearly.

Buffy sat alone in her room fuming. She’d tried to talk to her mother about this but she just didn’t understand, of course that could be because she didn’t have all the facts, it wasn’t like she could tell her mother everything after all. All her mother said was that she and Angel had broken up before he and Cordelia started anything, like that changed anything! Yeah, sure she and Angel had been fighting before his little brain freeze moment with Cordelia, but that didn’t mean that his hooking up with her wasn’t like an epic betrayal. She didn’t blame him of course, no he had been hurting over their fight just as much as she had and Cordelia had taken advantage of him, she blamed her. They could and would get past this though, it was only the one time after all, and mistakes like this one only made bonds like theirs grow even stronger. They were meant to be together and they would be again, as soon as he got over his obvious guilt about this one little mis-step and came back to her. She would give him another week to beat himself up over his Cordelia shaped disaster, then if he still hadn’t found the courage to face her she would be the better person and offer forgiveness before he had to ask for it.

At first she’d been hurt and had started to doubt herself. After all for everything else that she might be, Cordelia was beautiful there was no denying that. She’d actually started to doubt Angel’s feelings for her, something else that was all that bitch’s fault, but then after talking to Willow about it she remembered one important thing. She and Angel were epic! Epic did not end because of a stupid one night stand like he had with Cordelia Chase.

Angelus stood outside the Summer’s residence and still couldn’t decide what he was going to do. The entire walk over here from Cordelia’s place he’d tried to come up with the perfect first step. He needed something that couldn’t immediately be traced back to him, but that would tie in nicely with what he’d already done to Cordy. He needed to make it obvious that it was all done by the same person so that when they finally started speaking to one another again they would immediately see just how much their pettiness towards Cordelia had cost them. If they had been speaking to her from the start then this never would have happened. The added guilt and self pity that was guaranteed to stir within those do gooders would be a nice little bonus to the emotional and psychological trauma that the deed it’s self was sure to inflict.

Hearing laughter he turned to see the neighbors from across the street coming out of their home obviously headed out for a good time. Perfect.

Cordelia woke up alone in bed and thought that maybe he had left, it would be just like a man to stop by for a booty call then sneak away after all. It had happened to her before. Rolling over on to her back she stretched trying to work out the soreness of her muscles, Angel was such an animal in bed he always left her feeling every second of their time together for days afterwards. Thinking she would do good with a hot shower she rose as gracefully as possible with legs that weren’t working just right at the moment and made her way towards her private bathroom. Stopping outside the door she heard the water already running and smiled. He was still here.

She thought about being angry that he had placed her back in her own room. The same room she hadn’t stepped foot in since the death of her housekeeper, but knowing that she was about to see him again was enough to wipe away all of her anger. She knew that what she was feeling for him was bordering on the not so healthy, but she couldn’t stop. No one had ever treated her like this before, he acted like she was his entire world, and she didn’t want to give that up anytime soon. Pushing the door open she resolved to make the most of this while it lasted. She knew he would most likely go running back to Buffy eventually but for right now he was all hers and she would revel in it.

Angelus heard the steady beat of his vixens heart increase as she woke up alone. He thought about cutting his shower short, he’d already gotten all the blood off after all, and joining her again. Before he could make up his mind he felt her moving closer until she stood on the other side of the door. He wondered for a moment if she would have the courage to join him, most teenage girls wouldn’t, but then he remembered who this teenage girl was. Cordelia Chase wouldn’t have any problem joining him in the shower if that’s what she wanted to do. Judging by the sound of her hand on the door knob that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

The bathroom was a simple design really, the main feature was the shower which was separate from the bath. The shower it’s self covered the entire back wall and had no less than ten separate shower heads, it was several feet wide and had an opaque glass wall seperating it from the rest of the room. The glass wall was sectioned into two sides each of which could slide soundlessly one way or another to let you in or out.

He turned to face the glass doors but tilted his head back as though washing his hair and closed his eyes against the water, giving her the perfect view when she finally stepped in with him.

Cordy slid the glass aside and stepped through, her eyes took a moment to adjust to the steam rising from the hot water falling everywhere. When she could finally see without her vision being blurred she felt her heart stop beating and the very breath in her lungs seized almost painfully. God he was just too hot for words.

He stood beneath the spray of the obviously hot water, his skin slightly flushed from the heat despite his being a vampire, the water cascaded down his body highlighting every muscle and holy god he was amazing. His eyes were closed and with the water it was possible he hadn’t heard her come in, smiling victoriously her eyes filled with mischief as a plan began to form in her mind.

He stood there for what seemed like eternity while she still didn’t move. He thought she might be losing her nerve and if that was true he didn’t want to open his eyes and frighten her. So instead he simply waited. He knew what she saw when she looked at him, his skin flush with his recent feed and kill, water running over his entire body. What made her pause? He guessed from the way that her heart skipped a beat that she was either admiring his body or she was suddenly nervous. The question was which was it.

He didn’t have to wait long to find out. He had been so busy with his musings that he hadn’t sensed her movement. By the time he’d registered that she wasn’t where she had been before she was already on her knees before him. Oh, he like this turn of events. Slowly opening his eyes as though only now feeling her presence he looked down at her slightly widening his eyes as though startled. As soon as his eyes found hers she held his gaze and ran her tongue along him from head to base. Never once blinking or breaking eye contact in any way she slid the tip into her mouth about and inch and sucked.

Oh Lord! Reaching behind him with one hand he braced himself against the wall and waited to see what she would do next.

Her hand came up and gripped his shaft and began to slowly pump up and down, without much pressure at all. He was about to demand she grip him harder when she popped the head of his cock out of her mouth all together. He couldn’t stop the growl that built in his chest. Acting like she didn’t hear it she suddenly changed tactics. Her hand tightened on his length and her pulls became more forceful while her mouth began to work on his balls.

He was in Nirvana. Most women, especially women her age, focused on the penis and ignored the balls all together, not her apparently. She really was a little sex kitten. He lasted and embarrassingly short amount of time, but he still never took his eyes from hers. When he finally came he watched as her throat worked to swallow every drop of his cum.

When she was finally done she sat back on her heels and licked her lips like a kitten licking cream. He loved this woman he really did. His vixen.

Pulling her up he kissed her fiercely tasting himself on her lips.

“God you are amazing you know that.”

“You’re only saying that cause it’s true.”


“Since it’s friday, do you want to spend the weekend?”

Now she dropped her eyes, not daring to make eye contact. The other side to his tempting vixen, the insecure teen. He loved every side to her and soon she would know that and wouldn’t fear asking him things like this at all, because she would be sure of his answer from the start.

“Sounds perfect.”

Buffy was dozing peacefully, thanking anything and everything that is was Saturday so she didn’t have to go to school this morning. Lazy days were the best.


Her mothers scream hadn’t even died on the air yet when she found her at the front door, having raced down the stairs in record time convinced her mom was being murdered or something. At first she didn’t see what had caused her mother to go so pale with shock and fear. Stepping around her to get a better look at what was on the other side of the door she stopped just as frozen as her mother was.

There on her front porch were her neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Fitz. They had been in their early twenties when they’d been alive, a newly wed couple just starting out in life. Now they were barely recognizable.

There was one on either side of the front door like his and hers bookends. They had both been posed on their knees hands tied together in front of them propped up by the piece of fence protruding through their abdomens. They looked like they were begging for mercy, or maybe praying for salvation. Their eyes had been pinned open with needles making them stare sightlessly back at their home, the place where they had been safe and alive just the day before. Blood had welled up and spilled over like tears. The strangest part was that inside their mouths each of them had a single white rose.

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