My Videos in Progress

This is a work in progress page for my videos that I would like to do, it’s a lot like my previews page for my stories. To see the vids I’ve already complete please either go to this page or to my youtube page. This is just here to keep me on track and give me a place to reference when my head gets too full of stuff. Not all vids will use the entire song, some will be cut.

Disclaimer – As always this is all a work-in-progress so some things can change and some things may never actually get done. This is by no means everything I have in my brain or even in my to be done folder but they each are solid enough concepts to warrant being on the list. Which means I have a song, a pairing/concept, and a rough idea of what I want even if I don’t have everything done yet. (Two of them don’t have a song but I included them anyway because they did have songs when this list was being written but those after consideration were removed because they just didn’t fit).

Re-Do Vids 

(vids I’ve done before but have since deleted and plan to repost using better quality… everything)

Working Title : Bo | Touch & Go

Current Song : Straight to Number One – Touch and Go (remix/cover)

Pairing : Bo/Everyone

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Kenzi/Dyson/Bo | Impossible

Current Song : Impossible by James Arthur

Pairing : Kenzi/Dyson/Bo

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Kenzi | Her Heart

Current Song : Intro by the XX

Subject : Kenzi Tribute

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Klaus&Caroline | Can’t Pretend

Current Song : Can’t Pretend by Tom Odell

Pairing : Klaus/Caroline

Fandom(s) : The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

Working Title : Lost Girl Bo Feeling the Itch

Current Song : Feeling the Itch by Vitamin C

Pairing : Bo/Everyone

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Malec | We Found Love 

Current Song : We Found Love by Rhianna

Pairing : Magnus/Alec

Fandom(s) : Shadowhunters

Working Title : Sookie Stackhouse | Bring On the Men 

Current Song : Bring on the Men by Linda Eder

Pairing : Sookie/Everyone

Fandom(s) : True Blood


(Vids focusing on only one couple/pairing)

Working Title : Lovers and Their Plans | Andy & Sharon

Current Song : If We Were Vampires by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 

Pairing : Andy/Sharon

Fandom(s) : Major Crimes & The Closer

Working Title : ?

Current Song : ?

Pairing : Kenzi/Hale

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Someone to Stay | Dyson & Kenzi

Current Song : Someone to Stay by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Pairing : Kenzi/Dyson

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : Klaus & Caroline | You’re All I Want

Current Song : Everything by Lifehouse 

Pairing : Klaus/Caroline

Fandom(s) : The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Working Title : Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian | Please Don’t Let Me Go

Current Song : Meteor Shower by Owl City 

Pairing : Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian 

Fandom(s) : The Untamed

Working Title : Vex & Kenzi | Losing My Balance

Current Song : Savage by Whethen ft. Flux Pavilion & MAX

Pairing : Kenzi/Vex 

Fandom(s) : Lost Girl

Working Title : ?

Current Song : ?

Pairing : Morticia/Gomez 

Fandom(s) : Addams Family (90’s films)

Working Title : Roll to Me | Sheldon/Penny

Current Song : Roll to Me by Del Amitri

Pairing : Sheldon/Penny

Fandom(s) : The Big Bang Theory

Working Title : Say it Louder | Spike/Buffy

Current Song : Shameless by The Weeknd 

Pairing : Spike/Buffy 

Fandom(s) : Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Working Title : Hungry Lover | Damon/Elena

Current Song : Animals by The Cab 

Pairing : Damon/Elena 

Fandom(s) : The Vampire Diaries

Working Title : Beautiful to Me | Davina&Kol

Current Song : What Makes You Different by The Backstreet Boys

Pairings : Kol/Davina

Fandom(s) : The Originals

Character Centric

(Vids focused on a singular character from a show or film)

Working Title : Borderline Bad | Faith

Character : Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel)

Current Song :  Borderline by Vanic X Tove Stryke