Chapter 8 – Seeing You

Sheldon sat at his computer listening to the nattering and whining of his “peer group” behind him and didn’t even try to hide his smirk of triumph. They would see it and simply make a quip about how he was one lab accident away from becoming a batman villain before moving on with their conversation without further remarking upon it. They were a simple lot of sheep but they were necessary to maintain his cover as a mild mannered if neurotic genius who would be a bit out of step with humanity but would never truly do anything nefarious. If anyone ever came to ask questions they would be the ones to laugh off the accusations and make the claims of his actions seem preposterous and silly. For that he endured them. 

Their most fatal flaw was their lack of imagination, they called him a budding batman villain but they were thinking far too small to be even close to being right. Characters like the Joker or the Riddler even Two-Face on occasion were great fun to watch as they fumbled and bumbled about trying to achieve hairbrained schemes that would never work no matter the universe they inhabited. No, he was far more realistic and cunning, his goals were small or midsized but achievable and never traceable back to him. They wanted notoriety more than they wanted to meet their ends. For that he mocked them soundlessly with his success. 

Hearing the turning of the knob at the front door he glanced up so he wouldn’t miss the entrance of Penny as she breezed into their apartment for Thai food and stilted conversation. She was a world apart from the others and closer to him than any of them would have guessed even Penny herself. At first he’d been resistant to her inclusion thinking that her more observant nature would make her a threat to him given enough time but she had surprised him with her reaction once she’d managed to piece together his true self. She didn’t scream and run nor did she try to convince the others of his predator lurking beneath the surface. No instead she’d simply hid her own smiles at the quips made about him and carried on like nothing had changed. At first he’d thought that he may have overestimated her, that she hadn’t truly found anything and was as clueless and blind as the others until she proved him wrong yet again.

“Sweetie I know you seem to steer more towards your own vengeance and all but do you think you could go after Kirk for me?”

“Go after?”

“Don’t insult the both of us by acting dumb now. Slow and done well works for me I just want to know that he’s on your list for payback someday.”

“He was added to the list the day I went with Leonard to retrieve your possessions and came back sans pants.”

She hadn’t said anything after that but it was clear that she was at least aware of his true self even if no one else was. It was exhilarating at times, to be able to look over and see her looking back at him with a knowing smirk after a particularly well worded bazinga. 

Their relationship took on a more passionate edge after that little back and forth and while at first it had been animosity at least on his side, it had quickly turned more amorous. She had a way about her that tended to soften his anger and dare he say it helped him think more clearly. 

She was shaping up to be his soulmate and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. It was different to be sure but it was nice in a way he had never known before to not have to hide any part of himself with another person. 

Perhaps he would propose over Kurt’s dead body. It seemed like a very them thing to do these days.

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