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Rated : Teen and Up

Summary : Lex finally finds himself back in Metropolis but his mind keeps drifting back to a certain farm boy.

Relationships : Clark/Lex

Characters : Clark Kent, Lex Luthor

Status : Complete (One-shot) | 1,097

Tags : One-shot; Character Study?; No real dialogue

Human Condition

Rated : Teen

Summary : Lex knows Clark wants to tell him the truth he just has to find a way to let him.

Relationship : Lex Luthor/Clark Kent

Characters : Lex Luthor; Clark Kent

Tags : No Dialogue; Introspection Piece

Status : Complete | 884

Good Night

Rated – Explicit

Summary – When Lex finds Clark tied up like a scarecrow he decides to have a very good night.

Relationship(s) – Lex Luthor/Clark Kent

Character(s) – Lex Luthor; Clark Kent

Tag(s) – None

Status : Complete | 1,257

Exile Me Home

Rated – Gen

Summary – Lex never thought he would find anything to bring meaning to his life until one impulsive decision sends him crashing right into it.

Relationship(s) – Lex/Clark implied

Character(s) – Lex Luthor, Clark Kent, Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor

Tag(s) – None

Status : Complete | 1,074

A Thousand Words

Rated – Mature

Summary – Lois Lane is tired of Clarks secrets and has decided to find out everything about him. What she finds is not what she expected at all.

Relationship(s) – Clark Kent/Lex Luthor; Lois Lane & Clark Kent Friendship

Character(s) – Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Clark Kent (Mentioned)

Tag(s) – Mentioned Underage Sex

Status : Complete | 4,455

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