Destiny Series

This series should have at least three stories to it. Angel’s Destiny is in line to be re-worked/re-written. The story will remain the same for the most part but it will be fleshed out and a few tweeks will be made so that it lines up with the new outline for the reset of the series.

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Summary – What if Darla had given birth to twins? This is the story of Angel’s daughter Destiny and her struggle to fit in a new world with her brother and Holtz on one side, her father and his crew on the other and a blooming love in the middle. Where do you turn when your loyalties are divided?

Relationship(s) – Destiny (OC)/Lawson; Angel/Cordelia 

Characters – Destiny (OC); Connor; Angel; Cordelia Chase; Charles Gunn; Wesley Wyndam-Pryce; Daniel Holtz; Lilah Morgan; Sam Lawson

Tag(s) – AU Connor has a sister; canon typical violence; mild sexual content

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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