Destiny Series

This series will be a trilogy. The first story deals with the twins coming back to L.A. semi following the initial return story arch from the show. The second story will deal with the wider world outside of L.A. realizing that the twins either exist or are back. The final story will be everything finding its footing, do the twins stay in L.A. or move on and see more of this world.

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Summary – What if Darla had given birth to twins? This is the story of Angel’s daughter Destiny and her struggle to fit in a new world with her brother and Holtz on one side, her father and his crew on the other and a blooming love in the middle. Where do you turn when your loyalties are divided?

Relationship(s) – Destiny (OC)/Lawson; Angel/Cordelia 

Characters – Destiny (OC); Connor; Angel; Cordelia Chase; Charles Gunn; Wesley Wyndam-Pryce; Daniel Holtz; Lilah Morgan; Sam Lawson

Tag(s) – AU Connor has a sister; canon typical violence; mild sexual content

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