Rampant Plot Bunnies

It always seems like even when enthusiasm wanes the plot bunnies still run rampant and multiply at the speed bunnies tend to do, so here is a quick-ish overview of what I would like to write if I can ever get the hopping little suckers to cooperate for more than a few minutes at a time. Beyond the already in progress stories I’m still trying to finish (without making them choppy and incoherent with an overabundance of speed and desperation to finish what I started).

Next Up

Stories I have planned and will get to no matter how long it takes me to get myself in gear, only for fandoms I haven’t written for yet so while I do have stories planned for the fandoms I’m already in, these are for new territory only. Some of the above mentioned fics are mentioned in here but not all in either direction.

TV Shows

Smallville – 2 stories planned both of them Clark/Lex, one centering around the idea of a more Alien Clark and how that would change things. Plus a story that’s a bit of a watch the show fic with a twist of sorts.

NCIS – Tony Dinozzo is my favorite character nearly of all time and I want to do some stories that focus more on him and the way he was treated in the show. One-shots and Chapter fics both with a heavy Tony slant, though I don’t really have a fave pairing for him so unless I find someone to crossover with they’ll be gen fics which will be a different thing for me. I also have a few crossovers planned for this fandom.

Shadowhunters – Malec forever! There are a few scenarios I want to explore for my favorite boys not only canon divergent but totally different storylines staying in the same universe of course (the warlock/shadowhunter dynamic is just too cute to toss out). But at the same time I have a series of un-connected one-shots planned about Alec and some of the decisions that were made in the show that made less than no sense to me. I think I might start these along with a few other one-shot series I have planned for other fandoms so I can write for them when I’m feeling blocked or just fandomed out.

Leverage – I love these characters but I mainly want to do crossover fics for these people having the team investigate and or take down another show, although there is a canon chapter fic idea lurking in the background I just haven’t fleshed it out yet. While I love the canon pairings (Hardison/Parker, Sophie/Nate etc…) I seem to mainly lean towards Parker/Elliot in fic.

Sense8 – To be honest while I do want to write for this show the format of it is a bit intimidating to try and write instead of show so I’m still trying to work out the best way to go about it. Once again I have a one-shot series planned for this fandom plus some longer chapter fics for my fave couples (mainly Kala/Wolfgang with a heavy dose of Felix), but that’s a ways off still.

Hannibal – Hannigram is delicious and has so much fic-ing potential, I do have a few fleshed out ideas already for them, mainly AU where they either meet earlier or meet differently I just have such a hard time getting Will Graham right. He continually comes across sounding too OOC for my taste but I will eventually crack the code and make him believable. I do intend to incorporate all the media types into this though, books, movies, and the tv show because I love them all.

West Wing – I am very bad at politics but for some reason this show is a personal fave of mine, even if I did show up to it late. I love the Donna/Josh dynamic and C.J. is an interesting character to shoehorn into all kinds of situations but once more I think this fandom would work best for me in crossovers having other shows present a potential problem for the Bartlett administration. Although I do have a story idea that deals more with Eleanor Bartlett and her place in her family that is pure canon in its own way.

Political Animals – Sebastian Stan! He is how I found this show (and a few others) and he is why I watched it all the way through in one sitting. I’ve seen a lot of fics that cross it (and him) with the Captain America films but I keep trying to drift in another direction. Maybe House or Criminal Minds, maybe Stalker something a bit more dramatic and dealing with the problems of being in the limelight for so long. Or maybe something political like West Wing or Conviction, people who understand the struggles of being in a political family.

Gotham – I am a huge Joker/Harley shipper and would most likely find a way to shove them into this fandom in one way or another but for me right now it’s more about Selena/Bruce. Watching them try to fit together and continually coming up against different walls and problems is so entertaining and I want in on the action. I will most likely find a way to tie Fish Mooney in as well since I love her so much as a badass female villain.

Elementary – I’ve got a few canon divergent fics in mind for this one where I watched an episode, developed an idea of where it was going, and was proven wrong by the end of it all, but those things I thought up have morphed into plot bunnies that won’t stop hopping along inside my brain. I also have an idea for a series re-write with a slightly darker twist to it.

House – Crossover fodder again, I need House trying to figure out people who have more than the usual to hide. Crossovers with Supernatural, Buffy, Dollhouse, etc… or even less mystical and more procedural dramas like Castle, the Good Doctor, or the Night Shift to see House go toe to toe with other professionals who might not take his bullshit. I need this in my life.

Dollhouse – So much to be done with this. The main one I have in the queue for this show is all crossover all the time. I might do one where it’s just this show but I’m not sure what it would be yet.

Firefly – River Tam, that’s all I’m saying. She needs more fics and more fics where more than just Simon is going to bat for her. I also fell into the cross pairing of River/Riddick a while back and now have to do something for this. I also found a few good Firefly/Doctor Who things that need some attention.

The Finder – The few fics I have for this show are all gen, focusing more on Walter and his special needs and around Willa and her itchy feet.

Psych – Lassiter/Shawn is my personal fic OTP for this show (no matter how adorable Shules was I couldn’t get past the fact that she actually believed his psychic lie), I have a few ideas for this show that aren’t really fleshed out yet. I want to do one about them getting together pre-show (though I’m not sure how far back I want them to have met), I want to do something about how kinda abusive shawns parents were (yes both of them, not all abuse if physical), I also read a story recently by GoringWriting on AO3 which cast Lassie as a serial killer who abducts shawn (broad strokes summary there) and want to do something a bit like that, the Yang character is always fun to try and play with, and on and on it goes with this show. I swear it’s a plot bunny breeding ground.

Haven – I have a fic for this fandom, I’d been thinking about doing it while the show was still airing but never really got around to it, and now the ending of the show and the solving of the mystery blew my little story out of the canon waters and into AU territory. I’m still going to do it though, Audrey/Duke needs to happen.

Big Bang Theory – Shenny (Sheldon/penny) I fell down a fic rabbit hole with these two and came out the other side blinking and wondering why I ever thought they would be good with anyone else. I have a few fics planned mainly orbiting around the 3×01 Arctic fuck up, but I haven’t completely fleshed them out yet, plus a one-shot series that would highlight their friendship or at least try to.

Grimm – Nick/Renard is my new fave fic pairing for this fandom. I love the Nick/Juliette dynamic in the show but this pairing has intrigued me from the beginning. I have a few fics planned for these two (with some serious Rosalee/Monroe added in because I have just adore them) some set pre-series, quite a few Dark!Renard fics because he has all the makings for it, and a few others that aren’t much more than a vague idea right now (Time Travel anyone). Also as an aside this pairing reminds me so much of the Shassie pair from Psych.

The Untamed – Wei Wuxian/Lan Wangji are so adorable though I am also all kinds of hung up on both the Nie brothers the Wen siblings and the whole thing between Xue Yang & Xiao Xingchen. I have fics swirling in my mind for all of them. Some set before all the drama when they were students in Cloud Recesses, some playing with the different cultures of the separate sects colliding, some what if type fics where one character makes a different choice and everything ripples out from there both good and bad. Time travel is pretty much a given in this particular fandom along with canon divergence AU’s of all kinds. I have so much I want to do but I’m still in the research phase at the moment. Every character has like three names (or more) and figuring out how to address everyone is beyond exhausting.


Harry Potter – I was never all that into this fandom, I haven’t seen all the films and never read any of the books (mainly because my older sister was into them and had already accused me of only being interested in things so I could copy her, so I stayed away out of protest), but I am a big fan of Draco/Hermione and have a few fics exploring both them and Slytherin/the houses as a whole. Not to mention a crossover or two where their powers and ways get compared to other worlds/cultures and come up a little short.

Marvel – Again a few in the pipe for this juggernaut of a fandom. Mostly Team Iron man, but there is a lot of Loki love coming for this as well. I have gotten into the whole Loki & Thor brotherhood side of things, having Thor begin to understand his mistakes with his brother but at the same time having Loki begin to see his own culpability. There are two sides of every story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

Musicals – I have a few what if type stories I want to do for some of my favorite musicals mostly Grease and Gigi, and maybe Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Cry baby. I want to do a few for some others but haven’t figured out which way to go with them yet.

Disney Descendants – I want to do a few for this fandom. I know it’s based on all the Disney fluff but I’m also a fan of the original fairytales/stories that those films came from and want to incorporate those and some of the missing details into a fic for them. I also thought the VK’s got a bit of a raw deal and want to try and fix that.

Star Trek – I put this in films because I would mostly be writing for the Kelvin Timeline series of films with elements from the tv shows thrown in for backstory and flavor. Kirk/Spock is my pairing of choice but I also want to do some Gen fics or Crew as Family fics as well. My main focus in development is Tarsus IV and how that would affect things in the films.

Now and Then (1995) – I want to take a look at how Roberta’s male dominated family would react to her having her first boyfriend in Scott Wormer, and maybe even follow her into young adulthood.

Beastly (2011) – I want to do a few little one-shots for this film and maybe a chapter fic exploring not only how the people dealt with the situation but also what happened after it was all over with.

Better Watch Out (2016) – So many things to be done with this film I don’t even know where to start. There are multiple places in the story where you could make it diverge from canon and create a great thriller story all your own and I have an idea or two on the back burner to do just that. Though I will probably save it for a Christmas fic since it is a holiday horror film.

Billy Elliot (2000) – I love the world of ballet and all the different things you can do with it, and I have an idea of writing a fic centered around the time between the final scene and the epilogue of the film where you see where he ends up.

Blade Trinity (2004) – Hannibal King/Drake. The idea of these two together blows my mind, I read and re-read the fics already out there for them (though there aren’t many), and I want to add something to it. I have a starting point but I’m not sure where it would go from there yet and how I would incorporate all the things I want to have done without it coming off as forced or worse cheesy.

Fandoms I know I want to write for but don’t have a specific fic thought out yet.

TV Shows

Numb3rs – Charlie/Edgerton, I love Lou Diamond Phillips and his character on the show while not a main cast member (he was only in I think 9 episodes throughout the series) he always made me squeal with joy every time he turned up. The idea of the two of them together gives me happy feels for days, I just haven’t come up with the right setting for them yet.

Gilmore Girls – While I loved Rory/Jess during the show my little fickle fic-er heart is more partial towards Tristan/Rory so that is where I’ll be focusing my efforts from the beginning. I have a few vague ideas but nothing concrete for them yet.

Hit the Floor – While Derek/Ahsha was fun to watch with their will they won’t they dynamic I was all about Zero/Jude when they finally burst onto the scene and they have a lot of story left in them. Not sure where to start with them yet but who knows I might just dive in and start splashing around some day just to see what happens.

Grey’s Anatomy – Cristina/Owen are my go to for the fic world but I don’t have a firmed up idea yet.

Call the Midwife – When I first started watching this show I became obsessed and binge watched everything available, now my head is full of that world but I’m not exactly sure where to go with it. But I do know I will be going somewhere with it, eventually.

Dark Angel – I enjoyed the world this show took place in and want to explore it more but don’t really know how to do it yet. Though I do know that Alec would feature heavily and most likely Joshua as well.

Doctor Who – Clara is my go to for fics at the moment (though I’ve loved all the companions so far), I want to give her a bit of her own story (crossover pairings), and dive into the (sort of) reincarnation storyline that was in the show and how that might look.

Flash – I want to write for ColdFlash (Barry Allen/Leonard Snart) so bad, but I haven’t been able to land on a story yet. Do I want to keep it canon, diverge it, make it completely AU… so many questions so little answers. Yet. I will figure it out one day I’m sure.

Others (Most likely only crossover fodder or episode based one-shots) – Conviction, Common Law, Forever, Castle, Boston Legal, Warehouse 13, Charmed, Bitten, Grimm, Ghost Whisperer, Lucifer, Tru Calling, MASH, Andy Griffith Show, etc…


DCEU – I know I want to do something with Wonder Woman at least, but I haven’t figured out my angle yet, especially since I kind of want to keep her with Steve and can’t see how to tell that story yet. Though I have seen a few kind of interesting stories that cross her with Captain America though I don’t think I’ll go that route. Also Catwoman/Batman from the Nolan-verse needs to come out and play too.

Pirates of the Caribbean – I love captain Jack but haven’t come up with a story I really want to tell yet that hasn’t been told already a hundred times over.

Twilight – Though I hate the idea of vampire babies and vampires that look like they spent far too much time in the strip club getting rubbed on by glittery strippers I can’t help but love Alice/Jasper and really want to do them justice in some fics. Though I don’t know exactly where I’m going to start yet.

Underworld – Lucius/Sonya are my faves here and I kind of want to explore them more but at the same time pretty much the whole film Rise of the Lycans was dedicated to that so I’m still trying to find my way to a good story about them. That doesn’t involve spontaneous resurrections or time travel.

Bad Moms – Love the characters and I really want to do something with them but I haven’t settled on a conflict yet.

Below Utopia (1997) – This film stars Alyssa Milano and is a home invasion film from back in the 90’s I love the premise and the twist at the end, but I don’t know how exactly I would tweak it to work for a fic. I just know that I want to.

Hellraiser – Kirsty/Pinhead is my newest horror couple. I’ve been watching this franchise around Halloween since I was a kid but I never really thought about fics or ships for it until recently when I saw something about the two of them and decided to check out what fics were on offer to see if it was something I might like to read. I was hooked! Now I have a vague idea for a story of my own that incorporates not only Kirsty Cotton and Pinhead from the first two films but also Angelique from Bloodlines.


Inuyasha – I started watching Inuyasha when I was in middle school and it would come on late at night on Adult Swim, and I fell in love with Seshomaru. I have a few ideas that focus around him both Gen (where we just kind of see him having to deal with all his responsibilities and what a toll that could take) and some pairing him with Kagome (I honestly think he would be a better fic for her than Inuyasha sometimes). There’s some Epic Journey fics lurking in my mind for the whole gang (plus Koga) and a few time travel ones that kind of just organically go with the actual plot of the source material.

Ai No Kusabi – I stumbled across this particular anime on accident. I watched the 2012 four episode run first, then went back and found the 1992 version next just to compare them, and now I’m searching out the manga to get the full story (though no luck yet). The whole premise is interesting to me the society alone and how they function could fill a story but add in the forbidden love angle and the serious consent issues and where the line forms and my mind just goes into a tailspin. I probably won’t get around to writing for this one until I get my hands on the manga and read the parts that I’m sure the anime’s left out, but it is one I think on from time to time.

Ouran High School Host Club – Haruhi/Kyoya is my main pairing for this anime, though realistically a case could be made for pairing her with any of the guys and a few others who aren’t even in their friend group so there’s a lot to play with here. I have a few story ideas both post series and pre-series and everything in between. I’ll probably end up doing works for multiple pairings here, but I’ll definitely start out with my OTP.

Yuri on Ice – I love figure skating so when I became aware of this anime I devoured it, now I’m hooked. Unfortunately I’m not sure what I want to do with it, only that I want to do something.

I have others where I love the characters but don’t necessarily have a pairing in mind so they would likely either be crossed with a different fandom or I’ll go gen. Fruits Basket & Kaze no Stigma are the main ones for that, though I’m sure if I sat down and really thought about it there would be more.

Already done but want to do more for

Vampire Diaries – Klaus/Caroline can fit into so many different scenarios and tropes, and I plan to shoe horn them into dozens. Time travel, canon divergence, different first meeting, etc… I also want to explore her interactions with the other Originals, I don’t really see them leaving her alone after they realize Klaus’ affections are genuine. I have an idea about having a story where each member of the Mikealson family basically comes to investigate her and these interactions change some of her decisions in the show regarding how they deal with the family. I also want to do at least one fic focusing on Kol.

Buffy/Angel – Cordelia/Angel I want to do more fics where we see what a relationship between the two of them during their Buffy run would look like how would the scoobies react how would it change each of their decisions to go to LA would they still go or not? During the Angel run their friendship was always such a big part of their interactions I also want to see Buffy era versions of one or more of them coming forward to see how they changed. Buffy/Spike I have a thing about already a vamp Buffy being with Spike and finding new back stories for their relationship among other things.

Supernatural – Dean changes a great deal throughout the series and I have a few fics each centered on a different phase of his life from his fierce devotion to family (his relationships not just with his father and brother but people like Bobby as well), but also stories where he has to confront his inner demons while simultaneously trying to hold on to who he’s always been.

Teen Wolf – Sterek is amazing, but I also have some ideas for a few Stiles-centric stories that focus a bit more on not only his ADD and how that effects his life and thought processes but also how his thought processes might change some of the decisions he’s made in the past, let’s be honest there were several times where it was clear that the decision he did make was more of a whim than anything else and he could have easily done something else entirely and easily reasoned away his choice having already thought through each and every option.

Merlin – Magic reveal fics of all kinds, also a fic where Arthur (and the knights) have to look into not only the purge and what really happened in the beginning but what’s happened since. I also have an idea where basically someone (I’m not sure who yet) sort of steps in and begins to ask questions I think should have been asked from the beginning prompting the people who can’t really answer those seemingly simple questions to go searching for the answers and being subsequently dragged deeper and deeper into the truth that’s a very different truth to the one they are used to hearing. I might combine the two ideas depending on how similarly each seems to play out when I begin to actually plan them since they could potentially be very different.

Lost Girl – Kenzi is my fandom bicycle for this show and I love pairing her with just about anyone. I have an idea about having her plunged deeper into fae politics. In the show being with Bo and having her protection tends to keep her away from some of the more antiquated fae laws and traditions but I want to see her having to try and navigate them the same way she once navigated the streets she lived on. Plus her family is interesting to me.

Shameless – Ian-centric fics are raising to the fore of my mind lately, having to do with not only his place in his family or his mental health issues but how they mix together, focusing on his relationship with his mother and how it changes, or on his sexual history (Kash, Lishman) which always seemed to be laughed off or overlooked in the show. Of course Mickey will always play a major role in each and every story.

True Blood – Eric/Sookie will always be my OTP (more for Eric than Sookie), and I have some plot bunnies about Sookie coming to her senses and questioning some of the more obvious problems or the more blaring lies that have been told to her both in the show and the books.

Veronica Mars – I have a few stories planned for LoVe. For sure one where Veronica is a Kane but wasn’t raised in Neptune and Lily goes looking for her sister who has the reputation of being even more shocking than her. I have another idea where Logan investigates what changed Veronica from one moment to the next so he looks into everything that’s been done to her on his orders. I have a few more but they are more small scene change ideas that would then branch out to make up a whole story that I haven’t really thought out yet.

Well that’s not really everything my mind is usually all over the place, but it’s a good chunk of what I’ve got percolating. Here’s hoping I actually get some of them not only started but finished and am not lead astray by new tv shows, fanfiction binges, youtube rabbit holes, etc… I am so easily distracted! I should really work on that.

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