Chapter 1 – Mindset

chapter 1

Bo laid in bed trying and failing to find the will to move. What was the point? There was no one waiting for her today, no one here to help her. Trick had taken up with Lachlan of all people and turned on her when she’d needed his support. At the time she’d thought he was just doing his best for Kenzi but now she knew better, because now he was avoiding her. It had been over a week since Dyson and Kenzi had been shipped out of town by the powers that be and she hadn’t seen hide nor hair of anyone. When she went to the Dal these days Trick was never there, when she asked where he was she always either got blank stares or questions about her allegiance like if she wasn’t Light Fae she had no right to ask after her own family. 

Getting upset now she rolled over and tried to turn her mind to other things, other people. Lauren had been all but grounded by Lachlan, which was a beyond insulting thing to do to a grown woman. She wasn’t allowed to leave the compound, or take outside phone calls that weren’t screened by that rude nurse of hers. Hell, she couldn’t even get updates on her from anyone because again anytime she asked someone, even her contacts, about anything to do with the Compound she was greeted with those same blank stares and raised brows. 

Hale was too busy trying to keep his own life from imploding with Dyson gone and the flow of information on why being a slow trickle in most directions. She hadn’t realized just how important Dyson was in the Fae community until he wasn’t here anymore. Turns out that he was actually pretty high up there not only in rank and power level but in how much he was respected. Heck, even some of the Dark were asking after him in a concerned way, she had thought after his whole dust up with Vex and Ba’al he would have been on the outs on that side but she guessed not. 

Heaving out a deep sigh of annoyance she flipped onto her back and confronted her woe’s head on.

She missed Kenzi… and Dyson, she understood why they had been sent away together but she still ached to see them again. It had been explained to her that she shouldn’t be around her bestie until she had better control of her new wolf but after a week of separation she felt really lonely and almost abandoned. If Kenzi had told her about this whole Norn thing before then maybe she could have helped, and even if her help wouldn’t have changed the outcome at least she wouldn’t have been so blindsided by her leaving. 

Closing her eyes she tried to console herself they must miss her just as bad being out there all alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to but each other.

Lachlan stared down at the papers on his desk completely ignoring the human doctor hovering just outside the door of his office humming with nervous energy. He still had not forgiven the mouthy little twit for speaking of Light Fae business with her unaligned lover. He had given her punishment a great deal of thought and had decided to both confine her so that her mouth had no way of running so much to unauthorized parties and to just ignore her for a time.

Nothing he devised would torment her as much as her thoughts were at the moment, she was a nervous wreck wondering what he would do to her when he finally made a decision, and it was very entertaining.

Fixing a scowl on his face he looked up quickly and barked “What?” in his most intimidating voice and fought hard to suppress his laughter as he watched her jump and scurry away like a rodent.

He knew he would have to do something eventually, it had already gotten out to her support staff through her whining lover and he was certain the incident was beginning to circulate amongst the rest of the community by now. Unfortunately he was stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to the good doctor. If he just let this infraction go with a light slap on the wrist and some minor confinement then the Fae would begin to lose confidence in his abilities to lead them properly. However, if he did anything more substantial and in line with what would be expected for such a breach then the succubus would kick up a fuss and leave a new mess in her wake for everyone else to clean up. 

He would need to talk to Trick again, maybe he had some insight into how to get his sex pet to finally shape up and fall in line. Or at least on how to get her to stop trying to burn down the world, and everyone in it.

Trick shook his head muttering softly to himself as he wiped down his bar and tried to block out the latest gossip circulating about his grand-daughter. Bo had taken to glaring into her beer here, at least on the days when she managed to drag herself out of bed, and it took all he had not to snap at her to go home. Now, even when she wasn’t here all anyone could talk about was her and what she was doing, or more importantly what they thought she was going to do now that all of her toys had been swiped by the Light.

Everyone knew Lauren had been locked down by the Ash, putting her firmly out of reach. News of Kenzi’s transformation had been leaked and now everyone knew she was being trained by Dyson somewhere, so they all believed she would be pledging herself to the Light as well when she returned. It wasn’t really a far leap to make, after all her trainer was a member of the Light as well. With Bo no longer coming out into public for days at a time, it was being speculated that maybe it was coming time for her to pick a side and given where the majority of her circle stood everyone thought they knew which way she would fall. The only problem was that she wasn’t falling, she was stubbornly standing completely still, and that was confusing and agitating everyone who knew what was happening. Including him.

He knew she missed Kenzi but they all knew she would be safe with Dyson so he didn’t understand her attitude. She needed to give herself a good shake and start looking around her, because her allies were dwindling and the sharks were circling. He would stop by her place in the morning and hopefully help her to see sense, though he wasn’t sure his vision of the future would match her own.

Lauren sat in her lab too rattled to actually work and tried to calm her heart rate down. She wished Lachlan would just settle on a punishment and get it over with already the waiting and not knowing was killing her. Her colleagues were giving her long looks now that screamed suspicion and all she could think about was how much she wanted to get out of here and just move on with her life. She loved Bo, but the Fae had screwed her over so many times all she felt now was rage and pain every time she looked at what her life had become. 

Turning her thoughts to something else, anything else besides the empty dreams of a better tomorrow, she thought about all the rumours she heard being whispered about Bo and had to fight the urge to slam her head down on the table in frustration. If even half the rumours were true then her lover was in for a rough ride for a while, even with Trick’s help. She only hoped that when Kenzi returned everything would get back to the way it was before, but somehow she just didn’t see that happening. 

While gossip was hardly ever reliable for data there was one thing that everyone seemed to be sure of and she agreed with, when Kenzi did come back she would have to choose her side. With Dyson as a controlling influence she didn’t see Kenzi doing the same as Bo had, and besides she didn’t think anyone other than Bo could have declared neutrality anyway. The only reason she had gotten away with it in the first place was surprise really, no one else had ever done what she had and no one had been sure what they should do about it or even if they could do something about it. Now though, with Bo as a benchmark, there was no way Kenzi would be allowed to follow behind her.

“Come on D-man I’m dying over here.” Kenzi knew he was laughing at her even if nothing in his face gave it away, it was all in the tilt of his head. Oh yeah, he was laughing alright. Though she would never admit it she did like how he smelled in these moments too, he smelled like it did just before it was going to rain.

“Kenzi, you aren’t tired.” He insisted, not for the first time, during their daily run. Every time she complained about being tired or feeling like she was getting a stitch in her side from running so much he would just say she wasn’t and insist on her keeping up. What a nightmare.

“Uh, yeah I am. My body, I think I’d know.” Though that wasn’t really true anymore. While this was her body, it wasn’t really her body anymore.

It had been a little over a week since her change and now they were in the woods on the outskirts of town working on her control and stamina. And how did you work on those, well apparently by running, running, and oh look more running.

They had explained to her that while she had become a shifter in body, her mind was still imposing human limitations because that was what she was used to. She thought she felt tired, not because she was, but because she thought she should be tired by now. She hadn’t even truly shifted once since her transformation, she kept getting in her own way, just the idea of sprouting claws and fangs kept her awake with the shudder factor. They wouldn’t be going back to civilization until she learned to accept what she was now.

“One… one break?” She panted and begged, though she knew the answer, it would be the same answer she always got when she asked to slow down. She was so certain of it that she mouthed along, and she wasn’t disappointed. 

“No! Now pick up the pace!” 

“You sadist!” Laughing he ran ahead of her, but she knew he was listening for the soft footfalls of her following behind. If she ever tried to just take that break herself he would always turn around and pester her into getting her butt back into gear. Oh the humanity.

Dyson stood outside the cabin he was sharing with Kenzi and took a deep breath letting his wolf rise to the surface searching for the scent he caught earlier. Finding it he closed his eyes and concentrated on placing it. Wolf, more than one, and not any he’d ever come across before. There was an unknown pack in his territory.

This could not be happening, not now, he was only just starting to get Kenzi settled into her new skin, the last thing they needed was some outside influence coming in and throwing their weight around. He needed her to stay focused on their training, he knew he was coming across as harsh, but he knew that all she needed was one break through. All she had to do was call on her wolf once when her life wasn’t on the line and then the two would merge easily, and she would finally be at peace with what she had become. For that to happen he had to push her to her limits, and then push her even farther, and he couldn’t do that if she was too busy looking around her for the threat she knew was coming. 

He knew he couldn’t tell her about them, not yet anyway. If they became a clear and present danger he would let her know, but for now all he wanted her to be worried about was if she could make the entire run in the morning without asking for a break.

Marcus looked out at his packmates as they looked around their new home, getting their bearings, this was not their usual place; they tended to avoid other Fae as much as possible, choosing to stay in forest and woodland areas instead. Only big events ever made them change their ways, like the call of an Omega. He didn’t know how an Omega wolf had come to be, all he knew was that a week before he felt it deep in his chest. A calling. His instincts reacted immediately and he and his pack began the slow journey here to the side of the new Omega. He’d consulted Mystics along the way, many of whom knew little more than he did; only one really had anything new to tell him.

“The girl is not alone. She has another wolf at her side. A lone wolf. A protector.”

A lone wolf was no protector, no competition. He would find this Omega, this girl, and bring her into his pack where she belonged.


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