Chapter 6 – Tyler

Tyler tried to keep his fear at bay with anger and it worked the whole time Klaus was targeting everyone else, but now that he was alone the fear wouldn’t be shut out. He knew Klaus hated him, knew he wanted him to suffer, but unfortunately after watching everyone else go before him he knew two things for certain. One, he wasn’t going to die. And two, he was going to suffer.

When this whole punishment train had started he thought he was going to die in this dirty basement and had been terrified at the idea that his life was going to end so early. That he would never get to do the things he had always put off for later, for after, for one reason or another. He would never really get out of this town. Now he knew better and he could honestly say that he would have preferred the death he had imagined at the beginning.

He listened with his enhanced hybrid senses as Klaus and his witches came closer and closer. He knew they were moving at human speed to prolong this, wanting him to psych himself out before they ever even got there. And it was working. By the time Klaus came into view his heart was pounding in his ears and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The look of satisfaction on his face told him without a doubt that was exactly what Klaus had wanted all along.

Klaus stared at Tyler further unnerving the already pitifully frightened boy, to think this shadow of a man had been the first of his hybrids. He was deeply shamed by that fact now and if he could he would rectify it, he did not deserve to be one of his kind, he did not appreciate the gift he had been given so freely. He was a waste of time and magic, but he had also earned his place here through his treachery and his arrogance. He could see it in his eyes that drive to be alpha, to usurp his place in the pack.

When he had first learned that Tyler had broken his sire bond he had been only intrigued, if he found out how the boy had done it he would be able to bind the others closer to him and keep any more of them from following his path in the future. Then the rumblings began, small waves of discontent and slight slip ups. Young Tyler had begun attempting to lure his pack away from him, to show them a life without their Alpha’s control. That could never happen. 

The boy had managed to free a fair few of them before he caught on to his schemes, but that was over now. Without him driving them onwards the movement would die out easily and quickly. He had minions keeping an eye on his little wolf partner Hayley, they would inform him if she started to make her way here to search for her lost lover. For now though it was time to deal with the shadow king.

“So pup, you thought to replace me as Alpha did you? If that’s what you truly want you should go about it the right way, with a challenge fight.” Only a fool would take him up on his offer, not that Tyler was truly being given a choice, but he was sure he could be persuaded easily to comply

“Not happening. You’re well fed, well rested, and you have like a thousand years on me. I wouldn’t even last thirty seconds fighting you.” He almost laughed at the absurdity of that statement. Thirty seconds indeed.

“Oh you prideful fool you wouldn’t even last two seconds fighting me. But I’m not the one who suggested you could win this fight, that was you, when you decided you could take my place as alpha of my hybrids. You made the choice, now face the consequences or do you forfeit?” His pride would never allow him to just slink away with his tail between his legs. 

“No! No forfeit!”

“There’s a good lad. Now Kristan here is going to release you then do a little spell to help you shake off the effects of being down here without blood for so long. Can’t have you fighting at anything less than your best now can we? Then you and I shall fight to prove once and for all who is Alpha here and who is… not.”

Tyler didn’t trust the witch or Klaus to do what he claimed, he was sure that whatever spell they used would weaken him even more if it did anything at all, but he felt the tingling in his limbs as the witch did her spell and he felt his strength return to him full force. Maybe Klaus really did want a fair fight. Without a second’s hesitation hoping to catch him by surprise he lunged at Klaus. For a second he thought he may have gotten him, but no, in one swift move that took barely any effort and even less strength Klaus had him crashing into the wall behind him.

Shaking it off he tried again, and again, and again. Each time Klaus barely moved at all, like he was swatting away a fly or pushing aside a playful kitten. Nothing he did seemed to work, he just couldn’t get a good handle on things like this. Seeing only one option he reached down deep and called on his wolf for help. He felt his eyes shift as his vision became sharper and his claws began to descend as his bones broke quickly without much effort or pain. He felt his body begin to twist and reshape itself into the only form that felt right, that felt like him.

Lunging one more time at the original who remained in his human form he opened his jaws wide and prepared to bite into any piece of flesh his fangs could reach. If he couldn’t win he would at least draw blood and make it an actual fight.

With a twist of his body Klaus had him thrown one more time against the wall, but this time with actual force behind it. He felt his bones break on impact and waited for a moment to shake it off, but to his horror they weren’t mending. Something was wrong, he couldn’t move. He laid there panting in pain soft whines coming from his snout.

“Now that I have your undivided attention let’s get a few things sorted out shall we? I took away the pain of the change made your transition from man to wolf and back again painless and easy for you but since you don’t seem to appreciate that fact I’ve decided to take back what I’ve given you. If you truly don’t want to change on my terms then you shan’t change at all, from now on you will remain as you are now, in the body you truly belong in. I gave you peace and control and all I asked for in return was your loyalty, but that was too much for you wasn’t it Tyler so I will take back all I have given you, my witches have slowed your healing down a bit but you will eventually regain your footing again and when you do your hunger will be overpowering and nothing you do will ever fulfill that need within you. You will stay here until you breathe your last. And don’t worry about Caroline Tyler; I will make her far happier than you ever did. Well, I have to be going now there’s so much more to do, I’m done with you.”

Tyler felt the last of the witches’ power settle over him like a heavy weight and knew that no one could change it, maybe not even another original could lift it. Not that it mattered if they could since the only originals left walking the earth probably for the whole of his lifetime were Klaus and Kol he knew he would truly be here for the rest of his life. Tears’ rolled from his eyes, sticking in his fur, as he watched the man who’d made him the monster he was destined to become turn and leave without so much as a backwards glance.

He had lost.

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