Chapter 4 – Home

Chapter 4


Destiny looked around the old abandoned building that was Lawson’s daylight shelter and was grudgingly impressed by what he had done with so little to work with. The outside of the building gave no sign that it had been occupied any time in the last decade at least, while inside he had created his own personal haven.

She gazed at all the art and other little odds and ends and realized that this was in fact his home. He’d chosen all of these things with care and an eye towards what he liked and what he wanted to wake up to and fall asleep looking at every day. She imagined all of his choices would be more revealing of the kind of man he was if she knew anything about this world beyond what little she’d managed to gleen so far in the scant hours she’d been a part of it.

“So, Lawson, tell me about yourself.” She knew next to nothing about him and after seeing where he lived she found that, that did not sit well with her. She wanted to know more.

To understand.

“What did you have in mind, sweetheart?” Well, it was good to see that his arrogance never seemed to waver, even when allowing a stranger into his home.

“Well, I know that you’ve been in L.A. for a few years now, and that you haven’t been a vampire for even a century yet. Other than that, all I have is your name and your address.” Not all that much to go on for a girl like her.

“What else is there to know? You already know what I am, who I was has nothing to do with it.” His expressive face seemed to shut down as he spoke, his emotions hidden behind a wall of stone and ice.

Oh, so he was bitter about being a vampire. Probably turned against his will then, Holtz had told her and Steven that happened often. But, she thought that once they turned they kind of got over it and reveled in what they had become. Lawson sounded almost like he missed being human, like he wanted to go back to being whoever he was before he was gifted with eternity.

“I didn’t ask about who you were, I asked about who you are.” Who he had been in the past would do her little good in the present. Though she found that she was curious what sort of man he had been, to so despise what he had become.

“There’s a difference?” Oh, there was always a difference, people always changed.

“Most definitely. I’m sure that whoever you were as a human was a good man. You seem like the type, and I would love to hear all about the good old days at some point, but right now the way you used to be really isn’t my main concern. You know, while I’m standing here in your home and all. Right now.” As she spoke she deliberately leaned to the side to see even more of his home that lay behind him. She was fairly short so she couldn’t look over his shoulder, but that didn’t stop her perusal though.

“Ah, well I doubt you’re afraid for your safety, I think if it came down to it you could actually kick my backside in a fight.” Like she would be afraid to fight him, not in this reality or any other. She knew she was stronger, faster, and most likely better trained than most any creature found in this world. Like a vampire, and a baby one at that, would have a chance against her.

“Most definitely.” She could tell her confidence knocked him off his stride for a minute, at least she knew something could, it took him a moment to reply.

“Well then, I guess we shouldn’t fight. We wouldn’t want to bruise anyone ego, now would we?” As his words filled the empty space between them a new light seemed to enter his eyes, one she had not seem there before.

“I guess not.”

As he spoke he’d been steadily moving towards her. Closer and closer. Until they now stood less than an inch apart. Looking up at him now she wanted nothing more than to kiss him, to hold him close and never let go. There was just something about him that seemed to scream safety. It was like she knew deep down that he would never intentionally hurt her, but even knowing that she also knew that she wasn’t really ready for this next step he was working towards either.

She knew what sex was, not that she’d ever participated living in a dimension populated with only her brother and Holtz as eligible bed mates, but today had been confusing and so full of changes, physically, emotionally, and even mentally, she didn’t really want to endure anymore change. No matter how promising that change seemed.

“Lawson.” She was surprised to hear her voice break over his name.

“Yes, Destiny.” They were now even closer their lips almost touching as they spoke.

“I’ve had a long day, full of some very confusing changes.”

She hoped he understood and didn’t hold it against her or make her spell it out.

“Understood sweetheart, no fighting, or exertion of any kind. Well, if you’ll follow me I’ll show you where you can bunk down for the night.”

Following behind him she couldn’t hold back her sigh of frustration. Her life was so screwed up right now, when this whole godforsaken day had started it had all been so simple. Go to a new world, kill the monster Angelus, and then live out the rest of her life the same way it had always been. What the hell was she supposed to do now? Now that everything had changed, and this new world had turned her every thought around.

Cordelia was up fairly early waiting for Destiny to come back. She knew it wasn’t likely that she would pop up at the crack of dawn especially since she hadn’t even left the hotel until around two in the morning, but she’d rather be early and have to wait than to have to tell Angel that they’d missed her.

She didn’t show until around two in the afternoon and thankfully Angel was down in the lobby when she came in, wearing the same thing as the day before. She really needed to take the girl shopping for some new clothes.

“Hello, Destiny good afternoon. Did you find a good place to stay last night?”

“Yeah, I met a guy at a club and he let me crash at his place.” The slight emphasis on the word made her think that it was something new that she had only just learned. The girl was picking up the lingo, so to speak fairly quickly. That would really help her out in the long run.

The only sound that could be heard through the entire hotel after that statement was the sound of Angel’s coffee cup shattering as it hit the floor where he dropped it.

“What?” His voice sounded so strained, it was a wonder that any sound came out at all.

“Yeah, after I left here I found this club and decided to check it out. Best way to learn about a culture is to people watch after all. When I was there I ran into this guy, we ended up having this really vile drink called coffee. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried it but it’s really bitter and kind of nasty so I would steer clear if I was you. After the coffee chat I said something about going to find somewhere to stay and he offered to let me come back to his place so I did. It was a really nice place. Very comfortable bed.”


Cordelia knew she had to do something before Angel became the first vampire to ever have a heart attack. She could see it all in his eyes, every mental image that Destiny’s words had brought rushing to the front his very active imagination. It was moments like these that made her want to call her dad and apologize for ever discovering boys, then she remembered exactly why she hadn’t seen or spoken to her father since high school and the moment of insanity passed.

“Destiny honey, what exactly did you and this man you met do when you got to his place?” Maybe a little more detail would help set the new papa’s mind at ease. Hopefully.

The look she got set her mind at ease. The only reason a girl Destiny’s age gave you a look like that was because she thought you were being especially thick. She thought she’d already answered that question.

“He showed me around, then we slept.”

“Together?” She had to get her to spell this out, it was the only way she might be able to revive Angel from his current catatonic state.

“No, I slept in his spare room.” With those words Angel finally started blinking again, even if his hand was still frozen in mid-air where his coffee cup used to be. “I mean I thought about having sex with him, but then I just felt so tired I decided to just sleep instead.” Wow, even vampire fathers could get that throbbing vein in their forehead, good to know that that’s universal.

“So this guy was cool with… everything.” She didn’t really know what she was asking, she supposed she was just worried that Destiny’s mystery man might have pushed the issue a little. This was L.A. after all, and more often than not any act of kindness from a random club guy came with a bit of a price tag. That tag usually included sex, if not right away, then soon after.

“Yeah, sure, I mean he was a vampire so it’s not like he had much room to judge or anything.”

A loud thump from behind her had Cordelia looking over to see Angel on the ground. The look of shock on his face made the whole thing hilarious. It seems that the shock of the whole situation had his legs giving out on him.

Poor vampire daddy.

“Is he okay?” Looking up at Destiny’s face she found only confusion and slight concern, the poor girl had no idea the effect her words were having on her over protective papa.

“He’ll be fine he just needs a minute.” She hoped. “So tell me about this club you went to.”

“Well it’s called Trapt and…”

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