Revenge Series

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Summary –  After one attempt to many to end his life Klaus decides that he’s let things go to often lately and now he has to put everyone in their place.

Relationship(s) – Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson; Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore; Elijah Mikaelson/Katherine Pierce 

Characters – Rebekah Mikaelson; Klaus Mikaelson; Elijah Mikaelson; Katherine Pierce; Elena Gilbert; Jeremy Gilbert; Damon Salvatore; Stefan Salvatore; Caroline Forbes; Bonnie Bennett; Matt Donovan

Tag(s) – Klaus punishes everyone; Psychological Torture; Some Physical Torture

2 thoughts on “Revenge Series

  1. Hey Kasey1939. If you could leave a summary of your stories I’d appreciate it. I ship certain characters together and I really don’t like to go inot a story without at least a summary. Thanks. (Not trying to be pickey plleaaee dont be mad 😦 )


    1. Hi, don’t worry totally not mad. In fact I think that feedback (like yours) is how my site can grow and become better. I can’t fix problems if I don’t know what they are.

      As for story summaries they are actually available under the List of Stories page found at the top of the screen. I used to have them all on as a post on the homepage but then I had other posts I needed to put there and they just pushed it down to the bottom of the page where you would have to scroll to find them, so I gave it its own page to try and simplify things. I’m also working on putting copies of the story information (i.e. summaries, pairings, ratings, etc.) on the first page of every story so that if you click on the story title rather than the first chapter in the drop down menu you’ll find it there as well, but I haven’t gotten all of that done yet.

      Hope that helps and thank you for your constructive (not picky, lol) comment.

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