Chapter 3 – A New Deal

Chapter 3

A Seer that’s what was causing all of this? Dean was having a little trouble wrapping his mind around that one. How could being able to see the future translate into all this pain and chaos?

Who was he kidding? He could see how this whole mess got started he just wanted to stall to try and stay out of the hotel room and away from the demon waiting there for as long as possible. He didn’t know what it was about this Castiel but the way he looked at him made his skin crawl, it was possessive, almost obsessive. He knew his brother had noticed, he’d been on the receiving end of his baby brothers bitch face too often to not be able to recognize it when it was directed at others. His brother wasn’t the one he was worried about, it was the demon.

He didn’t know enough about him to gauge his reaction to Sam’s very obvious dislike. If soul boy decided to take exception to one of his brothers none too subtle little digs there wasn’t one damn thing he’d be able to do about it and he didn’t trade his soul for Sammy’s life just to have him throw it away with some dumb ass comment aimed at the guy who’d resurrected him in the first place. That would just be beyond stupid.

Taking a deep breathe to steady himself he pasted on his trade mark look of impatient boredom and opened the door to world war three.

Castiel was beyond done with the younger Winchester and his comments about himself and Dean. The little jibes about him he could take, he cared not what the little insignificant worm thought of him, his destiny and purpose in life was to be vessel for his brother Lucifer no more.

However, all the attacks against Dean and subtle cracks about his mates seeming lack of intelligence was grating to the extreme. He knew everything about Dean and how he portrayed to others that he was far less intelligent than he was, that did not excuse the remarks of his brother. His flesh and blood should be able to see past the mask of ignorance and dull wit to the man beneath.

While it was true that Dean lacked the patience for research that did not make him unknowledgeable about the creatures he grew up hunting. What he lacked in research he more than made up for with instinct and creativity.

“If you are wise Winchester you will cease your incessant litany of insults at once.”

“Oh, I’m sorry did I hurt your little demonic feelings?” He thought he was speaking of the unimaginative comments aimed at him. The boy was truly slow if he thought that.

“No, though I find the sound of your voice most irritating.” He kept his voice level, not giving voice to his true anger, while his eyes drifted around the room never staying on the younger man for longer than a moment.

“Well if you don’t like it so much why don’t you go somewhere else? Don’t you have some other dumb shmuck’s soul to steal?” Did he truly see his brothers sacrifice this way, as though he had been too stupid to see the consequences?

As if he would ever leave his precious Dean alone with his “loving” brother. As Sam had hurled out his insults while watching him for even a twitch of reaction he had been watching Dean and with every slur he watched his mates precious mask chip away even more. With every mention of his deal and the idiocy of it he would retreat farther and farther into himself until he could take it no longer and under the guise of boredom he had escaped in search of food.

“Or I could simply kill you. My deal with your brother was that I would bring you back to life, it does not affect my deal with him at all if you were to die again. You would be dead and I would still get your brother, I see that as a win-win for me. How about you?”

Finally the fool was speechless, maybe instead of killing him he would simply render him mute.

“You son of a bitch!”

Just as Sam stood in aggression the door opened and Dean entered. His attention was immediately focused on Dean and nothing else; Sam had no hope of hurting him after all.

Watching the emotions playing across his lover’s face he was once again struck with just how passionate and deep Dean’s emotions were. Seeing horror fill his features he looked over towards Sam to find the cause just as the knife plunged deep into his chest breaking bone and imbedding its self in his vessel’s heart. Looking up he saw Sam’s face filled with malicious glee and triumph.

Looking down he saw the handle of Ruby’s demon killing blade and understood his attackers look of victory, however misplaced it may be. Slowly he grasped the handle and pulled the blade free without flinching; looking up right into the eyes of Sam Winchester he released it letting the knife fall harmless and useless onto the floor. Smirking he watched the panic set in and he spoke of Dean’s foolishness and rash choices, now what?

Dean could not believe it, any of it. Not only had his brother been stupid enough to attack Castiel in the first place, but he botched it. Now they had one seriously pissed off demon on their hands and one they had no idea how to hurt let alone kill. If the demon killing blade didn’t even make him flinch it wasn’t like they had a lot of other options, and right now their options were limited to none at all.

The look on Castiel’s face was clear enough for even him to understand. He was amused by what Sam had done. Watching the demon stand he knew he wasn’t about to just let it go, he was going to retaliate against Sammy, he couldn’t let that happen. This thing was beyond powerful, there was no telling what he could do to Sam. Stepping forward he placed himself between Sam and Castiel, causing the demon to pause and tilt its head slightly as if confused.

Reaching behind him he grabbed Sam, without once breaking eye contact with the demon in front of him, he shoved his brother as best he could from the awkward angle towards the door.


“Get out of here Sammy.”

His tone left no room for argument, as he heard the door close the demon did exactly as he hoped. He looked back and forth from the door to Dean as though conflicted over his options, now he just hoped that the demon’s obsessive staring was real enough that he would choose to stay alone with Dean when given the choice and not go after Sam.

Castiel was torn. The need to make Sam Winchester suffer for his behavior was overwhelming but the chance to spend time alone with Dean was too good to pass up. Looking at his beloved he saw the panic and dread that filled his eyes and knew what Dean was doing. He was once more trading a piece of himself for his brother’s well-being. Hopefully one day before he became his brothers vessel Sam would come to realize just how much his brother always sacrificed for him.

Deciding to see what would happen he slowly sank back down into his chair and watched the relief flood his eyes. He could always harm Sam later but he didn’t think that pointing that out would be very productive.

“Your brother has injured me; he has tried to kill me.” Stating the facts of the situation seemed as good a place to begin as any other.

“Yeah, but he didn’t.” Dean remained stubborn, his eyes never wavering from his own. He found he enjoyed it.

“His failure to reach his goal does not excuse him from retribution.”

“Okay what do you want?” Interesting.

“Why do you think I want anything?”

“Because if there was nothing I could do to stop you from tearing into Sam you wouldn’t still be here, you’d have gone after him already. So what do you want?” True enough, if a little short sighted, his darling boy was learning. Slowly.

“How would you like to make another deal?”

Dean felt his insides turn to ice at the question. He knew he wouldn’t like this when the demon had sat down but even the thought of making another deal filled him with real honest to god fear. But he knew that if he didn’t then Sam would die and he didn’t go through all of this just to lose Sammy now, so really there was only one answer to give.

“What did you have in mind?” What else was there to give?

Castiel was beyond elated by his mate’s words, he knew just what he wanted to ask for, now all that was left to do was to make so that Dean had no other option but to surrender to his demands.

“Ten dates.”

He watched the confusion overshadow his other emotions while he tried to understand what was happening. Of all the different scenarios he’d watched play across his mind in his expressive eyes he doubted this had been among them. Now the gap between expectation and reality was too large for him to cross swiftly so he simply waited patiently for his slower human mind to catch up.


“The deal I am willing to make is in exchange for me taking no lethal or physically harmful action against your brother for his actions this night you will agree to go on ten dates with me.” Of course this deal would not stop him from psychologically harming the younger Winchester but he would not point that out. It would also not prevent him from taking action against him in future, for he was certain that the younger man had far from learned his lesson.

“Why? What could you possibly get out of that?” He saw it written all over his mates face. Confusion over the terms, suspicion that he was missing something, fear that this would not work and his brothers heart would once again cease to beat.

“That is none of your concern, you have only one thing to do here, and that is to make a decision. Yes or no. What is your answer?”

“What kind of dates?”

“I have yet to decide.” He had so many ideas it was hard to choose just ten, so he supposed he would decide as they went along.

“So basically what you’re sayin’ is that either I agree to go on ten unspecified dates with you at some point between now and the end of my deal or you kill Sammy right now?”

“You have summarized our current situation nicely. Now what is your decision, I shall not wait all night for you to decide something so simple. Yes or no?” He did not like having to take such a tone with his mate, but at times like this it was necessary. Dean could at times be too stubborn for his own good.


He felt joy and triumph spreading throughout his body and grace, he had won and Dean was one step closer to being his.

Dean sat on the edge of his bed in his empty room waiting for his brother to return trying and failing again and again to understand what just happened. Before he left Castiel had told him that their first date would take place the next night, and to be ready.

Even now two hours later he didn’t know if he would ever be ready for something like this. He’d already given so much for his little brother and no matter what he did it always seemed like he was just giving more and more.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of such thoughts he waited for Sammy to come back so they could talk about what happens next. He had a feeling that these deals weren’t exactly slanted in his favor and that in the end even if he won he would still lose.

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