Chapter 18 – Housewarming Party

Chapter WARNING : This chapter contains rape/noncon if that is a trigger for you don’t read, the way the next chapter will be set up will make it okay for you to skip this one without missing out on the highlights of what happened in this chapter.

Kendra decided to give a final sweep before reporting her night’s activities to Mr. Giles and retiring before the dawn. She had thought she would run into her sister slayer during her patrol of the town, but had so far seemed to miss her at every turn. She was beginning to believe that Buffy’s life outside of her calling was interfering with her duties. The first time she had come to this town she had come to see her outside influences and lack of discipline as a strength necessary for surviving the rigors of the hellmouth. Now, seeing that life begin to fall to pieces and tear the other girl in every direction she was not so sure that her watchers warnings of split focus leading to sloppy fighting were truly in error. 

She wasn’t able to get too far into her thoughts about her sister in destiny before her relatively slow night began to get very interesting indeed. Before her stood a good dozen vampires, she had not been told of any nests so large hunting together in the area when she spoke with Mr. Giles before she began her night. Perhaps he was unaware of them, this must be reported immediately, such a large group could only be controlled by a Master of great power. 

Spike waited for the Jamican tart to get properly distracted by the fodder they’d brought along with them. Even he could admit that maybe he’d tapped a few too many minions to come along with him for this but in his defense he thought she would be backed up by the other one and he would really need the extra muscle for two slayers at the same time. Wasn’t that a thought for later, but much to his surprise and delight the girl had walked right into their trap all alone. If he’d had his way he’d have simply killed the bird like every other slayer he’d faced since his first, but that wasn’t what his princess wanted. She wanted a center piece for her party, and whatever his dark goddess wanted he would give her. Always had, always will.

Coming up on the girl from behind, not his usual style, but then he’d never needed to try and take a slayer alive before he swung a handy bit of stone hard against her temple. Down she fell, dead to the world, and before the end of things dead she would be. 

Hiking the girl up across his shoulder he started to walk back towards his car whistling a little tune. Tonight would be sweet indeed, it had been ages since they properly partied as a family and this time that bitch Darla wouldn’t be around to rain on everyone’s parade every time she thought she wasn’t getting enough attention. 

Cordelia sat in the passenger seat of her corvette next to Angelus on the way back to her home and tried to ignore the way the cold leather of his coat rubbed against her abused flesh and the wetness she could feel leaking out of her. She tried not to think about what she had just done, or more accurately what she had just let be done to her. She knew the Queen C of last year would have mocked the very idea of letting herself be so used, but then again the old her had never been so scared to be alone. She needed him and would do anything to keep him by her side.

They had just cleared the tall gates, the sky had begun to lighten though the sun itself had not made an appearance just yet to call an end to the long night, when he finally spoke after a night of silent watching. 

“I hope you don’t mind, I organized a little bash to make the place feel more like home.” She didn’t say anything, she couldn’t, what would she say? This was his home now, at least she hoped it would be, if he wanted a party she wouldn’t tell him he couldn’t. Not that she thought that conversation would ever end well for her if it ever did happen.

Cordelia allowed herself to be led into the livingroom by the hand, like she was being shown a surprise just for her. His little boy smile did nothing to change that impression, but when she finally cleared the threshold all ideas of a celebration flew away in a flash. All of the windows had been covered in thick black curtains casting the room in dim darkness but she could still see all of the Cordettes, the girls she had left behind at the Bronze, in all the corners and nooks of the room. Each of them had been blindfolded and passed out among the vampires there of which there were well over a dozen. 

When Angelus had instructed her to invite his vampires into her home he had only had her call Spike and Drusilla by name, the rest had simply been addressed as minions of the Order of Aurelius. She had been picturing maybe four or five, there never seemed to be any hanging around, but this was a real nest. 

Harmony was with Spike and Drusilla, the two of them so caught up in each other’s eyes there was a good chance they had actually forgotten about the girl they were abusing for their pleasure. Harmony was down on all fours with her party dress torn and stained hanging in strips along her body with an equally naked Drusilla sitting astride her back facing Spike who was fucking her forcefully from behind. Her sobs for mercy were the loudest sound in the room besides the moans of pleasure from the vampire guests.

Aphrodesia was sitting in some random minions lap with her long auburn hair tangled in his fist so he could pull her back hard enough for her to drape across his chest giving his fangs easy access to her neck while his free hand had free range across her chest. Her legs were spread across his own leaving her open for anyone who felt like taking a lick and from the looks of it nearly half the room already had. Her chest was shaking as she tried to get enough air into her lungs to scream, but all she seemed able to do was whimper pitifully. 

Aura was hanging from her wrists from what looked to be a hastily moved metal bed frame. Her naked body spread eagle and being fucked in tandem from both sides, the unsteady frame shaking and clanking with every thrust. Her dark skin was a mess of bruising bites and drying blood and saliva. From this distance it was hard to see if she was dead or just unconscious. 

Blue was on her knees completely untouched but shivering in the cold. She wasn’t sure what they had planned for her, but the sounds of the surrounding activities alone would be enough to drive anyone mad with the waiting game she seemed to be the prize of. She was being circled by six separate vamps all of whom seemed more like sharks than demons. She didn’t know what signal they were waiting for before they would pounce but she doubted that when it came the other girl would get off lightly.

Shanice was standing on a chair shaking and twisting to the loud music being bitten every time she lost her rhythm. She didn’t know what would happen when she inevitably fell off her makeshift stage but if the number of bites were anything to go by it wouldn’t be long before they all found out.

Gwen and Katherine had been turned into a skinny blonde sandwich, leather belts that if she wasn’t mistaken were taken from her closet were tying the two chest to chest, but loosely enough that every time one was thrust into she rubbed her body against the other. 

The long table from the dining room had been dragged into the center of the room and all other furniture save for a few chairs and what looked almost like a pile of iron pokers from all the fireplaces in the house had been removed. On the table laid a body obviously restrained, but covered with a crisp white sheet. She had no idea who it could be, all of her friends were extremely visible and as far as she knew there hadn’t been anyone else with them at the Bronze that night besides Oz and the shape under the sheet was too female to be him. Whoever she was her ankles had been tied to her thighs leaving her sex apparent by the way the cloth fell against her open legs.

Before she could obsess over the identity of the mystery person too far, or dwell on the treatment of her friends she could feel his hands slipping under the heavy smooth material of the coat covering her and pushing it down her body until she was bared to a second room that night. Closing her eyes she slowly drew in a breath to try and calm her racing heart. She didn’t want to do this again, she thought what she had already done for him would be enough. Why again?

“This is our housewarming party. Don’t you want to welcome your new family the right way?” While her eyes were closed she felt the soft blindfold slip across her eyes. Did her standing there say that she was okay with this? Was she agreeing to this? What other choice was there?

Feeling his strong hand slip back into hers she let go of her fear as best she could and let him pull her further into the room. He led her across the room and judging by the sound of quiet murmuring and lilting voices they were headed towards Spike and Drusilla. She hadn’t actually met the two of them yet, though she had heard stories both from Giles and Angelus, and had a version of Drusilla in her psychedelic mindscape nightmare with her so she kind of knew of them at least. Not being able to see any of the vampires in the room made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and made her grip on his hand tighten enough to make him laugh. Insensitive jerk face!

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and nearly hysterical light laughter didn’t exactly help her nerves but they at least gave her a point of reference on which way to face so she was at least turned towards the people they were going to be talking to. Or not talking to, whatever the case was.

“Yeah, ride the naughty pony. I can feel you my Spike her skin moves with you, move her more.” Poor Harmony. They were treating her like their own personal sex toy, she knew that feeling. Intimately. 

“Dru, vixen and I are going to play with the centerpiece you made for us, you did a wonderful job with the presentation. Do you want to wish her luck? It’s her first time.” First time doing what? What was he about to do? What was she about to do? What more hadn’t she done?

“Mmmmm.” Without any warning cold bony fingers cupped her breasts and squeezed, long nails biting into her skin enough to make her have to fight back a scream. “Be a good girl and do what daddy tells you, he’ll show you how to have a good time just like us. Right my dark knight?”

“Oh yeah, we’re having all the fun my goddess.” When she was finally released on the tail end of another giggle she was eager to begin with her new experience as long as she didn’t have to put her tits near that cold vice grip again.

She could hear the sound of the sheet being pulled slowly away from the girl it was covering and could imagine the feel of it as it slid across her naked body. Angelus loved doing that to her, leaving her covered with just the sheet while he showered only to come out and pull it sideways off the bed to reveal her to him. The feel of the soft sheet dragging across her body going from warm to cold to warm again as it slowly shifted against her sensitive flesh was the best agony. She doubted this girl felt the same, but who knows maybe she did.

“Ready to learn a new skill vixen?” She didn’t trust her voice to convince him so she just nodded, trying not to let the inability to see get to her. “Good, I have something new for you to taste.”

The feel of his hand moving from her hand to the small of her back was both terrifying and exciting. So far everything he had ever done to her had gotten that reaction and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. As she was slowly bent forward she tried to guess what he was going to have her do but couldn’t until she felt the warm flesh against her cheek. 

She was bent over the table with her face between the unknown girls legs. He wanted her to… NO she couldn’t do that. She wasn’t into girls. She wanted him. She tried to get her hands under her to push away but he had anticipated her movements like usual and had her hands behind her back and wrapped in his belt before she could do anything at all to get herself out of this position. If anything this made it worse, now she had fallen forward and her chest was pressed flat against the table while her face was canted to the side to keep from breaking her nose pressing her cheek flat against the other girls warm thigh. 

“Ang-” She hadn’t even gotten through her first plea of his name before she felt him rubbing his leather clad bulge against her ass. Finally after a night of being used by others he wanted her. She had been starting to wonder if he was gearing up to toss her aside, if she wasn’t exciting enough for him anymore or maybe too defiant after going out without him to the Bronze.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night, be a good girl and give our guest what she’s been waiting for, for just as long. You know that feeling don’t you, hours spent in anticipation of that release you know would make you feel so much better. That throbbing of restraint that you just want to go away so you can finally relax into it and feel what you’ve been waiting so long for. Come on vixen, just a taste.” Nearly mewling in need at the description that made her pussy throb in want, though that could have just as easily been the feel of him rubbing against her, she knew she wouldn’t get what she wanted until she gave him the show he wanted to see. 

Leaning forward she cautiously let her tongue lick out until she made contact with sweaty flesh. That didn’t seem right.

“That’s still her thigh darling, nice try but this will take a bit more effort, here let me guide you.” Feeling his nails scraping against her scalp made her want to moan remembering all the other times he had guided her during one of their activities. He moved her forward about an inch and turned her head slightly to the side before he stopped and let go, she knew he wanted her to do this herself. To choose this herself. “There you are, give her a good lick.”

Flicking out her tongue she felt the wet flesh of another girl’s vagina and wanted to recoil in shock at the feel of it. It was so different from anything she had done before and she didn’t know what to do. Not knowing what else to do she just kept flicking her tongue out letting herself get used to the tangy taste as it coated her tongue and began to fill her senses.

“That’s it lick her up.” The laughter in his voice gave her courage to move her tongue stronger and deeper, she could feel the girl shifting against her and wanted to do her best. 

His hands suddenly stopped their gentle roving up and down her sides and moved to her ass, tightly gripping each cheek and pulling her open. She could feel his cock slipping between the spread cheeks of her ass and knew that he was going to finally give her what she had wanted all night. No matter what else ever happened to her she knew the feel of him filling her up would always be the only sensation she ever truly craved. 

“Yeah, lick her good, feel how much she wants your tongue. Follow the rhythm of my cock, fuck her like I’m fucking you. So good.” He thrust deep, the marathon session at the theatre in no way preparing her for his entire length all at once making her moan in pain, causing the girl she was tasting to shiver against her vibrating tongue and make her moan even louder at the sensation of her walls fluttering around her tongue. 

He was thrusting wildly now, she knew he was going to cum inside her and fill her up. She needed to feel him, she needed him to wipe away the feel of the others and claim her again. She was his, and she always would be. She hadn’t realized she had said those words out loud, declaring to him and everyone that she was his until he answered her.

“Of course you’re mine, vixen. You know why?” She didn’t have to see him to feel his smug smirk at her capitulation to his will. 

“I’m your whore.” There was no arguing the point anymore not after the night she had with him. She would never be anything else now.

“You’re my good whore. No one else can ever make you feel like this. Only me.” His words pulled against her stronger than any orgasm ever had before and pulled her under as the pleasure overwhelmed her completely. It was one hell of a night.

Angelus could feel himself being milked dry by his darling vixen’s tight cunt. Cordelia was spent, poor thing had a long night but that was okay he had other things to occupy his long day with. Cordelia might be wiped out right now but there were hours yet to fill with all kinds of fun and games. Rolling his girl away he crawled up towards the head of the table, eyes taking in every heaving breath and full body shudder that the defiant little slayer tried to hide. Watching the girl squirm and twist away from Cordelia had been sublime, almost as fun as seeing the look on the sheltered girls face when she had first taken in the scene being played out all around her. Virgins were so fun to scare, and so easy to. 

He could see the girls instinct to fight and save the humans from all the big bad vampires be confronted with the reality that she was too drained, of both energy and blood, and could do nothing but lie there. Now her orgasm had only zapped her strength further and left her a quivering mess of a girl, just waiting to be shown a new way to be.

This was going to be beyond perfect, he was going to be a god. 

Letting his fingers softly trail up her sweat soaked skin, feeling her muscles tense and knot with every swipe he leaned down to whisper in her ear, tongue trailing up along her neck as he went, tasting her for the first time that night. Delayed gratification was always the sweetest.

“You know Spike may have killed two slayers but I have to say I think I’m the only vamp in history who can claim to have fucked two. Who knows maybe the girl that comes after you can make it three, I do seem to have a way with you super powered types.”

He could feel the aftershocks of her orgasms as he lined his cock up with her virgin entrance, the tip of him eagerly swallowed by her quivering pussy. Locking eyes with his latest conquest he could see the drowsy post fuck haze begin to dissipate as her mind understood what her body already knew, she was in for a rough ride indeed. One quick thrust and he took the virginity of a second slayer in less than a year. Oh yeah, he was going to be a legend for this one. 

While he continued to thrust into the whimpering girl, and how pathetic was that the be so broken by a little fucking after such a show of defiance up until now, he signaled to his minions who had been having their own fun with the bitches that night to get the equipment set up. Who said you can’t make the good moments last? With a single hospital raid he ensured they would have slayer blood for days. Oh how the good times were going to roll. 

“You’re loving this, being used, being claimed. Just relax into it, get used to the feeling of it, inside you, filling you, marking you. For all your strength and training this is your real destiny. To be mine for as long as I’ll have you. Just accept it and let go.” He watched as she arched up, trying to buck him off without any leverage, she was making it all so easy. She was so lost in the ecstasy and horror of the moment that the prick of the needles didn’t even seem to penetrate the haze. Soon the night would come to an end, but not until he’d had his fill and maybe even shared the wealth with his family, there was no need to be selfish after all there was plenty to go around.

Buffy wandered out of the last cemetery on her patrol and tried not to huff in annoyance. Giles had given her a mini mission for her to do during patrol and she hadn’t been able to do it. She was supposed to tell Kendra to check in with Giles when she saw her that night, given the other girls devotion to her calling it had been a good bet that while she wasn’t around during the day she would be easily found that night, but not so much. If she couldn’t finish this then she couldn’t go see Willow and get her help finding a new way to get back in the good graces of her soulmate. 

They had been doing so well, truly on their way back to bliss and good times, but now she was floundering with no end in sight. She knew, deep down, that if she could just get Cordelia to retract the claws she’d dug into Angel for a little while she could help him see reason, but there was no way that was going to happen. If there was one thing that could be said about Cordelia Chase it was that she was stubborn, once she locked onto a target there was no shoving her off course.

Giving one last cursory look up and down the street with still no sight of her fellow slayer she decided to call it a night. She would call Giles from Willow’s place and let him know the other girl was probably off running some kind of errand for her watcher or something, she was definitely the type to fill her days with the things she was supposed to do. She would just have to try tracking the girl during the day when she would be more stationary and therefore easier to pin down. She wasn’t sure why Giles even wanted her to check in anyway, it wasn’t like he really had any sway over what the chick did when she was vacationing here in good old Sunnyhell. If anyone had asked her she would have told them to let the serious girl have her time playing hooky or whatever, she didn’t seem like she ever got much down time back home.

As she made her way to her best friend and fellow casualty in love she tried to shake the feeling of dread that seemed to settle in the pit of her stomach. It felt like something bad was just waiting to happen, but this was Sunnydale and that feeling was pretty much a constant for anyone who walked these streets at night. Shaking her head she decided she was just over reacting, nothing was wrong and in fact soon everything would be perfect with a side of amazing.

Oz didn’t know why he was coming to Giles with this, it wasn’t like the night had ended badly exactly but there had been something wrong with Cordelia and Giles was the only other person who seemed to care about the girl at the moment. He didn’t want to dwell on such a sad thought so instead he cleared his throat to get the older man’s attention away from his books and back in the library.

“Oh, I’m sorry Oz I was a bit distracted. Was there something you needed?” It was a testament to his state of worry that he didn’t even have to try and restrain any witty one liners or sardonic observations about being at the school so late at night at that question. Now he just needed to reach down deep and find the words to explain to Giles why he was there, while normally that would be at a medium difficulty level, right now it seemed even harder. There was something in the air tonight that was making his inner wolf snarl and pace and it was a hard sensation to push past to have a civil conversation.

“I’m worried about Cordelia.” That was a bit of an understatement, but he didn’t know how to put his true feeling about the night into words.

“Did something happen? Did she have another run in with the others?” Watching the older man rip off his glasses and begin cleaning them in clear worry was enough to lessen the sick feeling in his gut. Even if something was wrong, at least he knew he wasn’t the only one who cared, somehow that was enough to make him feel like he could talk again.

“No. There might have been if she hadn’t left with Angel when he came to get her. She didn’t even say goodbye.” Then after he’d gone to look for her, wanting to make sure she hadn’t been cornered somewhere for another delightful chat with a scooby, he’d come back and the Cordette’s were gone to. 

There was something  weird there, he knew there was but he didn’t know any of them well enough to even guess at what might be wrong. For all they were the ruling court of the queen of Sunnydale high, none of them had ever made the same lasting impression as Cordelia. While it wasn’t uncommon for one or more of the girls to leave the Bronze early on any given night, usually with a guy, it was unheard of for them all to disappear leaving everyone to their own devices without their helpful advice and scathing commentary.

“I will admit it has been a while since I was a teen myself but that would seem to be the normal course of events would it not. A girl will often abandon friends in favor of a boy she has strong feelings for. While it is true that Angel is not exactly a boy, I would assume-”

“No. I’m telling you there was something off about it. For a second it was like…. I don’t know like he wasn’t Angel. Or like he was Angel but not Angel you know.” He wasn’t explaining this right and he knew it, but how could you explain a vibe to someone who didn’t even see what started it? It was a gut feeling that something was wrong, a long buried instinct that he didn’t know how to understand himself yet let alone express to someone else, even someone as in tune with the world as Giles.

“I’m afraid I don’t, but I do trust your judgement Oz, so I will promise to speak with the both of them tomorrow individually and see if there is anything to see. Will that do?”

“Yeah.” It would have to. 

Jenny tried to calm her nerves while she waited outside the hotel room door for her uncle to let her in. If anyone knew if her suspicions about Angel were right it would be him, although the simple fact of him being here was enough of a confirmation in its own way. 

If it was true if Angel had lost his soul and become Angelus what could they possibly do now? Could the slayer fight him? Would she even be willing to try? Had she ruined everything by letting herself get distracted from her mission with her new life here in California?

Still getting no answer she tried the door herself, it wasn’t likely he would be foolish enough to leave himself so vulnerable here in Sunnydale, but some instincts were hard to fight. When met with a closed door that has no answer, jiggle the handle. Feeling it turn easily she slowly pushed it open, not wanting to startle her uncle if she caught him unawares, for as formidable a man as he was he was still an old man. 

Stepping into the immaculate room she froze at the sight before her. Oh, no.

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