Chapter 7 – Meeting with Me

Chapter 2

Buffy looked around the table at all of her friends, and Cordelia, as Giles droned on and on about the latest threat to her. She knew she should probably be paying more attention to what he was saying, but what was the point? Not only had she already survived every threat so far to her, but he was also focusing on Cordelia. Cordelia!

Okay, so obviously this guy was brain dead enough to have a thing for Queen C, but she was the slayer! He was a vampire! Hello, he was obviously after her, he just hadn’t gotten up the nerve to come straight at her yet. Come on! He killed her neighbors, why were they still wasting time talking about Cordelia? Looking over at Willow she knew she wasn’t the only one thinking the same thing, so obviously she was right.

Hell, if they wanted to talk about Slut C she had a better topic for them all. Like how about how she was totally hoeing it up with her guy. She didn’t blame Angel, after all a guy would have to be a saint to resist a ho-bag acting like that after all. He was most likely just afraid of her reaction, that explained why he hadn’t come crawling back to her yet. Plus, it totally explained why he was still crawling between Cordelia’s conveniently spread legs, he was consoling himself with cheap meaningless sex because he thought he’d lost any right to her love.

Normally he would be right to be afraid, but she was willing to be the bigger person and forgive him. Just this once of course, which she would make perfectly clear to him. Though she would forgive him, she would also make it beyond clear that he had to stop this thing he had going on with Queen Skank. She and Angel were epic, and everyone knew it, so he slipped one time, okay two times, but she was going to be the forgiving mature adult here and let him off the hook. She could already picture him groveling at her feet in gratitude for her gracious actions.

After all what kind of soul mate would she be if she held every little thing against him forever? Not to mention that once the fight was over there was all kinds of make-up sex to keep them both totally occupied and away from any other distractions.

When she told him that he was forgiven, of course only after he’d groveled for a suitable amount of time, he would be back to worshipping her very willing body. She could hardly wait, if what she saw him doing with she who shall never again be mentioned was anything to go by their sex life was going to be even more mind blowing-ly epic than she remembered. Not to mention that since he didn’t love Queen C, and he did love her, their sex would be even more earth shatteringly amazing. It was like a scientific fact that love made everything better, especially sex.

Angelus couldn’t believe it, the slayer was getting worked up and going all gooey eyed all through the meeting. He doubted she even heard a single word of what the old wind bag watcher had to say. Considering where the conversation was headed that was probably a good thing.

“You know Angel, if I didn’t know for a fact that you were so thoroughly reformed I would believe this to be your handiwork. These games are very much reminiscent of your early years as Angelus.”

At the watchers words every pair of eyes turned his way, each with their own expression. Hate, love, amusement, curiosity, suspicion and more was just flooding out of their eyes in his direction.

“You’re right of course. Are you saying you think I’m behind this?” He kept his voice even and free of any form of emotion, especially the laughter that threatened to bubble up at their reactions. The best way to keep a secret is misdirection after all.


“Of course not!”

“Giles wasn’t saying that at all. Were you Giles?”

“Are you?”

“Oz! How could you say such a thing? Angel is our friend.” Willow rose to his defense immediately, her belief that he and her friend were fated to be together, their names intertwined in the stars or something equally nauseating, removing all doubt of his innocence from her mind before the thoughts could even take root.

“Giles brought it up, and he never gave an actual answer. So are you behind this?” Wolf boy it seems was far more observant than he gave him credit for. To him, it seemed, no one was above suspicion. He would normally admire that in a person, or a dog, but at the moment it was just irritating as hell.

“No! I would never do something like this. Yes, I have done some questionable things in my past, most of which would make your blood freeze in your veins just from hearing about it.” That particular fact was a matter of pride for him, his exploits were legendary. “All of which were done before my soul was restored, and I have not done anything like it since my soul has been within me.”

He waited for his words to sink in, when the lengthy pause dragged on and it seemed that no one else had any questions for him he couldn’t stop the smirk that worked its way onto his face, not that he was really trying all that hard. The evening so far had been a rousing success, ending with a pissed off slayer scowling at her best friends beau just because he was smarter than all the rest of them combined. Life was good.

Giles looked around the room and wondered once again how the entire evening had gotten away from him. Things had been going well until an off handed comment sent everyone into a tailspin. He didn’t know who he was more shocked with Oz for asking the question of Angel or everyone else’s reactions to it.

Well almost everyone anyhow, he had noticed that while everyone else’s reactions to the nights events were fairly typical, bordering on predictable, but Cordelia had seemed almost curious. Normally when a subject was broached that the young miss chase felt had no true significance to her personally she would make it known fairly early on just how she felt about the turn of events. This time however she just seemed to be going with the flow of the conversation, not really interrupting it at all now that he thought of it. He had begun to fear that this ordeal she was being subjected to was taking a far greater toll on her than she was presently letting on. He resolved then and there to speak with her more privately once everyone else had departed.

Buffy waited for everyone else to start drifting out towards the parking lot, and for Giles to really gain Cordelia’s attention, before she approached Angel. He seemed to be waiting for Cordelia and while that would normally annoy her, right now it sort of worked for her so she let it go as unimportant.

“Angel?” She couldn’t believe she was nervous, it wasn’t like he would refuse to talk to her after all, and he loved her more than anything.

“Yes? Was there something you wanted?” When he said “wanted” there was just something in his tone that made her mouth go dry, and her panties flood with moisture. Yes, there was definitely something she wanted.

“Could we talk?” God she sounded and felt completely junior high. What was it about Angel that always made her feel so juvenile? It was like everything she said, no matter what it was, was always just so young. For the first time in her life, being young was a not so much of the good.

“We are talking.” That wasn’t what she meant and he knew it. Why was he being so difficult about this?

“Not here, somewhere a little more private.” Where to go? Where to go? They had to be far enough away to be out of Giles and Cordelia’s earshot but at the same time it couldn’t look like they were going too far or Angel might balk.

“Where did you have in mind?” Anywhere he wanted. Did he always sound so sexy? She supposed he did, it wasn’t like anything about him had changed lately. Maybe she was just finally hearing it for the first time since she was now a more sexual being. Yeah, that must be it, she just didn’t hear it before because she was a virgin.

“Follow me I’ll show you.” She walked away making sure to put a little extra sway in her hips to try and grab his interest. Try? Where had that come from? He was Angel and she was Buffy since when did she have to try to get his interest? Since never that’s when. Or to be more honest, since Cordelia.

Angelus had known that messing with the scoobies would be fun, but he never guessed it would be this fun. The slayer was acting all insecure, trying and failing to appear sexy and confident, something his vixen did without thought at all. She was trying to seduce him, and he thought he might just let her.

When they reached the room at the end of the hall he knew where she was taking him, the girl’s bathroom, just out of range of listening ears and abandoned at this time of night. He could work with that, and if he played his cards right it could work for him twofold both now and later on.

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“I saw you with Cordelia. You and her were like totally oblivious while you were fucking Queen Slut into the table. God, she was practically begging for it like a bitch in heat.”

There were two ways he could handle this, now he just needed to choose which way to go. He could act all understanding and contrite or he could go the fun way. Looking into her blazing anger filled eyes he knew exactly what he would do. After all, you could never have too much fun in your life.

“I know you saw us you naughty girl. I smelled your arousal right off, the sight of me nailing the future prom queen got you off, your panties were soaking wet weren’t they? You probably stood there fantasizing about being in her place, about having me above you again, about your tight little body straining to take all of me. What’s the matter slayer? Haven’t found anyone else willing to throw you in bed for a quick fuck? Were you hoping I would lower myself to touch you again?”

He watched as his words sank it, as the fire and light in her eyes died down to nothing but tears. Now that he had her in the right frame of mind it was time to turn the tables a bit, to get her right where he needed her to be.

“I could you know. Touch you. Would you like that? Is that what you want? Me to touch you again, maybe do to you what I did to Cordelia? If that’s what you want then you have to act like a good girl and ask me for it just like she did. Can you do that? Can you tell me what you want?”

He watched as the mention of Cordelia made the slayer both angry and horny. This girl was so bent out of shape over Cordelia he’d be surprised if even she knew just how much watching him dominate the girl got her off. He waited a few seconds for what he said to penetrate her anger fogged mind, then he waited for her to make a decision. If she decided to hold to her anger, then it was no great loss, after all he still had his vixen to keep him warm at night. It wasn’t like he wasn’t still planning to kill the slayer eventually, but if he could play a little first that would be just too sweet.

“Touch me.” Nice.

“Touch you? That sounds like a demand, not a request.” He stepped closer to her, stopping a breath away from her so she could feel him there even if he wasn’t actually putting his hands on her yet. Ghosting his hands along her body he stopped just short of cupping her sex. “I told you that if you wanted something from me you needed to ask for it, so ask.”

Come on slayer throw that pride out the window, you know you want it. Hell at this rate maybe he should try for little red to, complete his growing collection. Nah. The only one he really wanted was his vixen after all.

“Please, touch me?” She sounded so confused and desperate, he loved it. Her eyes were now so bogged down with lust she couldn’t feel anything else and he hadn’t even done anything to her yet. Not that he would, at least not right now.

“No. If you want a reward you have to learn how to behave. You spied on me, demanded my attention, and expected my devotion. No, if you want anything from me now, you’ll have to earn it.”

“But—“She looked so put out, she was on the verge of pouting, and the tears were back only now they were born of frustration.

Loving it he turned to go, but he couldn’t resist turning back for a second, just to let her know.

“For the record Cordelia wasn’t practically begging for it, she was absolutely begging for my cock, you heard every word she whimpered out of her hot little mouth. When you lay awake in your little bed tonight and you’re running your naughty little fingers across your aching pussy that’s what I want you to think about. I want you to think about Cordelia pinned to that table pleading for more of my big hard cock. When you finally cum all over your roving fingers I want you to think about all the dirty, naughty, things I could do to your little body.”

Turning away from her he walked back towards the Library and his vixen, if he played this right his night would be far from over.

Cordelia sat in her car beside Angel on the way to her house, her mind going a mile a minute. She didn’t even remember how exactly she got relegated to the passenger seat, it was her car! She knew that wasn’t really the cause of her anger, if he wanted to drive she had no problem just going with the flow on that, hell it freed her mind from having to really pay attention to the world around her so she could think. Angel and Buffy had disappeared while she’d been trapped talking to Giles, they’d been gone for about half an hour before Angel came back looking smug and Buffy never showed before they left.

Had the two of them finally gotten back together, she had always known it was only a matter of time before the epic-ness of the Angel and Buffy show took off again. She guessed she was just frustrated that it happened like right after she let Angel do all those things to her, it was like his sneaking off with little miss perfect was his way of saying that she hadn’t been enough. That she wasn’t enough. No! Screw that noise she was Cordelia freaking Chase, she was more than enough for anybody, like Buffy could ever compare to her in any way shape or form. When the car finally slowed to a stop in her drive way she decided to do what she did best, what she was known for really, she’d be direct about it.

“Did you and Buffy hook-up while I was with Giles?” There it was out in the open now, so they could both just deal with it.

“Why would you think that?” Wow, he was good, no denial but no affirmation either. He wanted her to spell out her reasoning.

“Because… because you left together and when you came back you were all smug and stuff like a guy who just scored and Buffy didn’t come back at all. What happened? Did you rip her clothes? I know how much you love doing that.” Her voice had started out wavering but by the end she was her usual acerbic self. If he left her for Buffy, so what, she would not break. Hah, break? She wouldn’t even bend.

“No, we didn’t ‘hook-up’, she asked to talk to me so we stepped out so we wouldn’t disturb you and Giles if we got a little loud as our nearly all our discussions seem to be these days. She led me to the girl’s restroom at the end of the hall and we talked. Apparently she saw you and me, in the back of the stacks, while we were fucking. She was full of accusations and insults against us both for a while. Eventually she changed her tune, and yes I think she was looking for a hook-up, but I didn’t touch her I swear. We talked about you, about her, even about me, but I swear to you nothing happened.”

He had the chance to reunite with Buffy and he turned her down? Oh God! She didn’t know what to think about that. She’d always just assumed that when Buffy finally got over herself and crooked her finger at him Angel would go running back without even a glance in her direction. Now, he was telling her that he’d turned her down.

“Really? You turned her down?”

“I did.” Wow, something like that really deserved some sort of reward right? He looked so earnest, and he was looking right in her eyes, almost like he was afraid she wouldn’t believe him. Well she would just have to let him know that she did, and since words were so easy to ignore, she would just have to show him. Oh God, she was starting to fall for him, like utterly and completely fall for him.

Unbuckling her seatbelt she turned slightly in her seat, she knew what she looked like right now, she looked like she was about to let him have it with both barrels. Just as he opened his mouth, most likely to defend his actions, she leaned forward giving him a good view down her blouse at her breasts while her hand went to his zipper. As she dragged it down, his already hard length spilled out onto her hands, she loved the feel of him, but this wasn’t about her.

Taking him lightly in her hand she never broke eye contact as she slowly lowered her head towards his straining erection. When her mouth finally closed over his tip she heard him moan in pleasure. She couldn’t stop her eyes from sliding shut with her own pleasure. He hadn’t seen anything yet. Before she was done he wouldn’t even remember who Buffy was.

Hollowing her cheeks she sank down further, slowly taking him in an inch at a time. She let her hand pump along the shaft harder and harder with every pass of her tongue. She could feel his cock begin to pulse as he got closer and closer to release, a few more seconds and she would be able to taste him again.

She was so distracted by the thought of it, she didn’t notice that his hand had fisted in her hair until he was pulling at her, lifting her head up and her mouth off of him. She was confused at first until she heard what he was panting.

“No, ride me. I want to see you.”

Swinging her leg over him she straddled his lap, slowly sinking down on him as he thrust up into her warm, wet pussy.

She watched his hands glide up her body until he got to her breasts and stopped. He was looking straight into her eyes.

“What was that you said about me liking to rip clothes?”

She heard the tearing sound before the rest of her brain caught on to what he was doing. Even with his words ringing in her ears it didn’t fully register until she felt the cool night air on her bared skin. The way he was staring at her now naked breasts, such hunger burning in his eyes, she knew what he wanted. What they both wanted.

“Bite me! Feed from me! Please!” This she knew, was something Saint Buffy would never let him do to her, but she could never get enough. The feel of his fangs breaking the skin, of the blood rushing to the surface and the pull of his mouth was amazing.

No sooner had the words left her mouth than he was giving her what she wanted so badly. The feel of his mouth on her, his fangs in her, made her come so hard she was sure her neighbors could hear her scream. Oh yes, this was sure to wipe out any trace of Buffy from his mind, at least for the night.

Buffy was laying alone in her bed and she couldn’t sleep. Everything Angel had said to her kept echoing in her mind over and over again. Even the not quite touch he’d given her had been enough to keep her keyed up and wanting for hours. God! Why did he have to be with Cordelia? Why didn’t he come running back to her like he was supposed to? Did he not love her anymore? No! That was beyond ridiculous of course he still loved her this was Angel, her Angel, he would love her forever.

Rubbing her thighs together under the covers she tried to get it all out of her mind, to just turn it off and get some sleep. She would talk to Willow about it all tomorrow and together they would figure out what she could do next to get him out of Cordelia’s clutches.

It was no use, her mind wouldn’t stop playing Angel’s words back to her like a CD stuck on repeat. Slowly her hand began to creep under the covers to her dripping pussy. She rarely masturbated, she’d always been taught that it wasn’t something a good girl did. She’d wanted to a few times, and every now and again she gave into the urge, but normally she could just go to sleep and pretend like it didn’t matter. This time was different, this time it was like she had to do this.

When you lay awake in your little bed tonight and you’re running your naughty little fingers across your aching pussy that’s what I want you to think about.

She whimpered as his words echoed back to her again and again. Her fingers rubbed harder and harder along her pulsating lips. Oh God
She could still see them together. Cordelia laid out on the table in the back of the stacks with Angel pounding into her harder and harder. She could hear her pleas for more. Her fingers finally dipped inside sending shocks of pleasure throughout her whole body as her jerky movements began to work her up. Higher and higher.

Please, Angel harder. I want it. More. I want to feel you inside me. Please.

“I want it!” She was so lost in her own pleasure she didn’t even realize she’d spoken out loud.

While her fingers continued to torment her wet pussy her other hand crept up to her aching breast. When her fingers finally clamped down on her nipple and pinched it mercilessly her back arched slightly, just enough to let her fingers sink deeper inside of her. Yes! So close, she was so close.

When you finally cum all over your roving fingers I want you to think about all the dirty, naughty, things I could do to your little body.

Think about them she did, every last fantasy flashed through her mind. She was so focused on her pleasure that she didn’t even notice that before the fantasies began all she could think about was Angel with Cordelia. When she finally came down from her orgasm, she felt so tired she knew she would easily be able to fall asleep now. She’d deal with all of this tomorrow. Sighing contentedly she finally allowed her eyes to drift shut to the feel of her own cum sticking to her thighs.

Cordelia lay awake in bed beside Angel, they had spent hours wearing each other out, but she couldn’t seem to let herself drift away on the wave of her sexual bliss. Bits and pieces of the conversations tonight just kept invading her mind.

These games are very much reminiscent of your early years as Angelus.

I have done some questionable things in my past, most of which would make your blood freeze in your veins just from hearing about it.

What all had Angel done back in his less than nice days? Did she really want to know? Easy answer there, no she didn’t want to know, but she had a feeling she needed to know. She loved him, and unlike Buffy she wouldn’t close her eyes and turn away from the parts of him that made her uncomfortable. Hell, Buffy had ignored anything that reminded her that Angel was even a vampire, let alone anything that reminded her that he hadn’t always been a neutered vamp. So she needed to know about Angel’s past as Angelus, but how would she get to know those things?

She could ask Angel himself, but even she knew how much he hated talking about his less than stellar past. Anytime something or someone popped up that reminded him that he wasn’t always so nice and cuddly he shut down and shut them all out. So that was a no go there.

She supposed she could ask Giles. After their little talk today she was sure he would tell her, or at least tell her where to look. She still remembered what he’d said to her in the library before Angel had come back to get her.

Cordelia, I know that my behavior was deplorable when you first came to me for help. I dismissed you as unimportant and I will live with the regret of my actions for the rest of my days. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that I am here for you now. I know what you must be thinking, too little too late, and you are quite right of course. I am not asking your forgiveness because I know I do not deserve it, however I do want to make sure you know that I am here for you if you need anything. Anything at all.

Now what she needed was information, hopefully he would be willing to help. She’d hit him up tomorrow during last period.

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