Marvel & DC

Here you will find all properties that have ties back to either Marvel or DC in some way. These will include not only the big name characters like Superman or Batman etc… but also smaller ones that aren’t easily seen as being theirs like Blade which is a marvel property. They are listed in alphabetical order by property so DC first then Marvel.


Rated : Teen and Up

Summary : Lex finally finds himself back in Metropolis but his mind keeps drifting back to a certain farm boy.

Relationships : Clark/Lex

Characters : Clark Kent, Lex Luthor

Status : Complete (One-shot) | 1,097

Tags : One-shot; Character Study?; No real dialogue

Human Condition

Rated : Teen

Summary : Lex knows Clark wants to tell him the truth he just has to find a way to let him.

Relationship : Lex Luthor/Clark Kent

Characters : Lex Luthor; Clark Kent

Tags : No Dialogue; Introspection Piece

Status : Complete | 884

Good Night

Rated – Explicit

Summary – When Lex finds Clark tied up like a scarecrow he decides to have a very good night.

Relationship(s) – Lex Luthor/Clark Kent

Character(s) – Lex Luthor; Clark Kent

Tag(s) – None

Status – Complete | 1,257

Exile Me Home

Rated – Gen

Summary – Lex never thought he would find anything to bring meaning to his life until one impulsive decision sends him crashing right into it.

Relationship(s) – Lex/Clark implied

Character(s) – Lex Luthor, Clark Kent, Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor

Tag(s) – None

Status : Complete | 1,074


Summary – Tony goes looking for answers, and he will say to his dying day that none of this would have happened if everyone else hadn’t been to busy to just sit down and talk to him.

Relationship(s) – James “Bucky” Barnes/Logan (X-Men) (Mentioned not shown)

Characters – Tony Stark; Original Character; Logan Howlett (X-Men); James “Bucky” Barnes

Status – One-shot | 3,157

Tag(s) – Story Time; Implied Time Period Homophobia

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