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Ian Mickey

One More Night

Summary – After Mickey’s first time with Ian they both think that would be the end of it but when Mickey can’t stop thinking about Ian he decides they have to be together no matter what Ian thinks.

Relationship(s) – Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich; Lip Gallagher/Mandy Milkovich; Fiona Gallagher/Jimmy Lishman

Characters – Mickey Milkovich; Ian Gallagher; Lip Gallagher; Fiona Gallagher; Jimmy Lishman; Mandy Milkovich; Veronica Fisher; Kev Ball; Kash Kari

Tag(s) – Dubious Consent; Abuse; possessive mickey; anger issues; dominant mickey; Bottom Ian; Top Mickey; Violence; Blackmail; protective gallaghers

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