Chapter 5 – I need to know

Chapter 5

Stiles finally made it home at around eight, he was now completely without energy, but he was beyond happy. Derek had initiated their little thing, he had taken control, which had to mean that he was starting to get used to them being together. Didn’t it? Every other time, beyond the first, even if Derek got things started by simply coming through his bedroom window or setting a place for them to meet he was always reluctant to be the first to make physical contact. It was always left up to Stiles to get them both going before Derek would start to take the lead, not that he minded at all, but this time was different and he couldn’t shake the hope that the newest turn of events stirred in him.

He was so focused on what had just happened that he didn’t even notice that he wasn’t alone in his house until a voice jolted him out of his own mind. Quite violently in fact, he was sure he jumped a good three feet and there may have even been a manly yelp in there somewhere.

“Where the hell have you been Stiles? We’ve been waiting for hours for you to get here. We’ve been waiting for so long your dad was here when we arrived.”

Turning he found his livingroom filled with his friends Scott, Allison, Lydia, Boyd, Erica, Jackson, and Isaac. Hell, if they had come by straight after school that meant they had drawn his dad’s attention to the fact he wasn’t home and he could expect an interrogation when they finally saw each other again. The only saving grace with that being that after years of experience he knew for a fact he could go at least a week without ever crossing paths with his father if he had to.

Finally looking at the faces of the people all but surrounding him he realized that this wasn’t just a social call. Everyone but Isaac seemed to be worried or concerned about something, Isaac only seemed resigned. The only reason Isaac’s reaction would be different would be if this little intervention was about Derek. Everyone was looking curious though so that meant Isaac hadn’t told them anything yet, maybe he could play this off, whatever it was. One look at Lydia killed that impulse before it was ever even born. She was wearing the expression that said she wanted answers and she wasn’t leaving until she got them.

“What are you guys doing here?” Come on give me something to work with here.

“You quit the team, why?” Oh, that’s what this was about, he could totally misdirect that. It would be tricky but he’d been lying with the truth for years, he was ready for this.

“No reason, I just realized there were other things I could be doing, other than riding the bench.” Like riding Derek. See truth.

“Like what? Lacrosse is our life.” Of course the star player would think that, as a member of the backup brigade the only person lower down the pecking order than him was Greenberg. At least since Scott got his wolfy steroids and blew right past him.

“Haha, no man Lacrosse is your lives, I’m just moving on to better things.” Come on let it go.

“Like what?” Like Derek’s dick. Why weren’t they letting this go? It’s not like his life and hobbies were really of any interest to any of them. Hell, he was surprised they even found out about him quitting this fast, he would have bet on it taking at least until the third missed practice if not longer.

“Dude, what is this? I decide not to ride the pine anymore and you’re acting like you think I’m on drugs. I’m not by the way. Why are you pressing this? It’s just a high school sports team not the olympics.” Hell it wasn’t even the most prominent school sport in the state, that like most everywhere else in the US of A was still football. 

“What are you up to Stiles?” Oh Lydia, so beautiful yet so stubborn and if he wasn’t careful so deadly to his plans.

“Why do I have to be up to something? Why can’t I have just decided that I don’t want to sit on a bench watching everyone else play for months on end?” He knew he was sounding defensive, but they really should have dropped it by now. It was just a stupid game!

“Because you’re Stiles, and you don’t just give up, on anything, ever.” This from Erica who he was fairly certain looked kind of hurt at the thought that he might not be as predictable as she seemed to think he was.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think the girl who hit me with a piece of my own car before dumping my unconscious body in a dumpster is really the best judge of my character or motivations.” The quick sideways looks from nearly everyone in the room in her direction told him more than anything that she’d never felt the need to share that particular insight with the rest of the class. If he was lucky that little tidbit would distract everyone enough that he wouldn’t have to deal with the third degree anymore.

“That’s not the point here,” He forgot the presence of the force that was Lydia Martin negated all luck to be had, “though we will be hearing more about that later.”

Her tone promised dark retribution against Erica if she felt it was deserved. He tried to feel bad for her, having been on the receiving end of that tone from his former eternal love himself many times in recent history, but then he remembered what they were talking about and that sympathy just withered away and died.

“Although Erica does have a point, the Stiles we all know and tolerate doesn’t give up easily, if at all. So why haven’t I seen more of you over the last few months?”

“What do you mean? You see me plenty. Hell you’re seeing me now.” Move on! Damn it!

“True I do see you at school and at pack meetings when there’s a new threat to be figured out, usually in latin, but I don’t see you nearly as much as I used to. Why aren’t you stalking me anymore?”

“Hey I take offense at that! I never stalked anyone, I just always let my presence be known that’s all.” He should know he has the best, most broody stalker there ever was. You haven’t been truly stalked until you’ve been stalked by a super stealthy sourwolf.

“Yeah, every place I was.” Well, that was kind of self absorbed, half those times he hadn’t even thought about Lydia until he saw her already there. It was cliche to say but this was a small town.

“Hello miss full of herself this is Beacon Hills there isn’t exactly a lot of place, so yeah we ended up in the same places sometimes but I never stalked you thank you very much. I had a ten year plan for our eventual union.”

“Exactly!” Oh my god it was like one of those Aha! moments in old noir films complete with pointing finger and everything.

“Exactly what? I wasn’t stalking you, yeah exactly.” He felt he had defended himself quite well, thank you very much.

“No you said you had a ten year plan for us. Meaning you don’t have one now.” Damn! She really did have an aha moment and now he was so defensive he couldn’t even mock her for it. At least he couldn’t mock her at the moment, he would store it away for later use though, because moments like this deserved all the mockery.

“Well duh, I made that plan like five years ago, ten year plans only stay ten year plans the first year.” Which was true if not the reason it was currently past tense.

“No, you’ve been calling it your ten year plan for those entire five years, it’s past tense now because it’s past tense for you. You’ve given up on your crush on me haven’t you Stiles?” Wow she was good, too good, what the hell was he supposed to say to that. If he denied it all the werewolves in the room would hear the lie, but it was the truth. What to do?

“No way, Stiles has been all about Lydia since like the third grade, what could make him give up on that?” Et tu Scotty? Come on now, can’t anyone be on his side in this? Although that was kind of on his side, if his side was still where it used to be. Sort of.

“Not a what Scott, I think we’re dealing with a who.”

“What?” Oh Scott, can’t even follow a conversation.

“I think the reason why Stiles epic crush is history is the same reason why he’s quit lacrosse and the reason he’s been avoiding us. What’s her name Stiles?” Her name? He was kind of insulted that she was limiting him like that, but he could roll with it.

“Whose name?” Come on play dumb, stall for time.

“Whoever it is you’ve been seeing behind our backs. I want a name and I’m not leaving until I get it.” He watched as she sat down on his couch crossing her legs apparently prepared to get comfortable and wait him out if necessary. 

One by one the rest nodded their heads in agreement and followed suit even Isaac who was obviously going to be no help to him at all. He was so screwed.

He didn’t know how it happened, he really and truly didn’t. One minute he was deflecting multiple questions about his love life, doing a damn good job of it really, managing to do the impossible and hold Lydia Martin at bay or at least at arms length for a little while. Then someone came up with the bright idea to go see Derek about the whole thing.

Erica’s amazing reasoning had been that maybe he could try something that the newly turned wouldn’t know to do yet, in order to figure out the mystery that was currently plaguing their minds.

“Guys, seriously, what makes any of you even think Derek Hale would care who I’m crawling into bed with?” He knew it was weak, but he was desperately trying to get them, any of them, to reconsider this plan.


“Shut-up Issac!” The last thing he needed was for Isaac to come jumping in with answers now of all times. It was almost like the little bastard was enjoying this.

Yes, while he was deflecting some of the questions it had come out that this thing he was involved in was less of a relationship and more of a friends with awesome benefits kind of arrangement. Sex without the sentiment. This unfortunately did not sit as well with his friends as it had with him, and now they were off to ask Derek for help.

He was so about to get murdered for this. Either way it went he was completely and utterly screwed. Either they figured it out and Derek killed him or they didn’t figure it out and after his friends killed him for leaving them hanging Derek would kill him for what was about to be an unintentional ambush in his own home. He was soon to die at his lovers hands, he knew he should have been more adventurous in his life when he had the chance. Now there would be no chance because he was about to sign his own order of execution.

When the loft door swung open he wanted to die, was actually considering just climbing up the final set of stairs to the roof and leaping off, because instead of Derek standing there scowling at them, there stood Peter. Smirking at them.




“What are you doing here, hellspawn?” Leave it to Lydia to get right to the heart of the matter.

“Well, my nephew lives here, and as my only living relative I feel it is my duty to stop by and check on him from time to time. See what he’s doing, how he’s doing, who he’s doing.” That last remark was aimed in his direction and the urge to vomit was steadily growing stronger.

Peter knew.

“Whatever, I don’t care we’re here to see Derek.” Leave it to Miss Martin to soldier on even in the face of pure evil. She would have her answers, no matter what.

“Whatever for? Could it be that you’ve found out the secret the Mr. Stilinski and young Issac have been keeping from you and now you’re looking for confirmation or a denial of the facts from the only other party involved.”

Yeah he knew he hated Peter, but until that moment he really didn’t understand what it was to truly HATE Peter. He watched with a sickening sense of dread as every head turned towards him and Issac. He saw the accusation turn to thought and the thought turn to an idea and finally he saw the idea turn to a conclusion in each of them.

Except for Scott, God love him, the poor clueless bastard was still just glaring at Peter. Of course the conclusion they all came to was the wrong one and while this was sure to be a slow and painful end to his existence, it was about to be funny as hell for a minute.

“You and Issac?”

He waited for Issac to catch up with the conversation. Issac had been so sure that the truth was about to finally come out that he hadn’t made the same connection from Peter’s words as the others had. Then again poor little Isaac was working with more first hand knowledge than the others were.

He waited for the horror to come, and when it did it was spectacular. It was like watching one of those romantic comedy movies where you see a guy get accused of sleeping with someone that they had never even thought of in that way before, and then because someone said it that image is unwillingly seared into their brain. The flip out from that moment is just comical.

“What no! Not me Derek, he’s with Derek!” Isaac was waving his arms and everything, doing whatever he could to get the focus off of him and back to where he believed it belonged. Dude.

“Issac! Here I thought you and I were buds man, way to toss me under that bus.” His amusement was of course short lived since the cat was now firmly out of the bag.


“And -“


Looking over at his friends he saw them all in various stages of shock and then he waited for it. They were all about to have that moment that Isaac just had. Say hello to the imagery.

“Oh God -“

Scott my man, coming in first at last. As soon as Scott voiced the horror they were all smacking their foreheads and squeezing their eyes shut trying to make the pain go away from what their minds were creating for them.

“So did any of you want to talk to Derek?” He takes it back, he’s actually starting to like Peter.

“NO!” They all yelled it at once sort of making it sound like a weird single voice. Strange. Without another sound they all tripped back out the door towards their cars and freedom leaving Stiles behind.

“So Stiles I suppose you wanted to come in for a bit?”

“Sure.” All that was left to do was to keep the horror of it so ingrained in all of them that none of them thought to talk to anyone about it for three more months. Peter could be helpful with that.

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