Chapter 4 – Confrontations

chapter 4

Cordelia was humming to herself as she searched the fridge for something to eat. It was Saturday morning and she was deliciously sore and starving to death. It had taken quite a bit of persuasion on her part to get Angel to let her out of bed long enough to hunt for food. Honestly the man was acting like he hadn’t had sex in forever.

Taking out the ingredients for her salad she began to think about her “relationship” or whatever this was with Angel. She knew she should still be beyond pissed with him for what being with him was putting her through with Buffy and her sidekicks, but for some reason she just couldn’t hold on to her anger when she was with him. As long as he wasn’t around she could fume and bitch until she was seething mad, but the second she looked into those dark haunting eyes her rage just evaporated like it never existed.

Plus, they seemed to be basing their entire thing on sex, they never went out on dates, or talked, or really left whatever reasonably flat surface they were using at the moment to scratch that mutual itch. She would be insecure and start to think that he was embarrassed to be seen with her but two things stopped that train of thought before it ever got started. One, he never took saint Buffy out either, so it was really just an Angel flaw that he never thought about those kinds of things. To be honest if she was as old as he was she might not think about them either. And, two, the most important and reaffirming reason there was, she was Cordelia Chase, no one would be embarrassed to be seen with her.

She was finished with her salad and was just putting the bowl in the sink when another thought hit her, this one only a single word. Blood. She didn’t have any, well any pigs blood anyway, there was nothing here for Angel to eat. It was daylight out and unlike his apartment her house didn’t offer ready access to the sewer system, thank god for that one, so he was stuck here with no blood in sight at least until the sun went down. What could she do about that? There had to be something she could do. Maybe she could offer to go to the butchers for him, a quick meal run or something.

Cordelia was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t hear him enter the kitchen, Angelus could tell because she didn’t so much as twitch to acknowledge his presence behind her. He wondered briefly what she was thinking about so hard, but he let it go in favor of slipping his arms around her and letting his hand push beneath her loosely tied robe to cup her breast. God, he loved her body and she was just as insatiable as he’d thought she’d be. There was no satisfying his vixen, not completely anyway, and that was more than alright with him.

“Mmmm, Angel.”

That however was annoying. He couldn’t wait until the truth finally came out so he could hear his name on her lips. He ran his other hand down her curves to her thigh and began to slowly draw it back up again dragging the hem of her short silk robe back up with him. He was reaching for her dripping sex when her hand caught his wrist and stopped him.


“No, wait there’s something I wanted to talk to you about and if we start with this I’ll just forget and this is something we should totally talk about. Okay?”

Fine he’d play along if this was so important to her, but if it was something stupid he promised himself he would continue on with his own plans for how to spend the rest of the day. Mainly with her laid bare beneath him begging and screaming.

“Alright, what did you want to talk about?”



“You want to talk about blood?”

“I want to talk about my lack of blood actually, well my lack of blood in the house, well my lack of pigs blood in the house for you to drink.”

Alright making more sense now, barely, but enough that he could finally catch on to what was happening now. She was worried because she didn’t have any pigs blood for him to drink. He hadn’t drank pigs blood since he’d returned to being himself, but she didn’t know that, so her concern while misplaced was kind of sweet.

“Oh, are you worried I’m going to bite you?” To late on that front princess I already tasted you, not that you noticed.

“No! Of course not, I just I don’t know what happens to vampires if they don’t eat every day. Like my friend Jennine in middle school if she didn’t eat every day or if she like skipped a meal she got like totally bitchy. But don’t worry I have an idea.”

He was about to tell her that vampires could go a few days without blood and the only thing that would happen is that they would start to get steadily weaker so waiting for nightfall wouldn’t hurt him. But she looked so bright and proud of herself when she announced that she had an idea that he just had to hear what she was thinking about.

“What’s your idea?”

“Well, my other friend Mandy was always on this like Jenny Craig type diet, but sometimes she would be stuck having to eat like normal people food or whatever but that didn’t hurt the diet since it was only every now and then right. So I was thinking that maybe you could drink some of my blood.”

She looked so hopeful and yet at the same time she looked resigned like she thought he was about to tell her all the reasons why that was a stupid idea. If he’d still been Angel, he just might have done just that. Then again if he’d still been Angel he’d still be panting after Buffy and wouldn’t be here in the first place. If he were a better man he would turn down the offer and tell her that he would be fine until sundown. But he was Angelus and everyone knew he was not a good man at all.

He couldn’t stop smirking at the thought of tasting her again and this time of her own free will. He was going to enjoy this.

“That’s a nice idea Cordelia, thank you, but I couldn’t ask you to do that.” Wait for it.

“You aren’t asking, I’m offering.” Gotcha.

“If you’re sure.”

“I’m positive.”

“If we do this I insist that I bite you somewhere that Buffy and her friends won’t see. The last thing we need is for them to try and but even further into our relationship.”

He watched her eyes brighten when he said the word relationship and he knew he had her. She was his body, mind, and soul now. Next step would be to start slowly introducing her to the real him and now was as good a time as any to do that.

“Like where?”

“Well,” he stepped forward and gently pushed the sides of her robe apart causing the belt around her waist to loosen even further and bare her breasts to him. Cupping her breast in his hand he ran his thumb across her nipple and watched it harden in arousal. “No one would see it here would they?”

It was as much a statement as a question. She belonged to him no one else would see his bite because no one else would see her like this.

“No, no one else.”

He felt a shiver ripple through her body and he knew he had her. Bending down he captured her other nipple in his mouth and began to suck playfully at it. The feel of her hands in his hair gripping him tightly against her body holding him to her only made him want more.

Picking her up he turned them, never once releasing her breast from him mouth, reaching out to the marble counter in the middle of the kitchen he swept his arm across it clearing it of clutter. He heard the spices and knives hit the tile floor but he didn’t care, all he cared about was the woman in his arms. Laying her across the cold surface he felt her body shaking and knew she wanted this just as much as he did. Pulling her robe open even more he finally released her to straighten up, looking down at her he saw her laid out before him like a feast fit for a king.

She was breathing hard, trying to catch her breathe but she couldn’t, he wouldn’t let her. Gripping her legs just behind her knees he opened her up even more and watched as her juices dripped down her thighs. Oh yeah, she wanted this just like he did. Leaning over her again he let his game face slip into place, and waited for a moment while she explored it with her fingers, giving her time to decide if this was what she truly wanted. When her hands fell away she locked her gaze with his own and arched her back thrusting her breasts up towards him invitingly, offering herself to him. Without hesitation he swooped down and claimed his prize.

Cordelia didn’t know what she expected, everything she knew of vampires told her that this would be agonizing. Seeing his true face had almost made her falter but then she remembered that even beneath all of that this was still Angel, and she trusted him. When his fangs finally pierced her skin she tensed for the pain but got only pleasure.

His mouth working at her breast sent fire coursing through her veins, making her feel so alive. At the same time one of his hands was playing with her other nipple pinching and rolling the sensitive flesh between his skilled fingers, while the other hand was busy stroking her pussy. Oh god she felt like she was on fire. She couldn’t concentrate on just one sensation they were all working together to drive her insane. Raising her hand she gripped his hair tightly as she raised her hips silently begging for more. She wanted more than just his fingers, she wanted all of him and she wanted it now.

In response to her pleas she felt him bite down on her breast harder and with one more powerful pull of his mouth she was cuming like she never had before. This was what she’d been missing in her life and now that she’d felt it she didn’t think she could ever go back to living without it. His bite was orgasmic.

Angelus straightened and looked down at his vixen again with wonder, she tasted so good and she’d been so amazing that she’d actually made him come in his pants like a stupid teenager. Watching the beads of blood well up along his bite he leaned down to lick it clean once more wanting to savor the taste of her and not waste a drop, just in case this was the last time he would be tasting her like this for a while. It was always hard to tell how someone would react to being bitten. When his tongue touched her breast he heard her moan and knew exactly how she felt about this.

“More. Please.”

She was as addicted as he was and he knew she would be offering herself to him again soon, and he would always accept such a tempting offer. She tasted orgasmic.

Buffy sat at the table of the coffee shop and tried to understand what had happened to her life. Her birthday had been special and amazing, but now everything had crashed down around her. Her mother was in shock over finding their neighbors like that, her boyfriend was still MIA, Cordelia had sex with said boyfriend like the slut she obviously was, and now she was sitting at a coffee shop surrounded by her friends on a much needed break from trying to identify whatever big bad had left her such a terrible present.

“I don’t get it what was the point of it though. It wasn’t like whoever it was even tried to fight me they just left them there like presents or something.”

“Pretty demented present if you ask me.”

Duh, of course it was demented, they were dead bodies.

“I’m stuck on the white roses myself. Why white roses?” That was a good question, and one of the main reasons she loved Willow so much, she always knew what to say.

“Oh my god how pathetic.” Just what she needed right now Cordettes.

“Pathetic Harmony? How so?”

“Well, first you go around talking about how Cordy stole your honey like anyone would care about that, not that anyone’s surprised really I mean if it came down to a choice between you or Cordy of course he chose her. I mean look at you. But now you’re trying to make people think you’re stealing Cordy’s secret admirer in retaliation. Yeah, pathetic.”

“What are you even talking about, we weren’t even talking about Cordelia or her admirer, whoever the hell that is.” Would it kill them to listen to a conversation before jumping in with their two cents? Then again considering what they’d been discussing she was sort of glad they hadn’t.

“Of course you were, why else would you be talking about white roses, that’s what Cordy’s admirer leaves her. Losers.”

Without another word they walked away secure in the knowledge of their superiority, which was fine with the trio at the table they were to shocked to have noticed them if they had stayed anyway.

Cordelia was getting white roses? Was that a coincidence or was it connected? Gathering their stuff the three prepared to go to Cordelia’s house, they had questions and they would damn well have answers.

Monday morning found Cordelia sitting in her car in the school parking lot trying to get her mind out of the clouds it had been in all weekend. She and Angel had done things she had never even heard of before all weekend long, age really did come with advantages she guessed, practice certainly made perfect in her book. Buffy and the wonder twins had tried to intrude and ruin things but she wouldn’t let that happen, refusing to even answer the door.

She’d known that if little miss perfect had seen Angel in her home then everything would come crashing down and she didn’t want that to happen, she’d been far to happy to allow something like that. Her refusal to answer the door only seemed to amuse Angel and he soon had her naked and begging for him while the three stooges stood out front yelling for her to let them in. He pounded into her while saint Buffy pounded on the door and she loved it. To her it was just further proof that his feelings for Buffy were beyond gone now.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out of her car and prepared to face the day. After the weekend she’d spent in Angel’s arms the fact that she was rapidly losing her place in the Scoobies inner circle didn’t bother her nearly as much as it would have before. Not that she would ever admit this to anyone else for as long as she lived, but being a part of their little group and helping people, even if only by helping buffy in some way, made her feel important. It made her feel like she had a purpose in life, almost like she had a place that couldn’t be taken from her and before Angel she would have done anything to stay there like that. Now, though, she didn’t mind at all if they froze her out because she had him.

She hadn’t even made it to the front doors before they were there blocking her path, demanding that she pay attention to them.

“Cordelia where the hell have you been? We tried to reach you all weekend! We need to talk.” Of course she should have expected this, but for some reason she’d thought they would have given her at least the morning to herself without their stupid yammering for her attention.

“What could we possibly have to talk about?” Seriously, they had all been avoiding her and freezing her out for weeks now, ever since she and Angel became a thing, and now they were demanding that she do as they say. As if.

“White roses.”

Two words, that’s it, and all the warmth left her body in a rush leaving her nearly shivering from the cold in her very bones. Images of Rosa’s dead body, the picture of her lifeless eyes, the roses turned red with blood, all flashed before her eyes in an instant erasing her good mood just as quickly.


“What? What do you mean no? Cordelia this is important.” The condescending tone did nothing to improve either her mood or her answer.

“I mean I’m not talking to you about this.”

Without another word she turned and left them standing there looking after her with identical looks of shock on their faces. She was through with needing their help she had Angel now, he would keep her safe.

Angelus came into the mansion that he and his family called home for the first time in days.

“Daddy’s home!”

“Hello princess, have you been a good girl since daddy’s been away?” He watched her hands run up his chest slowly feeling every inch of him.

“Will daddy punish his princess for being such a naughty girl?”

He had intended to turn her down after the weekend he’d just spent with his vixen he wasn’t in need of a woman like he was before. His dark beauty had done everything he wanted her to, acting out his every fantasy about her, which of course only led to him having even more fantasies about her.

Then he saw little William behind her and he just couldn’t help himself, he had always felt this deep need to screw with Spikey ever since the first time when he reacted just so beautifully. He didn’t hate the little bastard, not really, they were family after all he just always reacted in such a big way it was just too much fun to pass up.

“Yeah princess, don’t you worry daddy’s gonna punish you real good.”

Never taking his eyes off Spike he threw Dru down on the table in the center of the room and gave her a good hard dirty fucking, what she always craved from her daddy ever since he taught her to like it just like that. Soon enough his vixen would crave his attention just as badly and that day would be beyond sweet for him. His plans to slowly guide her down the path of darker desires would start tonight and soon enough he wouldn’t even have to tell her what he wanted to do to her, she would simply offer herself up for the taking, just like his darling dark princess, begging to be punished and loving ever moment of it.

Cordelia knew that going to the library was a mistake but Giles had used his pull as a member of the faculty to have her sent there during the last class of the day. If she skipped out she had no doubt that he would get all pissy and have her given detention or something equally stupid.

Breezing through the doors like she always did she wasn’t surprised to find the room packed with people she no longer had any use for. Giles, Buffy, Willow, Oz, and Xander were all waiting with identical expressions of superiority, except for Oz who seemed to only ever look zen and at ease.

“What do you want? What could possibly be so important that you’re interrupting my education?” They all knew that she wasn’t really worried about her education but still it was a valid point.

“Cordelia, would you please sit down? We need to discuss recent events because it has come to our attention that there is a correlation between things that have happened to yourself and things that have happened to Buffy of late.”

“Yeah she gets flowers in her locker and I get corpses on my porch that’s totally connected.” Buffy’s snide remark made her a little curious, so she decided to give in gracefully and to hear them out, at least for the moment, she took a seat next to Oz the least hostile of the group, and waited.

Waiting seemed to be the name of the game since everyone else held their silence as well, please like she was just going to volunteer information now, after trying to do just that for days before.

“How about I start then.”

“Good idea Giles.” She still hadn’t forgiven him for just blowing her off when she first came to him for help on this very issue. The looks of anger only grew in intensity at her comment.

“Saturday morning Buffy’s mother came outside to fetch the morning post and found their newlywed neighbors killed and left on their front steps. They were staged quite obscenely, their hands bound before them as though begging for mercy and most intriguing of all they each had a single white rose in their mouths. When Buffy and the others were discussing the events at the mall,” the look he sent the three making it clear what he thought of that turn of events, “your associates Harmony and the others overheard a portion of the discussion and made mention of your admirer who has been leaving you white roses. Now we are here to ask you about that if you would be so kind as to enlighten us.”

Wow, when she’d thought about all the reasons why the three idiots wanted to talk about white roses this hadn’t even been on the list. She felt bad for that poor couple, she really did, but she couldn’t just let how they treated her go. It just wasn’t in her nature.


“I’m sorry no?”

“That’s what she said this morning, I told you Giles she’s being completely impossible, not that that’s such a huge surprise or anything.”

That was it! She’d had it! Lurching to her feet she went to storm out of the room before changing her mind and turning back, they really should know what’s been happening she thought, so they could truly see how much of this was their own god damn fault.

“You want to know why I don’t want to talk to you about this? Because I already tried to do that! When I came home to find my housekeepers dead body in my bed surrounded by white roses that were so covered in her blood that at first I thought they were red I came here to you and what did I get? ‘Cordelia I know that whatever crisis you have going on seems like life and death to you’ but Buffy is too traumatized by losing her virginity to a guy that doesn’t really give a shit, like every other girl in this damn school has before, that we really don’t have time for you so just go home and die all alone so you can stop bothering us. Then since I didn’t want to go home yet and surprise, surprise didn’t have anywhere else to go I went to the Bronze so that for at least a few hours I would be surrounded by people and at least safer than I would be at home alone. While I was there I ran into Angel who unlike all of you actually noticed that I was scared out of my mind and asked me what was wrong, when he realized that she was killed in my house he offered me a place to stay. Then when we got to his place he kissed me, after he and Buffy broke up of course, and we hooked up.

“When I got to school the next day I open my locker for it to start raining white roses all over me and the floor and when I look up there’s a picture of Rosa’s dead eyes taped to the back of my locker just staring at me. After I was done losing my breakfast, I was going to come here and once again try to beg for your help but what do I hear while I’m trying to get my shaking to stop? I hear Buffy and Willow talking about how they know Angel and I were together the night before and how he must just be using me to make her jealous because it’s apparently a widely known fact that compared to Buffy I’m just a giant slut who no one could ever possibly want to be with in a million years. You’re right I’m the one being impossible here. Angel and Buffy broke up! I didn’t do anything wrong, but all of you have been treating me like I’m some sort of homewrecker and I’m sick of it. They were dating, not married. Now if you don’t mind the bell’s about to ring and I have places to be.”

Not pausing to see what they would do with this new information she rushed away from them and towards Angel who she was sure would be stopping by that night.

Giles watched Cordelia leave with mixed emotions. Shock, denial, surprise, guilt, and disappointment being chief among them. Turning to look at his underage charges his ire showed on his face as he prepared to get some answers. None of the teens could meet his eyes, save for young Oz who was looking at Willow with much the same expression as he was sure he was wearing himself.

“Is what she said true? Have you all been disregarding her of late?” He knew he was just as guilty of placing Buffy’s emotional crisis above all else during the past few weeks, it was he she had all but quoted in her tirade after all, but for her peers to do the same was somehow far worse.

“Giles, come on I mean she was the one who stole my -”

He did not let her finish what she was about to say. Buffy may be the slayer but at times he seemed to forget that she was also just a teenage girl and she saw the world just as any other teenage girl would.

“She stole nothing, in fact if what she said was true you and Angel had already parted ways before she and he engaged in any sort of romantic liaison.”

“Yeah technically, but we would have worked it out, and we’d have already been back together by now if she hadn’t-” Buffy tried to defend her actions again.

“No Buffy, this is not her doing. She is not the reason that you and your beau are no longer together. He did not cheat on you, she did not betray you, and you have no right to act as though Angel choosing to be with her is in any way a malicious act against you on her part. She was being stalked and terrorized by a creature of some kind, and because of this petty feud if Harmony bloody Kendall hadn’t overheard your completely inappropriate conversation at the mall of all places we would have still been in the dark about the connection to Cordelia and all of us making our feelings of allegiance to Buffy known to keep her at bay, would have done nothing more than ensured that we were never aware of these actions made against her.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and tried to tune Giles out, it wasn’t like it was her fault that Cordelia didn’t want to be around them at the moment. Just because she was feeling guilty about sleeping with Angel, as she totally should, that wasn’t her fault at all. Besides where was the big, they knew about it all now so it wasn’t like she really got hurt or anything. Looking towards her friends she saw in their eyes that they were in complete agreement with her inner thoughts and felt vindicated by their agreement.

Oz saw the thoughts in their eyes before Giles did, being a teen himself and having spent time with the three of them more often of late he knew what to look for, and he knew just what to say to freeze them in their tracks. At least for a moment.

“What if she’d died and we didn’t find out about the roses until after she was gone? How would you have felt about your freeze out then?”

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