Chapter 5 – Head space

A/N- This chapter starts off by letting you see inside everyones head space, see how everyone dealt with the confrontation of the last chapter, then it moves on to more Angelus/Cordelia smexy times.

Chapter 5



Giles swirled his glass of bourbon idly as he thought of the days events. Cordelia was being seemingly stalked and preyed upon by some unknown evil and his slayer was too busy fretting over her former boyfriends activities to care. He needed to impress upon her the seriousness of what was going on, but he still had no idea about how to get through to her.

While she was extremely powerful and she had faced many hardships already in her young life she was still at heart a seventeen year old girl. Normally when her focus would wonder to trivial matters such as dating, popularity, or other matters of the sort he was able to steer her back to her calling by simply reminding her that lives were on the line. He did not see that working this time however, because for the moment the life on the line was one she did not seem too fond of. He hadn’t the slightest idea about what to do, his young charge was shirking her responsibilities in favor of holding a grudge, and there was nothing at all to be done about it.

He supposed he could offer his own assistance on the issue, and he would do so come the morning, but from the venom in the speech given earlier where his own careless words were all but spat back at him he doubted his help would be accepted. He only hoped that one of them saw sense soon enough and realized the absurdity of the entire situation. He hoped that alone would be able to sustain him through this coming long and dreary night.

Willow stood outside Buffys home in shock, Oz had just left, they were in the middle of an argument and he just drove away. Okay, so maybe there was a little more to it than that, but still he was making with the not here, and that was just wrong.

All she had done was support her friend, by making one little comment about the backstabbing little traitor who had slept with said friends boyfriend, and Oz had just lost his mind. He started saying stuff about how she needed to grow up and look at the whole picture instead of automatically taking Buffy’s side just because Buffy happened to be her friend. She was very grown up everyone always said so, and she was sure if she took a step back like he said she would still see that it was Cordelia in the wrong, come on it was Cordelia after all. Plus, Buffy and Angel were epic and you just didn’t walk up and mess with epic, that was like a rule. A girl rule, but still a rule, and you shouldn’t break any rules.

He was the one in the wrong on this, and being the better person and the grown up here, she would just sit back and wait for him to come to his senses all on his own, and she wouldn’t even say I told you so not even once. Okay maybe once, but again that was like another rule or something.

Glancing from side to side at her best friends she supposed things could be worse. He could have dropped her off at home alone instead of here with her two besties.

Buffy trudged through her front door, Willow and Xander on either side of her, her feet dragging along the ground with every step. She was totally in the right here and that boyfriend stealer still got all the support, how was that fair? Willow and Xander were still on her side she knew, but Giles and Oz had totally defected on her. Not that she really cared so much about where Oz’s loyalty was in the whole mess, after all he was really only in their little group because of willow and as a non founding member his say wasn’t all that much after all, but still. As Willow’s honey he should support his girlfriend in all things and as Willows best friend he should totally be on her side in this like automatically.

How had everything gotten so turned around? Before Cordelia had gotten there and made her little speech everyone was firmly in the we love Buffy, we hate Cordelia column of things. After little miss perfect breezed out though all of a sudden she’s the bad guy. Cordelia slept with Angel, what did it matter when it happened? All that should matter was that it happened at all, right? Right!

“Buffy honey we need to talk, could you come in here a moment please?”

“Sure mom.”

Oh no, her mom had that time to be serious voice, the one she always got after reading those parenting or self help books. Giving her friends a mock grimace she waved them both off to her room to wait while she dealt with the latest parental meltdown coming her way.

Xander sat quietly beside Willow in Buffys room and tried to understand where all the judgment was coming from with dog boy and the G-man. Not that he really wanted Buffy and dead boy to be together or anything, cause he so didn’t, but still what Cordy did was just so… Cordelia. Being selfish, underhanded, and just down right cruel was pretty much her brand or something. Yeah, what she had done fit Cordelia perfectly.

Sometimes he wondered if maybe she was a demon or something, kind of like when he wondered if Snyder was really a gremlin in disguise, yeah sometimes you just knew these things deep down. Deep down he knew that he, Buffy, and Willow were right and everyone else was wrong in this. Now he just had to bide his time and wait for everyone else to see it to. Until then though he had homework and chores to deal with. Tonight was going to be dull, he just knew it.

Cordelia was fuming by the time she finally pulled up in front of her home, how dare those social rejects act like she was the one in the wrong here. She was totally in the right! Stopping to take a deep breath she closed her eyes and decided to let it all go before she stepped into her house, she would not carry her anger over the threshold, because through that door waited Angel. Or at least he would be through that door after the sun set, but starting out angry was not how she wanted this evening to go.

Before he left the day before her lover had hinted that he wanted to try something new with her tonight, and considering how well all of his other little “experiments” in the bedroom went for her she was all for it. Tonight was going to be amazing she just knew it.

Angelus looked at his Vixen with equal parts lust and pride, she was truly fearless. When he’d gotten to her house she’d been so wound up about a run in with the slayer and her little circle of do gooders, though she had tried to let it go and push it aside before he got there, that she would have done anything he asked of her. He recognized her eager agreement for what it was of course, the scoobies were pushing her aside and so she was clinging to the one person she had left in her life who knew about the things that go bump in the night, him. She saw him as her salvation, her protector, and she would do anything not to lose that.

Plus there was the fact that she had enjoyed everything he had done to her so far and she was just adventurous enough and she trusted him enough to try anything he suggested when it came to their sex life. He was fully in control of her and he loved it. He used to think that what he’d done to Dru had been the most amazing thing he would ever experience but his time with Cordelia was eclipsing it in every way. Taking someone against their will felt empowering, but having someone offer themselves to you of their own free will was an even greater high.

Looking down at her, where he had placed her on the bed, he felt his lust rising to new heights. She was amazing like this and he wanted to savor the sight for a moment longer.

He had stripped her naked and layed her down in the center of the bed, her hands secured to the headboard leaving her stretched out and at his mercy. The thick black blind fold over her eyes was a stark contrast to the white thin sheet he had draped over her body and watched as it molded to her form like a second skin, both hiding her and revealing every curve at the same time. It was time to begin.

Cordelia didn’t know if she was in heaven or hell. Her hands were stretched out above her head so far it was putting a slight but significant strain on her muscles, she felt every shift of her body. Not being able to see what was happening around her was somehow making her more aware of everything, especially the feel of the cold sheet pressed against her hot skin. Oh god. She wanted more, she wanted him to touch her to feel his hands on her. He was so silent it was almost as though she was in the room alone, though she knew he was still there her skin tingled where she knew he was staring at her. Deciding she really wasn’t very good at being passive she let out a deep throaty moan of want while she arced her back trying to entice him to touch her. His laughter told her he knew exactly what she was trying to do but she didn’t care as long as it worked.

Touch me! She wanted to shout it to the rooftops, to beg him to take her, but she wouldn’t give in that easily where would be the fun in that.
She felt a slight tug at the sheet and she moaned again as it was slowly pulled down, the cool fabric dragging against her hardened nipples causing sensation after sensation to shoot through her body, but it wasn’t enough, she wanted more.

His mouth closed around her nipple and sucked her cool flesh into his warm mouth. Yes! After a few seconds of attention he pulled back and sat up straddling her, she could feel his weight on her stomach but he wasn’t touching her. No!

“You and I are going to play a little game Cordelia. Do you want to play?”

“Yes, please, anything everything.” she bit her lip and arced her back again inviting him to do whatever he pleased with her as long as he touched her again.

“Hahaha, I see you like the idea. Your part of the game is simple just tell me when you really can’t take anymore, and enjoy this. Don’t try to hold back on me though, I want to hear everything, I want to know how you really feel.”

She thought about his words as best she could while her mind felt like it was going to explode with how badly she wanted him then she felt it – ice.

He was holding an ice cube against her nipple. He swirled it around her rapidly cooling flesh making her whole body shiver with want. Oh god. Her nipple had already tightened to the point of pain and every pass of the cube was felt throughout her whole body.

“Oh God, yes. More. It feels so good.”

She knew she was beginning to beg, but after everything her pride could take a flying leap for all she cared, she needed more.

“Angel please! It’s too much I can’t-”

She didn’t finish the sentence before the ice was suddenly gone, she had a moment to feel both relieved and disappointed before his mouth latched on. The warmth of his tongue running across her puckered nipple made her whole breast tingle. Oh!

“Please! I need -”

Again she didn’t finish her sentence before a new sensation was added to the already overloaded mix. While his mouth worked at her abused nipple she felt more ice begin to drag against the other. The mix of ice and heat along her chest nearly fried her brain. It felt so good.

“Oh, please please please don’t stop. More, I want more. I want you! Please I want to feel you inside me.”

“Not yet my vixen, not yet.”

She was so far gone that the use of the word vixen didn’t even register in her mind, the only thing she knew was that she was going insane with want.

“Ahhh, please it’s too much.”

She felt him shift slightly above her as the ice disappeared again, and his mouth abandoned her other breast. She couldn’t hold back her moan of need. She was just about to start begging when she felt it again. Ice. Only this time it was circling around her clit. Oh god.

Before she could really register that sensation his hand trailed up her body to her recently abused nipple and began to squeeze it between his thumb and forefinger slowly adding more and more pressure to the frozen nub.

Just when she thought he couldn’t do anything else she felt his mouth return to her other breast once more, his tongue swirling around her nipple as she felt his fangs scrape against it.

“Yes! Bite me, please.”

As his fangs pierced her flesh she lost all control, the orgasm that hit her was one of the best of her life. It seemed to go on forever. Every pull of his mouth as he fed from her causing a new wave of pleasure to wash over her. Oh god.

Angelus released her breast from his mouth once he’d drank his fill and pulled back to watch her come apart for him. Watching her lose herself to the pleasured pain of it all he knew it was true she truly was made for him. His Vixen. Releasing her completely he pulled her legs farther apart as he settled between her thighs, the night had only begun.


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