Chapter 10 – Epilogue

Chapter 10

Cordelia ached for Angel, he was trapped between his children who both needed him. Connor was hurt physically, he would need weeks maybe even months of care even with his enhanced healing before he was back to being able to look after himself. While he obviously knew he needed them he still didn’t seem to trust them and wouldn’t let Angel touch him even to help. He spat the name Angelus at him and glared at the others with open hostility whenever they would do something Angel told them to do for him. Destiny on the other hand was most definitely in emotional pain, her first crush, her guy was killed by her brother and now all the people that had once had her back had to take his side until he was well enough to move on his own. She must be feeling so abandoned by them all, and there was nothing to be done about it. They would take it one day at a time until they found a way through the new mess they found themselves in, but if she ever found out who had told Connor that Destiny had been the one to attack Holtz they wouldn’t have to worry about Angel she would mount their head on the wall.

Destiny laid on Lawson’s bed, it was still his bed even though he would never use it again, and stared at the wall to her left. There would be a good place to start. She would begin at the top and work her way down until she knew the meaning and significance behind each and every thing he’d hung up to look at as he passed his days here. Every piece had a meaning, a story, it was a part of who he was and she would know each and every one before she moved on. Only then would she be free to let go and continue with her endless existence.

Giles got off the phone and immediately removed his glasses for cleaning, they didn’t really need it but to be honest ever since he moved to Sunnydale they rarely did anymore. Looking over towards his Slayer who was still not a hundred percent after her recent… return, he wondered if this little assignment from the Council would help her or damage her all the more. While it was true that Buffy no longer worked for Travers and his ilk, and hadn’t for some time now, the news coming from Los Angeles trumped all past indiscretions and loyalties. If it was true that two vampires had procreated, then it would be all hands on deck as it were. It would appear that they would be taking a trip.

Faith couldn’t believe what her lawyer was yammering on about, the Council was pulling strings to spring her. She had half a mind to tell them to take their pardon, all wrapped up in its attached strings, and shove it up their collective asses. Then they told her why she was being sprung and she knew that Angel would probably need her in this fight, if the rumors were true. Out of everyone in her former life he was the only one that took the time to come visit her on the regular, not just to preach either, he came by just to talk. To keep her up to date on the happenings in the shadows of the world, and the unexpected rays of light that would sometimes work their way through. She owed him more than she could ever repay, but she could start now by having his back. If those kids really did exist, no one would be laying a hand on them, evil or not without the big broody ones say so.

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