Chapter 3 – Happy Halloween

Eric was still stunned about everything that Sookie had told Pam about them, and their lives together. He could easily imagine many of the events she described, while others such as his lover killing this Debbie, were just so beyond anything he would have thought possible he just sat on his bed in contemplative silence. Knowing what he knew now about Compton and his sad excuse for a Childe, about the other men in his lovers life, changing things while keeping them together was going to take a great deal of thought.

Hearing the door to his lair open he glanced up and waited for his Sookie to come and sit beside him. Saying nothing, he waited in tense anticipation for her to broach whichever subject she felt comfortable with. While trying to gain a better understanding of the recent past he and Pam had caused her to re-open old wounds. Now he would wait, all night if he must, for her to speak to him.

“I still have to pick up the costume Pam and I picked out for the Halloween party tomorrow during the day, but after that I’m pretty much free for whatever. Do you have anything you need me to do for you tomorrow?”

Of all the things he thought she would remark upon their holiday plans was not one of them. He wondered what his delightful southern belle would become for a festival of pretending.

“No, there is nothing that comes to mind. Tell me again my lover what is it, this costume of yours?” While he spoke her hand had begun to creep up his leg towards his groin. Her slow sensual journey nearly striking him mute with pleasure.

“Uh, uh oh no you don’t. I told you it was a surprise and you aren’t gonna trick me into saying. Not this year. You did that to me last year and I had to find a last minute replacement. I really love the one we chose this year and you mister are just gonna have to wait for the party to see it.”

She had crept ever closer to his ear to scold him playfully over his apparent misdeeds from the previous year. She ran her hand slowly down his chest, leaning forward to kiss his cheek before sighing and standing to leave.

“I know we both deserve a little make up sex, but you know your rule about the holidays. So do you wanna cuddle or would it be easier on your manly sensibilities if I took myself elsewhere for the night?”

His rule about the holidays! What possible fresh hell was this? What could he have done, and more importantly why would he do it? Looking up into her face he saw a form of resolve he’d never seen in her eyes before and knew that any attempt on his part to circumvent this rule would be rebuffed.

“Please stay with me my lover. There is more than one way we could find comfort in one anothers bodies.” At her look of suspicion and her grin of indulgence he quickly assured her. “I mean only to hold your body close to mine, I enjoy the feel of your body anyway I can get it.”

He was surprised to find he meant every word he spoke to her. He was not simply mouthing empty platitudes to spare her feelings, or to spare himself her anger. He truly enjoyed being near her, even just to hold her close to him as she slept, he reveled in her very existence. He would make this future come to pass. She would be his, they would share a home, and she would curl up next to his body and share her warmth every dawn.

Sookie circled around another rack of costumes, trying not to let her exasperation show. Her own chosen costume was hanging over her arm, seeming to get heavier the longer she held it.

“You know Amelia if you didn’t wait until the last minute on these things you wouldn’t be so panicked right now.” She knew she sounded a little smug but she had told her friend over a month ago not to wait so long this year. But then again if she hadn’t she wouldn’t be the Amelia that she knew and loved so dearly.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. If you’ve told me once you’ve told me a million times. Things just kept coming up that seemed like good enough reasons to put off shopping for a stupid Halloween outfit. Then I lost all that weight, and decided to wait til closer to time to find the right size, now look at me, right back where I started in the size department and no costume to be had.”

Her friend’s explanation started off with her usual off-handed forgetfulness but turned outright glum at the end. She felt so bad for her, she really did, but sometimes no matter what she said it went in one ear and out the other. That didn’t stop her from trying though.

“Come on Amelia, you look great and you know it. No, seriously you’re a knock out, and if you don’t believe me maybe you should start believing Pam. She loves your body just the way it is and you know it.”

When Pam and Amelia had first gotten together she had felt a little weird about it. Not because they were both women, she wouldn’t be friends with Lafyette if things like that bothered her. No she’d been wigged because sometimes she’d come home and find PAM sitting on her couch watching a movie.

Over time as their relationship seemed to stick she’d gotten used to it, but at the start the idea of Pam DATING her roommate just didn’t seem to mesh with the big bad, slightly inappropriate, vampire she’d known. As she and Eric had gotten more serious she learned just as there were a great many sides to him the same was true of most vampires.

Not that those other sides were necessarily any better than the one they show you from the jump, no sometimes their different sides were even worse. But now she’d started to learn at least with vampires not to jump to so many hasty conclusions. She didn’t have her gift to help her with seeing them as clearly, as she did everyone else.

Though it did seem that the younger they were the more it was ‘what you see is what you get’. When she’d asked Eric about it he’d said that was because they hadn’t learned how to balance everything well enough yet, so they were usually only one thing at a time.

“I suppose you’re right,” Amelia pulled her from her thoughts, making her focus on her again. “I just get it into my head sometimes that I should be smaller. But to shrink down I cut out most of the foods I love, which makes me miserable and bitchy. Did I tell you Pam almost left me that week I started craving ice cream. Then as soon as I get where I wanna be weight wise I decide to celebrate with a good meal and there it goes all over again.”

She remembered that week very clearly. She’d asked Amelia what she wanted for dinner that night and gotten a ladle thrown at her head. After that she’d run from the room yelling about Sookie being cruel for asking such a thing. She could understand how such mood swings could easily send Pam over the edge.

“So sweetie what do you want to be for Halloween?”

“I don’t know Sook what are you gonna be?”

“Nuh uh, no I am not telling. Eric would know you knew and find some way to get you to rat me out so sorry, only Pam gets to know what I am until the big reveal tonight. He and I made a deal last year that he would not try and get her to tell him, but everyone else is fair game.” Giving her friend her best pout she mouthed ‘sorry’ before laughing at the responding eye roll and moving on to the next rack of costumes.

“Explain to me again why you don’t want Eric to know what you’re gonna be.”

“It’s part of our holiday tradition. Every holiday from New Years to Christmas we both dress up according to the theme. For a week leading up we both try and guess what the other will be wearing, the only rule being that if they’re right you have to fess up. No cheating and saying they’re wrong. The night before we stop all guesses, and abstain from other more pleasurable pursuits as well. Then the night of, when we’re both good and frustrated, we do the big reveal. We spend the entire party, cause you know he’s got a party for every occasion, flirting and teasing. Finally when the night winds down, whoever guessed correctly, without being outright told by Pam, gets to control the rest of the night. Choosing where, when, and how we celebrate together.” She loved the Holidays. She’d even spent half of last year making up new ones they could use for their little game. Like the anniversary of the night they met, and of the night they first kissed, the night the witches cursed him starting them on this path, and on and on. He was turning her into a real hussy, and she loved every second of it.

“What if neither of you guesses?”

“Then we switch off. Whoever was in control the last time, it’s the other persons turn. And no one can win more than three times in a row. I had to add that rule last year, he’s just too good at guessing. Plus he kept managing to trick me into telling him.” Her face began to flame at the memories of just how he always managed to get it out of her.

“How about this one?”

“Oh, I like it. One does have to be a Wonder Woman to put up with dating a vampire, might as well look the part for one night right.”

Finally they were headed back to her house. The thrill of the night to come was making her so jumpy. Since neither of them had guessed tonight would be hers. And she knew just what to do with her Viking. Boy was he in for a surprise.

Eric could not believe this he, the greatest vampire in the United States, was spending Halloween dressed as a wolf. While it was true he made the grey fur loincloth with attached tail and matching fur and ankle wraps look good he could not believe he would ever pick such a costume. However believing whole heartedly that he must have had a reason for it he stuck with his future self’s plans for the evening. Fangtasia was in full swing, every vampire in his area was putting in their time at the bar tonight to make it even more spectacular than usual, even Compton. Sookie and her little friend had yet to make an appearance, but that annoying whiny childe of Bill’s was making her presence known to all. Crying to anyone who will listen and a great many who won’t, that she was sorry for whatever she had done to make Sookie hate her. Some of the looks garnered from the vampires made him think that most of them knew exactly what she had done, and were surprised by her forgetfulness.


“Yes, please say what I’ve been waiting for you to say since we started this little pity party.”

Laughing at his childe’s ill-concealed glee he tilted his towards Jessica.

“Shut her up. I care not how.” Pam smiled broadly showing her fangs before striding over and knocking the vampire unconscious with one blow. The scattered claps from grateful bystanders weren’t at all surprising, what was surprising though was Bill’s lack of reaction. He didn’t even check to see if any real damage had been done, and with Pam that was always a possibility. The lack of concern for his child was yet another reason to dislike Bill, not that there hadn’t been so many other reasons before this.

“Problem handled.”

Standing outside of Fangtasia with Amelia as Sookie made final adjustments to her costume she felt familiar tingles all over her body. Holidays were her favorite days of the year; this was going to be hot. Walking straight in having been put on the VIP list long ago she spotted Eric right away just to the side of his dais and barely suppressed her laughter. He never missed a trick that big bad Viking of hers.

Swaying up to him the bottom of her red cloak swirling behind her, she let her eyes just drift over him. Having dated a werewolf in the past she could say without a shadow of a doubt that he made the fur look better than any real werewolf ever could. Stopping right in front of him she raised both her hands, her nails painted rose red, and pushed her hood back. Her cloak was tied tightly enough that he wouldn’t be able to see her real costume until play time started.

“And you never guessed what my costume was?”

He looked more surprised than she thought he should. It was obvious from his costume that he’d already figured out what she had picked. He would have never dressed as a wolf for any other reason.

Eric was sure if he still needed breath he would be in trouble, the sexy innocence before him was transcendent. 

“I can honestly say my sweet; that I never guessed that little red riding hood would be coming to call on me this evening.” Though it explained so much about his future self’s recent decisions, especially regarding his current wardrobe.

“Mhmm, if you didn’t guess that then I guess you’re still in the dark about what’s coming after the party. I can give you a hint if you want.”

Oh god yes.

“What hint would that be lover?”

If he had a heart beat it would have sped up considerably when she placed her hands on his chest and rose up on her toes to place her lips against his ear. When her breasts pressed against his chest he had to suppress a moan of longing.

“Someone’s getting tied up.”

He thought he might have swallowed his tongue at that. Before he could respond he saw Bill moving towards them with a stormy look on his face. He’d obviously heard what Sookie had told him and he was not happy.


The exasperated look on her face made him bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath before putting on her strained smile and turning to face her former lover.

“Yes Bill?”

“We need to speak please.”

“No we really don’t; now if you don’t mind I would like us to go back to our party rules where you and your bitch vampire baby pretend like I’m not in the same room with you and I’ll do the same. Now walk away before I get nasty, and not in a good way.”

Watching her put Billy boy in his place made him so hard. He began to wonder if he could call the party to a premature halt without breaking any rules. Sookie turned away from Bill in clear dismissal and moved towards Pam obviously wanting to speak with his Childe. Before she got even two steps away from them Bill reached his hand out intent on yanking her back physically if necessary to have his say. Intercepting him he grabbed his wrist and flipped him through the air bringing him down hard on the floor.

Sookie jerked around and seeing him holding Bill to the ground, instead of scolding him as he expected, she smiled and laughed.

“Haven’t you learned yet Bill, if you try to touch me without my permission you will be slammed. Eric is it okay if Bill goes home now? I know you needed him here for a time to help with everything but I think he’s being more of a problem then an attraction don’t you?”

“I couldn’t agree more. Compton as your Sheriff I am ordering you to leave this place for the night and do not return until I call for you. Am I making myself clear?” He waited for his reply, hoping with every fiber of his being that Bill was stupid enough to try and disobey him in this.

“Yes Sheriff.” His response sounded muffled from the foot Eric had pressed against his face.

“Very good run along now, oh and take your Childe with you.” He let his gaze momentarily drift towards the still unconscious form of Jessica sprawled on the floor being stepped over and around by vampires and fangbangers alike.

Watching Bill pick himself up off the floor and dust himself off trying unsuccessfully to retain some sense of dignity he couldn’t keep a smirk from his lips.

When he turned towards Sookie he was surprised when she launched herself into his arms laughing and smiling. She kissed him deeply and he had to work to stay on his feet. Damn she was a good kisser.

Sookie knew she shouldn’t do this so early in the evening but, God watching him put Bill in his place like that made her want him even more. Making a quick decision she lowered herself to the ground dragging her body against his before looking deep into his eyes.

“I know the rules about the holidays but, since you don’t usually have to fight with Bill I suppose we could make an exception just this once. Why don’t we go down to the basement now and celebrate your victory?”

He looked stunned for about a half a second before his signature sexy smirk took its rightful place on his lips.

“As you wish little red.”

Taking his hand she pulled him with her towards the back of the bar and the entrance to the basement. About a month after getting together the first time they nearly went their separate ways they decided that as a way to strengthen their relationship they should do a project together. Since what he did to Lafyette in the basement was one of the things keeping them apart they decided to rip out everything that was down there and remodel. Turning it from a torture chamber; the stuff of nightmares, to their own private love nest, the stuff of their dreams.

Leading him down the steps she reached out a hand and turned on the light bringing into vibrant color the beautiful paintings along the walls. Along the wall to the left from one corner to the next was nothing but charcoal paintings, and blown up pictures of her in various poses and states of undress. The right wall was similar only with images of Eric himself.

The far wall opposite their “love room” was nothing but corner to corner, floor to ceiling mirrors. Something he had insisted on of course.

On the wall behind the bed opposite the mirrors was a giant chalk board that filled it halfway from the center outward, with their names at the top, below each name was a tally mark made in red chalk. That was how they kept track of who had won their little game. She had 104 marks while he had 312. She kept trying to contest some of those marks saying that he had cheated but he only ever told her to stop being such a sore loser. The deal was the first one to reach a thousand marks got to ask one thing, sexual or not, of the other and they had to comply. If she reached it first, while unlikely but still possible with a great deal of luck she intended to ask him to kick Bill out of his area. The only reason he hadn’t already done just that was because he knew that was what she would ask for and he wanted to keep her motivated. If he won, which was looking more and more likely by the year, he was going to ask her to go with him to Sweden to see his home land. Something she would do regardless but they had made this deal two years ago before she had been willing to get on a plane for such a long time for any one.

Finally along the ceiling there were pictures only slightly larger than average papering about one fifth of it starting in the center and spiraling outward. Each was of the two of them in a sexual situation from their wish list.

When they had first redecorated the room they had both sat down and created a sexual wish list of all the things they wanted to do to each other, not only had making the lists put them in the mood for the activities of that night but reading each other’s lists helped them to get a feel for the others boundaries.

Eric, as one would guess didn’t really have any boundaries, but his list did give her an idea of what kinds of things he would eventually want to do. He always went slowly and introduced her to new ways of love making gently. Now after two years they had gotten through nearly half of each list and covered only a fraction of the ceiling. They would probably have to come up with new lists sometime soon, and she couldn’t wait for that night.

The bed which was at the center of the room, the closest to true exhibitionism he’d gotten her so far since it wasn’t in its own separate room but out in the open, was on a platform. She truly believed he put it up there in hopes of getting her used to it enough to introduce the idea of doing it on his throne up on stage, but whenever she would ask him about it he’d never tell her one way or the other if that was it.

The sheets were cotton rather than silk, after the first night on silk sheets, where she slid off the bed not once put three times, she’d banned silk sheets from being used. The cement floor even with plushy carpeting hurt and his laughter always made him fall off the bed as well. There were only so many times a girl could do it on the floor before getting frustrated.

Hanging just above the bed from reinforced steel chains was a pair of studded leather cuffs. At first he’d wanted them to the side of the bed so that whoever, meaning her of course, was in them would have to stand. She’d talked him into putting them above the bed for the time being so that “whoever” would be able to kneel on the bed instead, and placing brackets for them a few feet away from the bed so they could be moved later if they both agreed. It was the first of many compromises.

Leading him to just in front of the bed she let go of his hand and walked over to the “score board” and put a mark under her name 105. Putting the chalk back in its holder she turned to face him already starting to untie her cloak, letting go of the ties and letting it slide down her body she revealed her costume. She’d tricked him. While her cloak had been little red riding hood, underneath she was all devil.

Pulling her fake horns from the secret pocket sown into her cloak she placed them on her head and smiled at her lover as he took an unnecessary deep breath.

“Do you wanna know what I had in mind for this evening?”

“Hell yes.”

She laughed slightly at his words. He always did take things in stride. Swaying her way up to the bed she climbed onto it and crawled to the center. Reaching up she gripped the chains for the cuffs and tossing her hair to the side sent him a sultry look through her lashes.

“Well the plan was for me to tie you up and lick my way up and down your body for hours until you begged me to take you into my mouth. But then you got into that fight with Bill and a victory over an adversary deserves a reward, you taught me that. So instead of me tying you up I’ve decided to forfeit control and have you tie me up and do whatever you want with me. So what do you think, do you like?”

Did he like? Hell his cock was close to blowing his load just from watching her crawl onto the bed. Her description of what she had planned for them before would have had him sweating had he been any other man. Now to be told he would have complete control of her, his mind went completely blank. If he was human he would have insisted he was having a stroke.

“Oh pet you’re in for it now.”

“Oh really?”

The words had no sooner left her lips before he had her in his arms. His fangs scraped her bottom lip demanding entry to the honeyed cavern of her mouth. Kissing her deeply he only took his lips from hers when he felt her need for air grow to urgency. Hearing her pants and smelling her arousal made him want her even more.

Deciding to make use of his surroundings he grabbed one of her wrists bringing her arm up, placing kisses from her shoulder down to her fingers before snapping the soft leather restraint in place. Quickly doing the same with her other arm.

“Your safe word?”

Always better to ask, especially since he could not remember any of their other sessions together. The beautiful photos on the ceiling gave him an idea of their times together and one in particular caught his attention but he would ask her about it later, after.

“We don’t really have one but I suppose if I had to pick one word that would throw ice water on us both it would be Bill.”

The smile on her face and the glint in her eye told him more than her words that she was joking.

“Really? You truly want me to call out Bill’s name while in the throes of my passion for you if we tread into dangerous territory? Strange but I’ll try anything once.”

Her laughter could no longer be contained only the restraints upon her wrists kept her from falling over, tears were cascading down her face her sides where heaving from the struggle to breath past her rolls of mirth.

“No, oh god stop. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. Ah ha. No our safe word is.. mmmhmm it’s safe. Unless you changed your mind.”

“No, it’s still safe I was only making sure you remembered because you might have to use it soon.”

“Doubt it, I love everything you do to me.”

“Let’s just see shall we.”

“Yes, let’s”

Jerking awake he found himself in his office at Fangtasia with Pam, Bill, and Jessica with the creature from before standing off in the corner. When he’d succumbed to the call to slumber he had been holding a very sated Sookie, oh how he wished he still was. She had been incredible taking everything he did to her, with her, and screaming his name begging him to go further, do more. He’d never gotten to ask her about the photo on the ceiling but he guessed if it came to pass as he hoped it would he would learn the story behind it that way.

“Did you find your glimpse at the future informative?”

“Yes very, thank you for your assistance.”

Again always be polite when dealing with Supes. He could tell Bill was just itching to leave here and presumably go see Sookie. Watching the demon nod his head in farewell and pop out of his office as quickly and quietly as he had popped in he watched both Bill and Jessica disappear just as quickly. Enjoy her while you still can Billy boy, because no matter what you do to try and stop it she will spend her future with me.

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