Progress Update 1 Aug 2021

So we’re moving into a new month and I’m feeling at least a little accomplished about what I did in July. I finished Forever Yours and posted a new video hurray completion. Let’s see if I can do better in August.

So far I’ve started working on the sequel to Soulless that I’m tentatively titling Summertime Sadness though that might change. I have chapter 1 90% complete and then I still need to edit it and make a chapter pic and a banner pic and so on. It looks like that story is going to come in at about 12 chapters at the moment but I still haven’t been able to properly outline to know for sure. I won’t be posting anything for it until it’s complete because it’s another story where I keep changing my mind and going back to edit things for.

The Justified fic I started entitled The Whole Truth is nearly complete and will then also go through editing and the like but it should be at least starting to post by the end of August.

Next on my list of existing stories to work on is Dog Days and editing/reworking Angel’s Destiny both shouldn’t honestly take too long to get through, but we’ll see. DD has about 4 chapters left and AD is mostly just editing and expanding on chapters for the first 8 then a serious rewrite of the last 2/3 chapters in the story. After I finish one of them (most likely AD if I’m honest) then I’ll move on to Life Plans.

Beyond that I’m kind of just going where my fickle muse drags me.

Update 9 July 2021

So my brain has decided to turn against me in a way that even I didn’t see coming.

To start with there was the Justified rabbit hole I fell down and am still currently enjoying. Boyd Crowder has to be the most interesting criminal I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Then it decided against all forms of logic that I needed to read fic for Game of Thrones (even though I’ve only watched the first two seasons and own but haven’t read the books). Then it decided I should WRITE fic for GOT with the same amount information. I have three (3) fics in the pipeline for this fandom juggernaut two centering around Tyrion and one around Ramsay Snow because he’s what I need running around in my brain.

Then just to be cute my brain also said to hell with the way I normally write and decided that outlining and planning is not for me (not anymore we need some adventure in life). So that’s where I stand now. In hell.

Beyond that I’m still working on my in-progress fics though it’s a slow process since I keep getting distracted. See you soon I hope.

Update 30 June 2021

Just a quick check in. Where I live was part of a massive heat wave that came up out of nowhere and I didn’t want to move let alone type at a computer for several day. It was insane at one point the temp rose to nearly 120F (48C if google can be believed) in a part of the country that normally doesn’t rise far above 80F on its hottest day. Which unfortunately meant no AC for us and we all got to melt like the freaking wicked witch for days. It’s starting to go back to normal now (I hope) so I should be able to continue on with things soon. That said here’s what I did get up to in the early hours of the day when the weather was at least a few degrees shy of hellish.

The Whole Truth – The Justified fic I have been possessed to right is coming along. I am currently on chapter 3 (sitting at roughly 10K) and it’s starting to shape up. Normally I would have posted something by now for it but I’m flying blind at the moment with no outline to speak of so I’ve been just writing and then going back to the previous chapters to fix any continuity errors that pop up as I go. I’ve bounced back and forth over the amount of people in the room four times now and I’m still not sure if I like where I’ve landed yet. So this one will have to wait until it’s actually complete before I start posting it but I actually really like it so far. Honestly at the pace I’m going with it that shouldn’t be too long anyway.

I have finished a chapter each for Cutting Room Floor and The Many World’s Theory, though I won’t post them until I have a chance to review them without sleep deprivation or heat stroke getting in the way of my critical thinking skills. Those should be up later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Beyond that there’s been no movement on the stories front. I have however added a new feature to the site. I have added a PDF page where you can find my completed works. I still have 9 stories left to add to the page put that shouldn’t take me long at all. To get there you can either look under the List of Stories tab or click this link. Please let me know if there’s any mistakes I’ve never made PDF’s of my stories before and I just winged it.

Update 23 June 2021

Okay so I did start writing again, I SWEAR I did. But while I was writing I decided to finish watching/re-watch an old favorite show of mine Justified. I fell off the fandom wagon as other things took priority for me before it finished airing and since it is on Hulu I figured I would give it another shot and hopefully finish it this time. I couldn’t remember shipping anyone in particular on this show and thought there was no way it could add to my already incomprehensibly long list of stories and pairings I want to create for. Then in happened in season 2 episode 7 when talking about the pair I only saw as friends the dreaded words were said by a there and gone again one off character.

Sounds like a love story. How dare you! Now I can’t unsee it that way. My poor shipper brain exploded and I started writing furiously on a fic that hadn’t even been conceived of yet when I last posted anything. I hate when that happens to me. I have a list I try to stick to it then my muse decides she wants to do a little window shopping and next thing I know I have a mile long list of other peoples fics to read and a just as long but also vaguer list of ones I want to maybe possibly one day try my hand at writing.

So I am writing it’s just in the wrong direction. Hopefully if I just ride this wave out I’ll have sOMetHiNG to show for it at the end that I can then show all of you.

Wish me luck.

Update 12 June 2021

I’ve finally started writing again! Yay! I’m sorry about the long time off but work took everything out of me for a while and once that crazy-ness was over I just wanted to relax and let my brain re-solidify after it had been turned to mush for so long. Now that I’m back here’s what I have been working on.

Forever Yours – This story only has 2 more chapters so I’m trying to knock that out. I’m working on chapter 9 right now and it’s about 75% done, it was further along before my hiatus but then I had an idea and that put me back a bit since I had to restructure and change. Once I post chapter 9 I’m going to dive straight into chapter 10 so I can finish out this story as soon as possible.

Dog Days – I’m working on chapter 7, I have it blocked out and I know what I’m doing with it but since there’s more than one action scene it’s slow going (I am so bad about getting a fight scene to a place where I like it enough to post it).

Counseling Sessions – I’m about 85% done with this one-shot for the Oz fandom. I’m not sure how much anyone else will want to read this but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone so I’m going to finish and post it so it’ll get out of my brain. Finally.

Those are what I’m working on right now. I did post something on my page that I’m going to repost here so that everyone has an idea about where my head it at writing wise.

Currently Active Stories : Updates Infrequent (as muse and time allow)

Dog Days : Planned amount of Chapters 10

Forever Yours : Planned amount of Chapters 10

Cutting Room Floor : No set story length just one-shots I post when inspiration hits

The Many Worlds Theory : No set story length (read above explanation for reasoning)

On the backburner (going to finish them but not currently in the work rotation; one will become active when one of the above is complete)

Future with Me : Planned amount of Chapters 9

My Girl : Planned amount of Chapters 12

Life Plans : Planned amount of Chapters 9

Family Business : Planned amount of Chapters 7 (This story is being written in chunks each “episode” being 7 chapters so I don’t get overwhelmed and rage quit)

To be re-written/re-worked (a.k.a Last At Bat)

Deal Me In : Chapter number unknown the outline is being re-written

The summoning : Chapter number unknown outline is changing

Angel’s Destiny : Chapter amount 10 (was finished but is being re-written to better gel with the upcoming sequel)