New Page

To celebrate the return of my spare time and thus my return to writing and creating in general I have made a new page for this site. My Vids in Progress page is where I will list the videos I am working on for anyone interested in knowing. That list will be forever in flux and keep in mind I am a SLOW vid maker at the best of times. I’ll have an idea and try to execute it only to get stuck in the conception phase or stumble over how to make a particular edit I’ve seen used work for me. Such is life.

Progress Update

New Year and more stress! Yay! Can you feel the sarcasm? I know I can.

Looking over my Story Progress Page I have in my google docs I have come to the conclusion that my brain is a very traffic jammed place.

I have 10 Series that I am working on, none of which have been completed yet but I have come close with a few of them only needing a final finished story to be checked off. I need to give them all a once over and outline the actual series not just the next story to be done so I’ll have an idea of how many there will be in each section. Some I already have an answer for the Howling Series (Dog Wild/Dog Days) just needs a final fic to finish out the trilogy or the Body & Soul Series (Soulless/Summer Schooling) only has 2 completed out of 7. The rest still need a guiding hand to find their road map so I’ll be working on that on and off for the first half of the year.

I have 7 in progress fics (stories that have at least one chapter POSTED) the oldest of which hasn’t been updated since 2014 because I am easily distracted and the only thing that keeps that number and those facts from overwhelming me is that I have completed far more fics at a whopping 33 fics written, edited, and posted. With my written words totally more than 600K so I think those two facts balance each other out.

I will admit though that when I saw that 2014 date I blanched and moved that fic (My Girl, Vex/Kenzi, Lost Girl) to the top of the list to be worked on in the new year. So that one should be getting some edited chapters and progress made on it in the coming months.

I also have a ton (coughs 50+ coughs) fics that are in the planning phase including ones for fandoms I haven’t managed to produce for yet. Those fandoms include but aren’t limited to Knives Out (Marta/Ransom), The Untamed (Lan Zhan/Wei Wuxian), Star Trek (Kirk/Spock), The Addams Family Values (Joel Glicker/Wednesday Addams), Shadowhunters (Magnus/Alec) and the DCEU (Joker/Harley). I also have fics planned for fandoms I have already written for again including but not limited to Game of Thrones (Jaime/OFC), Smallville (Lex/Clark), Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan), and Lost Girl (Lochlan/Kenzi).

The first half of my year is always my busiest but I will be working on as much as I have the energy for.

Progress Update

I updated the first chapter of Soulless, it’s bothered me since I first posted it and now I’ve fixed it. It was clunky and jumped from POV to POV without much flow but now I’ve streamlined it a bit better.

I still need to post the one-shot Bad Man From Bucharest, but the editing process has pointed out some major flaws I just haven’t had the time to fix yet.

Beyond that I’ve completed five stories so far this year and have eight still in progress. I’m working on the in progress list a little at a time when I have time for them. That list is as follows, in no particular order…

Bad Man from Bucharest (Charlie Countryman/Adam) Adam/Nigel (In Editing)

My Girl (Lost Girl) Vex/Kenzi (10 chapters left)

Family Business (Bones) (4 Chapters left for first section)

Life Plans (TVD) Klaus/Caroline (3 Chapters Left)

The Summoning (Anita Blake/BtVS) Gen (Outline Overhaul in Progress)

Deal Me In (Supernatural) Dean/Castiel (Outline Overhaul in Progress)

The Whole Truth (Justified) Boyd/Raylan (Unknown Length)

My Lady, My Lord (Game of Thrones) Tyrion/OC (Unknown Length)

Progress Update

I have fallen off writing for the moment and while I’m still working on my stories I have slowed down because life has decided to kick me in the shins and yell at me to pay attention to other things more for a while. So while things are still coming they are sloooow.

That said I have entered a new fandom! My favorite part about watching something new is all the fics I get to deep dive into after the credits roll. I binged Stranger Things while I was down sick for a few days and fell in love with the characters. I am rolling ideas around for a fic centering on Steve Harrington but I won’t even begin the planning stage until after I’ve read enough existing fic to get a good feel for the fanon and see what everyone else has already done.

I also watched all of Sandman recently and while I don’t have plans for a fic there yet I do find it all very interesting.

Progress in the existing fics so far is…

I have finished the final chapter of Cutting Room Floor which will be a sequel to the first chapter but from Godric’s POV. I am working on the second to last chapter now which has Daina going with Sookie to Bill’s house when she met the “Disco Triplets” in season one. They should both be up by the end of next week so I can mark that fic as COMPLETE.

I finished a new one-shot for Space-Dogs (Adam Raki (Adam)/Nigel (Charlie Countryman)) called The Bad Man From Bucharest that should be edited and posted by the end of this week.

That’s it.