Progress Update

I updated the first chapter of Soulless, it’s bothered me since I first posted it and now I’ve fixed it. It was clunky and jumped from POV to POV without much flow but now I’ve streamlined it a bit better.

I still need to post the one-shot Bad Man From Bucharest, but the editing process has pointed out some major flaws I just haven’t had the time to fix yet.

Beyond that I’ve completed five stories so far this year and have eight still in progress. I’m working on the in progress list a little at a time when I have time for them. That list is as follows, in no particular order…

Bad Man from Bucharest (Charlie Countryman/Adam) Adam/Nigel (In Editing)

My Girl (Lost Girl) Vex/Kenzi (10 chapters left)

Family Business (Bones) (4 Chapters left for first section)

Life Plans (TVD) Klaus/Caroline (3 Chapters Left)

The Summoning (Anita Blake/BtVS) Gen (Outline Overhaul in Progress)

Deal Me In (Supernatural) Dean/Castiel (Outline Overhaul in Progress)

The Whole Truth (Justified) Boyd/Raylan (Unknown Length)

My Lady, My Lord (Game of Thrones) Tyrion/OC (Unknown Length)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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